Ranking College Basketball Coaches

Submitted by KansasBlue on December 5th, 2018 at 8:42 PM

I'm looking for an article or a spreadsheet that I'm almost positive I saw on this site during the tourney run last year.  It ranked each active coach based on their actual tournament wins vs. their expected wins based on seeding.  I have done several different searches on this site, and multiple searches of the broader internet, and for the life of me I cannot find what I'm looking for.  The closest thing I came across was an article that gave historical win percentages by for each seed number, and then a ranking of total conferences on actual vs. expected wins, but nothing about coaches.  Could someone please help me out?  I'd love to see where Beilein ranks after last year's run.  Thanks!



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As an Arizona alum, I can say that he is very intense. Keep an eye on him on the sideline during a game and youll know what I mean. 

 He consistently has Arizona winning the Pac-12. I’m not proud of the violations committed there, but it is what it is. I think he has been disappointing in the tournament considering the talent he has there. But it’s hard to get rid of a coach who consistently wins the conference championship, always has a high seed in the NCAA tournament, and routinely beats ASU by 30+ points. Not to mention a winning record against UCLA. 


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Yeah, they update that almost every year and I'm not sure why they only do it on an absolute basis (which rewards longevity as much as success).

Definitely should also do it on a per tourney appearance basis.

Startling to see Tommy Amaker 40th on the list, considering he couldn't get Michigan to the tournament. 


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If Boheim won at the same clip (percentage) as Beilein he would have over 60 wins not 48. I think percentage over win expectancy should be the number one factor. 


Beilein has won 33% more than expected. Thats a big number. I wonder what Fisher ended with.


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I have Izzo at 48-20, and Beilein at 24-12. 


ALso, this was brought up below about Coach K. Overall appearances, final fours, titles, etc. can't just be ignored. It drives me nuts when people saw things like Brad Stevens is better than Coach K or something. Coach K having great regular season success shouldn't be held against him. It's just such a flawed argument


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I am of the belief he is massively overrated. And believe me, I was rooting for Butler in those final fours. But he is an overrated head coach. I truthfully believe we will find out sooner rather than later that he can handle the underdog type player in college and NBA, but not the star. I don't think he is the wunderkind everybody makes him out to be because of last season.

He is a good coach. He is not Coach K. Coach K wasn't entrusted the Olympics team 3 times and was the chosen successor to Phil Jackson for nothing. 



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He is an excellent coach. He wouldn't be an NBA coach if he wasnt. But he needs to actually win something first, and also prove he can get it done with full team. No doubt he can get the most out of undervalued players. But can he get the most out of stars? 

There's just no way I can say 5time NCAA championship, 3 time Olympic champ coach K is worse than Stevens.

Before the season I said the Celtics were not going to be great and the raptors would win the East so far that's looking true



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Yep, although I believe that article is posted prior to the start of the sweet 16. So 3-1 record since then. Not sure what the ELO predicted wins would be but should be less as I believe we were about a 60% favorite to win each of the 3 games we won and like 30% to beat Villanova. And data is a little bit different for other coaches too of course.

matty blue

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i'm...just...i mean, i agree completely with your general point re: beilein.  there's literally not a single coach i'd rather have.  if there was a basketball version of nick saban, i'd still take our guy.  no question.

but saying that "9 is stupid" or "adjust for talent" isn't really germane.  this isn't subjective ranking, it's just numbers.