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08/16/2016 - 1:12pm Maybe, Brady. But then again,

Maybe, Brady. But then again, maybe not?

08/08/2016 - 4:52pm Moar MGo1-on-1s roared the commentariat!

Moar MGo1-on-1s roared the commentariat!

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06/21/2016 - 1:09pm I, for one, think that was

I, for one, think that was completely, perfect comma usage, you know. It's just, like, your opinion, man.

05/20/2016 - 3:31pm #NEVERPUNT


05/20/2016 - 3:28pm WELL OKAY would have been a

WELL OKAY would have been a stronger candidate in the general election.

04/29/2016 - 12:18pm Pay them. Pay them now. Even

Pay them. Pay them now.

Even in that eventuality though, if they come to Michigan, you know Harbaugh is still gonna push them to get a "real" job.

04/03/2016 - 2:06pm Pretty sure Brian said the

Pretty sure Brian said the same thing about Lloyd in 2007. Hung on too long to the detriment of the program. But as he has more than earned the deference, no way should he be pushed aside.

02/21/2016 - 4:54pm Nice game recap. Kudos.

Nice game recap. Kudos.

02/08/2016 - 12:14pm I knew if I procrastinated

I knew if I procrastinated just a liiiitle longer there would be #content to enable my addiction this morning

12/04/2015 - 5:27pm I hadn't thoguht about making

I hadn't thoguht about making a diray. I don't suppose there's a proper way to request to move this to Diaries?

11/30/2015 - 11:13pm The world of mascots is kind

The world of mascots is kind of amazing, and definitely representative of the singular mentality of college sports. 


I've found many exceedingly creepy costumes. Including several versions of Penn State's terrifying lion suit. At Washington University, it's a bear.  

Michigan Agricultural (now MSU) and Baylor both used live bear mascots at one time. Baylor force fed theirs Dr Pepper becasue it was a sponsor.

10/26/2015 - 12:51pm  He would probably land on

 He would probably land on his feet in recruiting and would benefit from the upgrade from Arizona to Miami in fotball status and legacy. And the location couldn't hurt. I agree, he could do wonderful things for the school. 

That would suddenly be a much more interesting conference too. 


So, when at WVU and looking for a big name UofM with unique cultural expectations to escape to, he got turned around and went north instead of south. And that made all the difference. 

10/26/2015 - 12:35pm Rich Rodriguez to Miami is

Rich Rodriguez to Miami is the most 'obvious thing that just dawned on me when you said it'.

10/13/2015 - 1:57pm RE: Playcaling/Management

There is supreme confidence in having that conversation. Harbaugh is simply confident he has the guys that are the smartest, work hardest, want it most, whatever actual fact is behind the cliches. We're better and we can do better. With all these great people around the obvious choice is to use their collective strengths, not limiting yourself to the traditional. 

There is no fear in a team this confident in its ability. When football isn't hard work, it's more likely to be fun than terrifying. 

Football looks like it's called by generals and executed by soldiers. But Jim Harbaugh and his team are at their job, playing a game. One their pretty amazing at.  

Finding something you do really well is an accomplishment. When that thing is playing football, it's sublime. 

09/14/2015 - 5:26pm Award name suggestion: A

Award name suggestion: A Lesser Athlete Would Have Fallen

08/05/2015 - 3:24am This.

It took him 17 hours of meeting to decide whether to tell the truth or not and he still got it wrong.

08/05/2015 - 3:16am What about "the Rise, Fall,

What about "the Rise, Fall, and Return of Michigan Football" made you think it's a dry treatment concerning the X's & O's of the 2014 team?

08/05/2015 - 3:08am LochNess Disaster. 

LochNess Disaster. 

08/05/2015 - 3:07am Lemme Get This Straight

They debated for 17 hours about whether it was a good idea to tell the truth?


07/13/2015 - 2:39pm I feel that too. At the same

I feel that too. At the same time, knowing won't change reality and will just make us more angry at other pawns just trying to make their own way in this dark, corrupt world.

05/14/2015 - 11:46am Orson/Spencer, there's your

Orson/Spencer, there's your tattoo.

05/09/2015 - 3:35pm FWIW

Mr. Wagner is nothing like Dave Brandon and you'd be hard pressed to find any musical theater kid who had anything less than gushing praise.

That's not to say that this decision wasn't Brandon-esque, or that it isn't an apt comparison in this instance. Just know the persnickity was coming from a very different, more traditionalist less commercial "wow experience", kind of place. A place that gets oddly religious about musical theater. And capitalizing the names of plays. 

They do killer renditions of "Happy Birthday To You" too, if one is ever so lucky. 



Trivia: Wagner also taught Aaron Sorkin (also a musical theater kid) and there have been occasional 'easter eggs' like a character or mailbox with the name "Mr. Wagner". 



05/09/2015 - 2:37pm "Don't Care"

But if we're in the business of placating those taking umbrage. How about 10 yards on the ensuing kickoff?

05/01/2015 - 10:35pm Extremely talented people

Extremely talented people have a way of doing that.

