Jason Ford TD

Submitted by Monocle Smile on November 9th, 2010 at 12:35 AM

This is something that I thought would be addressed, but hasn't yet.

On the long option pitch to Jason Ford that rumbled into the end zone after a Mouton whiff, there was something obvious happening away from where the camera would probably be focused. Notice that James Rogers nails Ford right at the goal line. From my vantage point in the front row of the band, it was exceptionally clear that Rogers would have taken Ford down around the 3...except an official STEPPED IN HIS WAY and Rogers ran into him and ended up going around and arriving late. Anyone have this moment on film?

There's really just no accountability for these kinds of these and are chalked up to "bad luck."



November 9th, 2010 at 8:08 AM ^

Ford had almost no room to maneuver—there was an Illini blocker and a UM defender at the sideline, Mouton to his left, and two Michigan defenders trailing Mouton. All Jonas had to do was continue his angle of pursuit, and he could not have been more perfectly positioned to make the tackle. Instead, at the critical moment, Mouton breaks his stride as though Ford was juking toward the middle of the field, and then is grasping at air when Ford goes past him. The problem is that Ford never juked and never broke stride.

That's not going to be well-received by NFL scouts when they're reviewing Mouton's game film.


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lack of killer instinct:  


Linebacker Jonas Mouton had him sized up and was just about to blast him out of bounds, but for some reason Mouton slowed down and instead decided to weakly lunge for Ford's feet. He missed. It was unexplainable. Even if he tried to explain it, there's no way anything he said could suffice. All he had to do was keep running, and instead he apparently thought the jukeless Jason Ford was gonna go all Barry Sanders on him and disappear into the mists of arms and helmets.


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Yeah, my wife, who doesnt do football, actually sat down to watch the game w me and even she asked what was Mouton's problem on that play!

Also, did anyone else feel like Illinois got away w a HUGE false start in the 1st OT? It looked like 3 guys on their Oline moved before the ball on their TD. The LG, RG, & RT... anyone?


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I was in row 7 and I saw that, it should have been 4th and 5 not 4th and inches. I also watched the replay a few times and saw the right guard and tackle move, the guards early movement allowed him to seal the end of the line creating a hole for them to run through...I'll take the win but HUGE miss call by the refs.