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03/15/2012 - 9:05pm I have three kids under the

I have three kids under the age of three. I take them to sporting events. However, I wouldn't go if I wasn't in a private suite. Then again my shoes probably cost more than your house.

03/15/2012 - 3:34pm That Urban Meyer is such a

That Urban Meyer is such a cock block. I wouldn't be surprised if his recruiting of power backs that Michigan wants are part of his strategy. What the hell is he going to do with another power back ?

03/15/2012 - 8:09am He's not a big loss at all. 

He's not a big loss at all.  I wouldn't have offered him anyway.  25 catches for 356 yards isn't very good considering the level high school football played in MN.  I didn't even play college football and had over 200 yards recieving in one game.  I'm better than him.  LOL!

03/14/2012 - 4:20am What's women's basketball?

What's women's basketball? I've never heard of it.

03/13/2012 - 3:21pm I've been listening to people

I've been listening to people discuss why Michigan is vulnerable to a upset. The consensus is that they are small and not very deep. When Michigan faces a good perimeter defense they struggle to score. I'm not sure about Ohio's depth, but they are small as well. I think Michigan wins against the Bobcats.

03/12/2012 - 8:58pm Can someone create a maize

Can someone create a maize helmet with blue stripes, and a white face mask. That would be a bad ass Nike combat uniform helmet. I'd appreciate it if someone would utilize their skills and share.

03/10/2012 - 4:40am It's all over twitter that

It's all over twitter that he's stated that he's committing to M today. EXCELLENT!!!

03/09/2012 - 5:12pm I don't want to burst

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but Alabama has a lot more NFL talent than Michigan. I truly believe Hoke will have Michigan ready for a national title run in year four. I don't see Denard doing much against Bama. Say what you want about Sabans off the field tactics, but his teams play hard nosed, disciplined football on the field. I' m thinking Bama will handle Michigan similar to how they have handled PSU last year. I hope I'm wrong. Too many of you are being homers and not taking the emotion out of your predictions. Let's face it Bama has great coaching and great players. Michigan is getting there, but their not at that level yet.

03/09/2012 - 4:40am "Our athletes, on the other

"Our athletes, on the other hand, work 40-50 hours a week for the school, and they don't get anything except what the other kids get and don't have to work for it". They get free tuition and all the perks of being a athlete. Academic help, trips, free meals before games, and I'm sure there's more. The NCAA needs to change some of their dumb rules and allow the colleges to provide more essentials for them. I don't think giving them cash would work. The star athletes would demand more and essentially college football would be the NFL.

03/08/2012 - 6:35pm Hoke and his staff had

Hoke and his staff had nothing to do with it. Come on RR at least acknowledge them doing a good job.

03/06/2012 - 9:20pm I was joking! Meyer has won

I was joking! Meyer has won two national titles. One would think he's more professional than that.

03/06/2012 - 8:44pm I think that McCray and Meyer

I think that McCray and Meyer had a plan in place to embarrass Michigan. That's why Meyer never offered McCray. Why wouldn't you offer one of the best LB's in the country especially if their dad was former team captain? Look for McCray to get his offer from OSU and then decommit from M. The perception would be that Meyer always gets who he wants.

03/06/2012 - 1:53pm I was at a conference at

I was at a conference at State College,  PA.   While watching Michigan play at Purdue in the bar at the conference center/hotel there was a group of WVU fans in there drinking.  They must have been there for some sort of conference as well.  They were upset that the WVU game wasn't on TV and  they were forced to watch the Michigan game.  They were rooting for Purdue.   Here in Pittsburgh there are alot of WVU alumni and they like Michigan as about as much as they like RR.  That being said many of them do seem to take some pride that RR is from WV.  They will criticize him,  but they will kind of stick up for him if a Michigan fan criticizes him.  One WVU fan I know told me that Hoke was winning with RR's players and he doesn't think Hoke is that good of a coach.  I didn't want to argue with the guy because it's important that we are friends because of our work relationship.  I wouldn't under estimate the WVU fanbase negative attitude towards Michigan.  I've heard a couple of them complain about Beilein as well.  They said that they hated how he didn't coach his players to offensive rebound instead had everyone get back on D.  They said his teams didn't play physical and didn't crash the boards.  They say it in a polite way and don't act like jerks,  but I can tell inside they don't want to see Michigan do well.

03/06/2012 - 7:58am I was listening when Bill

I was listening when Bill took that call too.  I believe it was his wife’s grandmother, but that’s still kind of crazy.  What do you call Buckeye fans that never attended OSU?  Wolverine fans are referred to as Wal-Mart Wolverines.  I have no problem being a Wal-Mart Wolverine because Kate Upton is one as well.  Can someone come up with a good nickname for these types of Buckeye fans?