But yeah...sigh...agreed

05/01/2015 - 10:30pm WHA?.gif


04/28/2015 - 12:51pm We'll have subs and it'll be

We'll have subs and it'll be crazy.

04/24/2015 - 3:36pm Posting this had been on my

Posting this had been on my to-do list for this slow news week. Favorite bit is the student who faked his own death then hid out in the attic of the curch at State & Huron. 

Also, all the Charles Guiteau references, this must be incorporated into future M lore.

"I am a Stalwart of the Stalwarts and Harbaugh will be President!"

04/24/2015 - 12:39pm I like the idea that we're

I like the idea that we're forcing determined OSU fans to donate to a good cause out of futile spite. 

04/23/2015 - 10:09pm Since we're in the realm of

Since we're in the realm of fantasy:
Add to that MJ Walker as a 5-star in *both* sports!

Yeah? Yea nay class? (Dammit, where's my Ralph Williams gif...)

04/23/2015 - 5:27pm I'm Lost

GTL - Gym, tanning, laundry? because Jersey?

04/20/2015 - 12:11pm Zoltan, Blake. Our punters so

Zoltan in a speedo, Blake in a wetsuit.
...and those accents.

Our punters so sexy.

04/17/2015 - 12:39pm A Thing To Do:

A Thing To Do:


Borough Market:

if you're any kind of enjoyer of foods


I wandered around there for a good long time and also found Neal's Yard Dairy ( and happened upon the place where Zingerman's gets many of their UK cheeses. They even sell the Zingerman's books in the store and were happy to chat and rave about them for a good time and we ended up getting some nice deals on picnic food. 

Given warm weather, that's probably not a bad way to spend part of the non-football trip. 

04/14/2015 - 2:58pm Underrated masterpiece.

Underrated masterpiece.

04/12/2015 - 12:50pm .


04/10/2015 - 6:02pm It really sounds like nothing

It really sounds like nothing to denigrate despite not being the type of cheerleading we would celebrate or expect if we were all just horny guys on the sideline. It sounds like what they one was closer to an athletic sport then to an exhibition for miniskirts and and (un)healthy diets.

In fact, it sounds like a wonderful corollary to having an elite gymnastics program

04/10/2015 - 5:56pm Ace - housekeeping item:

Ace - housekeeping item: gotta tag this as a "Hello" post or its gonna get buried under all his punting highlights by this time next year.

03/02/2015 - 11:32pm Don't exactly know why, but

Don't exactly know why, but yeah. Got pretty excited LTT. Want so many good things to happen for him. 

02/27/2015 - 6:19pm upvote for proper warnings

upvote for proper warnings and voluntariness of content.

"Decent" content too. 

02/19/2015 - 2:47am Certainly not a jeremiad, to

Certainly not a jeremiad, to be sure...

02/14/2015 - 3:07am Never realized how oddly

Never realized how oddly British the UofM culture can be. 

02/14/2015 - 2:59am †  I coulda sworn Newton was

†  I coulda sworn Newton was a Cambridge Man...

02/03/2015 - 2:56pm I hear that. I think I'm

I hear that. I think I'm having trouble thinking its shenanigans generally when it's certainly not the case with Wheatley Jr., but reading "Smith is expected to choose between in-state Georgia and (of course) UCLA, with the Bruins the surprise favorite to land him ($)." just looks all sorts of bad.

12/18/2014 - 12:31am Zingerman's

Do you think a nice Zingerman's gift basker for Christmas would seal the deal? Just askin'

12/02/2014 - 6:10pm Watching the Iron Bowl was

Watching the Iron Bowl was the Alabama equivalent of witnessing Dylan go electric.

12/02/2014 - 5:07pm That photo though... Makes

That photo though...


Makes him look like an aged Brando in a tracksuit doing an impression of himself as Vito Corleone

12/02/2014 - 5:07pm C'mon Hackett, make Stitt

C'mon Hackett, make Stitt Happen!

12/02/2014 - 4:58pm Brandon had some stellar

Brandon had some stellar pressers early on too but man... that answer about having a "Michigan Man"... On. Point.

Kudos to you Mr. Hackett.

11/17/2014 - 4:37pm This. Thisthisthisthisthis.

This. Thisthisthisthisthis.

11/16/2014 - 2:26am The odd thing that first

The odd thing that first crossed my mind is how prompt this post is.
Dude must have been booked in the last two hours (11/16 date listed) and it's up on the site. I want to say something snarky like "thanks for being awake to bring us this wonderful news so immediately" but not really. More I just tried to think of a similar case. IIRC there were legal incidents (drunk driving-level) that were only discovered after hearing the player was "in the doghouse" or some such and people went searching for a reason.

I mean, bravo for having a tipster in the Erie Co. PD? Gah, this sucks.

The premiere college football blog bringing all it's talent to bear covering the bloody, disastrous, multi-car pile-up that is M football...

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11/07/2014 - 2:03pm Feels right.
Feels right but

Feels right.

Feels right but feels sad.


[insert clever joke addressed to Brian instead of Ace]