Stay buckled up! Another one coming?

Submitted by tjl7386 on February 18th, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Allen Trieu @AllenTrieu

#Michigan lands Wheaton St. Francis (IL) JR OL Kyle Bosch - he's not the last one for the Wolverines today though




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    My bad didn't see this was posted in the Hello: Kyle Bosch thread. Also great news this wasn't even the one ACE and Sam was expecting to commit. ACE has already stated it will be a huge get for Michigan.

    Great start to the day, here is to watching Trey and company chase OSU out of town tonight! GO BLUE!


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    Listening to WTKA right now waiting to see who makes that commit on air with Sam Webb.  It's nice hearing from Eric Turner, but let's hear about the commit first.


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    He's been pretty open for a while that we're his favorite school.  However, I heard it's not him.  Don't honestly recall where I heard that, but I do recall hearing it.  Maybe it was Aquaman who said that? Either way I don't see Taco as HUGE.  Definitely would be great, but not HUGE in my mind.


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    I hope it's Pocic, more because he's a great player and more unexpected than the other guys. If we don't get the other guys, we can still say that we're in good position to get those guys. To get someone like Pocic...that'd be the nuts.


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    and I dearly hope he does, I suggest he change his surname legally by adding "kicker" to the end of it.  aside from it being accurate (hopefully), it would end the jokes.  While that might hurt his employment options outside of the NFL, I would take the chance. 


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    Is the person committing going to be on location with Sam?  If so, let's get someone there at Gamestop who would recognize the recruit!  I have stuff I need to get done and I'm basically stuck here until I found out.

    I'm also worried about how we're all going to feel 11 months from now, when our class fills up with top talent by May and there's no more room for commits during the final; months before NSD 2013.

    Mr Mackey

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    Ok, so I'm just saying.. Auburn's Scout site just said Ty Isaac was supposed to be at Auburn but chose to visit Ann Arbor this weekend for the basketball game instead....