03/06/2012 - 5:15am Duuuuuuude! That would be

Duuuuuuude! That would be sweet man!

03/05/2012 - 9:38pm Who cares about Canada?

Who cares about Canada? Besides Yzerman didn't go to Michigan and since you mentioned Canada it could be considered political. You do understand that Obama wants the USA to be like Canada right? A weak military and a civilian population that depends on government welfare. This thread should be deleted.

03/05/2012 - 8:55pm The dude is rivals 44th best

The dude is ranked 44th in rivals top 100. Besides Morris he would be the highest rated player in the class so far. Why are some of you acting like he's some 2 star recruit from the upper peninsula?

03/05/2012 - 1:55pm Remember how some folks on

Remember how some folks on here were saying that Hoke wasn't a strong finisher?  Apparently, that critique didn't change his recruiting strategy.  That really surprises me.  I figured he would have waited about a week or two before NSD to offer any scholarships.  That way he could be considered a strong finisher like Urban Meyer. 


03/05/2012 - 9:43am Texas recruits every position

Texas recruits every position like this.  They get mostly 4 star and always a few five stars.  I would think that Texas has to be by far one of the most disireable coaching jobs in the country.  The city of Austin is awesome.  They have unlimited resources and it has to be the easiest job as far as recruiting goes.  The food is great the women are hot.  I think Texas needs a younger more energetic coach to take the program up a few notches.  It will interesting to see who replaces Brown.

03/05/2012 - 4:32am PSU will be fine. They have

PSU will be fine. They have the facilities, tradition, and a massive following. Having a younger and more energetic coach should give the program that shot in the arm that they needed. Once the Sandusky trial is over the negative press will go away. I hardly hear anything about it anymore.

03/04/2012 - 8:00pm Even more impressive if you

Even more impressive if you consider strength of schedule.…

03/03/2012 - 10:15am It's all about eating in

It's all about eating in moderation. There are plenty of over weight vegetarians. You can drink three fortys of malt liquer, eat a large cheese pizza, a bag of doritos, and be a vegetarian. There's nothing wrong with eating fish, chicken, beef, turkey, pork, or any other kind of meat. Besides fruit and vegetables have pesticides and herbicides on them. I would suggest organic if your concerned about the chemicals and additives. I'm 6' and weigh about 190lbs. I do workout five times a week, but nothing extreme. I drink alcohol and eat what I want. I just do it in moderation. I'll have two pieces of pizza and a salad instead of six pieces like in high school. I'll have just one cheeseburger instead of three. I do make a effort to eat a apple everyday and at least one big garden salad with low fat dressing. 6 to 8 oz of meat and some veggies is a good, healthy meal.

03/02/2012 - 7:53pm I would have been the next

I would have been the next Barry Sanders, but when dad got sick someone had to milk the cows.

03/01/2012 - 8:40pm So would your girl!

So would your girl!

02/27/2012 - 6:39pm I might sound like a sore

I might sound like a sore loser, but I'm not disappointed at all. I think our future at OL is bright. So bright I have to wear shades.

02/27/2012 - 11:42am Yes, because you never know

Yes, because you never know what's going to happen between now and signing day. I would think that after Hoke addresses depth that there would be a couple of scholarships left for best available talent.

02/25/2012 - 12:01pm Hoke rules!

Hoke rules!

02/25/2012 - 11:58am I can hear the Ohio fans down

I can hear the Ohio fans down playing this by saying "we didn't want him, or he would have chosen us". I bet Hoke gets their attention when Michigan rolls them in the shoe.

02/25/2012 - 11:52am It's about time we get some

It's about time we get some good news on the recruiting front. This is getting ridicoulous!

02/23/2012 - 11:49am The spread was part of the

The spread was part of the problem, but as we all know there was more than one reason he failed.   The offense actually was pretty mediocre against ranked teams.  I believe the offense only averaged around 16 points a game against ranked teams in 2010.  I think a spread offense like Meyers will be more suited for the Big10 style of play.  The SEC is a power conference and his offense worked when he was at Florida.  However, if you don't have a good defense I don't like your chances of winning either conference.   I think RR is a good coach and good man, but can we please stop with the excuses.  If Carr would have supported him, or if Bill Martin would have gave Jeff Casteel more money is getting old.  You could make excuses for almost every coach that has been fired.  If Illinois would have paid more money for assistants and built better facilities Ron Zook would have won more.  We'll see how Casteel does at AZ.  There’s a reason he has only worked at WVU as a DC.  The Big East is horrible.  The worst defense in the history of Michigan football shut down the Big-East champs in 2010 for crying out loud.  RR failed at Michigan because it just wasn't a good fit.  He wasn't willing to adapt to the players he inherited and Michigan isn't going to be patient when they have unlimited resources. 


