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12/07/2018 - 3:08pm Unfortunately I was there…

Unfortunately I was there too.  We were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving in Charlotte and I had the brilliant idea of taking my dad and my son (he was 5 at the time...his first in-person Michigan game of any kind) since it was relatively close.  My son was so excited, all decked out in maize and blue from head to foot, and I felt absolutely awful as that game unfolded the way that it did, as he continued to cheer for any tiny positive result for Michigan.  Three huge South Carolina fans behind us kept screaming "go do some shit in there!!" which I guess is how they cheer their team on.  My dad threw in the towel with about 4 minutes left, and by then my son looked almost as miserable as I was.  It felt like we lost by 30 points.

12/05/2018 - 9:07pm Thanks J!

Thanks J!

10/24/2018 - 5:44pm Thank you!  That helps.  

Thank you!  That helps.  

10/24/2018 - 5:15pm My very novice question is…

My very novice question is about McKeon's role in the 4th and 2 play against State.  If you focus on him for the whole play he sure looks like he's blocking ONLY for a Mason run, and looks surprised when he notices that Patterson has the ball late in the play, not Mason.  If it is truly Patterson's choice, how is McKeon instructed to block for each possibility?  It seems like if he had gotten more leverage on Willekes, he might have either blocked Willekes into Patterson as he started to pull away, or if Willekes happened to see that Patterson had kept the ball, McKeon's blocking would actually be pushing him towards Patterson, helping him make a tackle.  It seems like the best coaching might be to tell McKeon to block and engage Willekes, but just barely, and try to stay out of the way of both potential ball carriers.  It just seems like a very difficult assignment that could go wrong very easily.  Can someone who knows more about this help me out here? 

10/11/2018 - 4:26pm Please tell me you're drunk.

Please tell me you're drunk.

09/16/2018 - 9:39am…

03/31/2018 - 9:09pm Go Blue!!

02/15/2018 - 3:53pm This could have been my

This could have been my diary.  Thank you for sharing your's helpful to know there are like-minded readers out there.  Go blue.

11/09/2017 - 10:51am Maryland is ranked higher than any team we've beaten this year.

Better buckle up, boys.

09/18/2017 - 11:55am Rooting for Notre Dame for

Rooting for Notre Dame for purely selfish reasons.  My one game in person this year will be MSU and I need those damn ticket prices to go down.  $200 just to get into the building right now.  

09/12/2017 - 1:42pm Waybackmachine has January

Waybackmachine has January 2005 covered.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll be at January 1st.  Brian decided not to kill himself after the game.  Excellent!   CLICK HERE


06/14/2017 - 10:50pm James Joseph Harbaugh.  We

James Joseph Harbaugh.  We drove over to the satellite camp in Blue Springs, MO last summer.  In a totally crafty move, I had my 6 year old daughter draw him a picture as a gift.   When the practice was over, we caught up with him before he left the stadium.  He chatted with us and asked my kids if they liked football and he was very gracious about getting the picture from my daughter.  All I could say was "thank you" as he shook my hand.  


I also met Macho Man Randy Savage in the TGIF in the B Concourse of Hartsfield about 15 years ago.  He was with two blondes.   He was much bigger and much more tan than I expected.  Oh yeeeyah.

06/07/2017 - 8:55am  

Cam forgot to invite us to

Cam forgot to invite us to his birthday getaway so we didn't invite him on our camping trip. #WeHadMoreFun

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05/23/2017 - 9:45am My dream is to own either a

My dream is to own either a 1963 or 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible.  I've loved these cars since I was a kid.  My grandfather was an engineer for Ford from the time he moved the family from Denmark in 1952 until his retirement in 1985 so I've always had a soft spot for the blue oval.  Some day....

05/17/2017 - 8:44am Indeed.  After living in

Indeed.  After living in eight states and having driven through most of the major cities in the US at least once, i can say that Topeka drivers are a very special combination of lazy and passive-aggressive that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Most drivers here would curl up and die if they had to fight rush hour in L.A. or Chicago.  A lack of urgency about life in general, and never having to deal with heavy traffic has made them this way, in my opinion.  The trade off?  I never have to sit in rush hour traffic myself anymore.  Which is great.  I'll take it:)

05/16/2017 - 1:36pm Hi Ruth:)

Hi Ruth:)

03/11/2017 - 3:23pm Me right now...

03/11/2017 - 3:23pm Me right now...

03/11/2017 - 3:22pm Go away Gophers.

