The Andrew Shirvell/Chris Armstrong Saga Concludes... Shirvell ordered to pay 4.5mil

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A jury has found in favor of a gay University of Michigan student body president in his lawsuit against former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell.

Christopher Armstrong's attorney Deborah Gordon says a jury in U.S. District court awarded her client $4.5 million Thursday in his case against Andrew Shirvell. Armstrong accused Shirvell of defamation and causing the student emotional distress on an anti-gay blog, in Facebook posts and during visits to the Ann Arbor campus...

Armstrong has offered to drop the suit if Shirvell apologized.


This is certainly relevant to the University, but, in general, we can't have nice things. Thread locked to prevent overnight not good things. [zl]



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Not to be political or anything...


but when an adult working from a position of power in the government, directly for the state attorney general, establishes a trend of harassment against a college student over a difference in race, creed, orientation, age, sex, etc, they deserve whats coming to them.


hope the guy ends up living here:


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However, I was surprised by the amount at first. I think it makes sense, and I hope people in the state's government and everyone learn from this lesson. It's amazing Shrivell wouldn't back down even after Armstrong said he would drop the case if Shrivell apologized. 

God bless Michigan 


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Good riddance. 

I've seen interviews with Andrew Shirvell and that dude seems to have more deep seeded issues than just being a D-BAG that likes using free speech as an excuse to abuse someone. 

The guy is a piece of shit.  I even hate that he and I share the same first name. 


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You have to agree this guy is deranged. He should be penalized for tormenting an innocent college kid, but he also needs serious help/counseling/something

South Quad Squirrel

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Is the case completely finished, or will there be more litigation? The Daily article from yesterday had a quote from Armstrong's lawyer that said she was positive there would be an appeal.