02/22/2012 - 7:49pm I wouldn't worry about his

I wouldn't worry about his speed. If your 6'5" and going to be at least 220lbs eventually, then race horse speed isn't necessary. If he can run good routes and has good hands then a 4.6 40 is good enough. Mike Williams from USC had no problem and he looked really slow to me. He torched our butts in the rose bowl.

02/21/2012 - 4:30pm Henne couldn't win the big

Henne couldn't win the big games in college. So far he can't in the pros either.

02/21/2012 - 4:24pm I think spanking her with a

I think spanking her with a wooden
paddle that has holes drillled through it to make it more aero-dynamic would have been more effective. Just kidding, but school teachers in TX spank their students with wooden paddles. My brother was spanked with a paddle for chewing gum in class when he was a sophomore. Luckilly for me I had already graduated before moving to TX. I thought it was a good video, but he didn't need to shoot the computer to make his point. If that's the way he wants to send his message then so be it. It's better than doing nothing or hitting her.

02/21/2012 - 3:52pm He's going to ND. It's on

He's going to ND. It's on twitter.

02/21/2012 - 12:43pm I hope he picks AZ. I don't

I hope he picks AZ. I don't want to face him. Hell will freeze over before AZ goes to a Rose Bowl in the next five years.

02/19/2012 - 6:43pm I was reading some tweets and

I was reading some tweets and couldn't help but laugh at some pro buckeye tweeters. "Assuming that Jake Butt commits to UofM as expected, they will have taken 7 guys without buckeye offers already. Hail to the plan Bs". Since when were top 100 and 200 players nationally plan Bs. Fuck Ohio!

02/19/2012 - 3:57pm OMG! Our rivals are going to

OMG! Our rivals are going to be so BUTT hurt.

02/18/2012 - 8:08pm Captain Morgan and diet coke.


02/18/2012 - 8:06pm Captain Morgan and diet coke.

Captain Morgan and diet coke.

02/18/2012 - 7:26pm Brady Hoke disagrees with

Brady Hoke disagrees with your assessment.

02/18/2012 - 6:44pm Make fun of Ron Zook all you

Make fun of Ron Zook all you want. I predict Illinois will be a repeat of MN after they fired Mason. Zook won big ten title at Illinois for gods sake. At least he could recruit and gave Ohio State some trouble. LOL!

02/18/2012 - 12:51pm ha ha dantonio offered as

ha ha dantonio offered as well.

02/18/2012 - 12:48pm we need skill players. hope

we need skill players. hope it's a war or rb.

02/18/2012 - 12:30pm Hoke 1 Rodriguez 0 so far for

Hoke 1 Rodriguez 0 so far for 2013 class. hopefully Hoke destroys Dantonio and Meyer as well.

02/15/2012 - 7:08pm I think UofM will win a close

I think UofM will win a close game. Coaching will be the difference. Saban doesn't win with scheme, but rather superior talent. One could argue that Dantonio is doing better than Saban did while at MSU. Alabama overall will have more talent than Michigan, but the coaching at MIchigan will off set the talent gap. Look for Michigan to win 20-17, or 24-20. The two teams won't combine for more than 50 points. True story!

02/15/2012 - 1:30pm A night game against Sparty

A night game against Sparty would be awesome.  Anyone that is worried about it being to cold is a pussy.  I bet Hoke would still wear a short sleeved shirt.

02/15/2012 - 1:10pm I think the Michigan football

I think the Michigan football program is doing pretty good in regards to national perception.  2007-2010 were hell.  At least in 2007 Michigan kind of redeemed themselves with a nice bowl win.  However,  that four year span was by far the worst that I've ever seen in my years of following Michigan football.  Lloyd should have retired after the 2006 season and Bill Martin should have never been the AD.  The basketball program and the hiring of RR was a complete joke under Martin.  I think Bill Martin gets to much credit for the upgrading of the Big-House as well.  The university has unbelievable resources and any AD could have got it approved.  Dave Brandon isn't having any trouble getting money.  Anyway the the national and local perception of Michigan football is pretty good if you consider all the negativity from 2007-2010.

02/13/2012 - 2:40pm OMG! This can't be true. We

OMG! This can't be true. We need to catch Saban off guard. If we lose to Bama it's your fault for leaking secrets.

02/10/2012 - 1:01pm It's nice to know that future

It's nice to know that future Wolverine football players are  biggots.

02/10/2012 - 10:28am His tweet was no big deal.

His tweet was no big deal. He's like everyone else and wants to play. He'll get his chance. If he's good enough he'll play and if he's not he will get a redshirt. I bet he will redshirt. He's tiny and needs a year or two in a college weight lifting program.