02/25/2017 - 6:18pm Hey Boilers, kiss my ass!

10/20/2016 - 4:34pm 1. Alabama 2. Michigan 3.

1. Alabama 2. Michigan 3. Washington 4. Clemson

Michigan 52 Michigan State 10

Michigan 35 Indiana 6

09/02/2016 - 12:30pm I feel like I could jump over

I feel like I could jump over a tree right now.  GO BLUE!!!

09/02/2016 - 8:38am You're in the way, Hawaii.


You're in the way, Hawaii.


08/31/2016 - 5:00pm Yes


08/19/2016 - 7:53am This is all of us chasing after football content right now...

Thank goodness the season is almost here and thank goodness it's Friday!!

08/05/2016 - 8:28am It's party time!!

07/29/2016 - 8:14am Just keep going everybody, we're almost there!!!

07/22/2016 - 8:42am Has anybody else had this

Has anybody else had this kind of week?  So glad it's Friday.

07/04/2016 - 9:01am

06/14/2016 - 4:27pm It did cross my mind that she

It did cross my mind that she had planned the whole thing so she wouldn't have to compete with the M3 for my attention...

06/14/2016 - 4:21pm Love this thread!!

Best: 1995 BMW M3 with a manual transmission.  Fast, reliable, and just amazing to drive.  I loved it so much it didn't even bother me that it was purple (or Daytona Violet according to BMW).   During the reception after my wedding, all of my groomsmen (total dicks, all of them) decorated that car with facepaint, condoms, vaseline, and God knows what else.  My wife sat and watched for a half hour as I frantically tried to clean it all off, in my tux, before we headed to our wedding night hotel.  Yes, I have issues. 

Worst: 2000 Audi A4.  Which leads me to this pos.  Three months after our wedding day, my wife hit a curb on a bridge going over a drainage ditch a half mile from our house and managed to flip the car over the side of the bridge and landed upside down in the mud (it was only a drop of about 5 feet...she was fine other than a cut on her nose from the airbag).  It was a beautiful little 1997 Audi A4 that I had decided wasn't worth full insurance coverage anymore.  Since it was a total loss we had to sell the M3 to buy two less expensive cars.  That's when I panicked and bought the 2000 A4 from a listing on Ebay.  I flew down to Miami to pick it up, took a taxi cab to a very bad neighborhood not far from the airport and should have just gotten back in the cab and flown home.  This "car lot" was enclosed in barbed wire and I'm sure selling shitty cars was only a small part of their business.  I took them 2 hours to find the car at the back of the lot and it had all kinds of problems. I was too scared of the owner to walk away from the transaction.  Thankfully I was able to trade it in for something else pretty quickly, but I hated that car every minute we had it, and kicked myself regularly for agreeing to buy it.  And yes, our cars always have full coverage now.

06/05/2016 - 2:06pm Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your response.  He is not a veteran, or I would certainly take you up on your generous offer.  Thank you for your service to our country.

06/05/2016 - 9:57am This is perfect.  Thank you

This is perfect.  Thank you so much!

04/16/2016 - 7:03pm A big fat Black Russian. Screw it.

A big fat Black Russian. Screw it.

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04/08/2016 - 5:03pm That defense is gonna wreck some shit...

03/10/2016 - 3:12pm I'm excited

02/29/2016 - 10:24am Great, thanks!

Great, thanks!

02/29/2016 - 10:13am How did he get the stickers?

How did he get the stickers?  

02/21/2016 - 8:59am Like a boss

Like a boss

02/20/2016 - 9:01pm A very bloody mary.  Great

A very bloody mary.  Great day full of mountain biking and Mozart horn concertos.  Cheers!

02/02/2016 - 12:46pm Ball Flips?

01/19/2016 - 12:30pm Just another day at the

Just another day at the office for this coaching staff...


01/16/2016 - 8:25pm What the hell???

What the hell???

01/01/2016 - 5:17pm Who's got it better than us?????

11/18/2015 - 7:10pm 42-38 Michigan

42-38 Michigan

11/12/2015 - 12:59pm Jordan Howard, say hello to

Jordan Howard, say hello to the Michigan defensive line. 

11/06/2015 - 9:58am  



11/06/2015 - 8:48am Watch out!  Here come the

Watch out!  Here come the Jersey Boys...


11/05/2015 - 9:08am I want to see a long pass

I want to see a long pass completed this year.  PLEASE!!!!!

10/30/2015 - 8:58am 23-6 Michigan

23-6 Michigan