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08/25/2017 - 9:17am Back in the day - Kegs in MI Stadium

My father-in-law (MI grad) said that back when he was young, he was a boy scout and a stadium usher (I'm guessing this was early 60's).......he said the students would roll kegs into the stadium no problem........good times.

07/21/2015 - 9:48am Atlas Horror Comics

Grew up with Marvel in the 70's and 80's and love those books, but I also really like the old pre-Marvel Atlas horror books from Kirby and others....Tales of Suspense, Strange Tales, old Journey Into Mystery.....I also really like the old EC comics, 

09/07/2014 - 12:48pm What has improved

Under Hoke? As the head coach, what aspect of the Michigan football team has gotten better? I can't think of one area of improvement.....

08/26/2013 - 1:42pm Expected Improvement

Mistakes will happen, but it's hard to envision anything but an improvement over last year........

I think if we see some stability and improvement on the OL vs last year (guards/center), things will work out alright.......the WR's and TE's will produce, DG should have better mechanics and we might actually have a running game this year with actual RB's producing. Given DG's ability to see the open lane and take it and seeing the clip above where he draws the defenders in and throws the little dump pass........that stuff is lethal.

This weekend can't get here soon enough!

06/14/2013 - 5:39pm TeamView

Used LogMeIn for awhile, then ran into some issues......I use TeamViewer on a regular basis and it works great.

05/23/2013 - 10:02am I love the fact that MGoBlog

can put together an interview with a coach at a big-time school, have a meaningful discussion on how they think and game plan while the big sports news outlets like ESPN continue to spew bland garbage headlines with no real substance to their articles.........

Great job, fantastic interview!

05/21/2013 - 8:20am Fantastic Post

There is always so much speculation on the team prepares from week to week from the fans perspective......this is definitely one of the better posts I've seen on MGoBlog....thanks!

04/11/2013 - 10:22am Series 7

Series 7 is not too might want to look into the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)......a series of 3 tests and is more difficult, but could open up some additional job opportunities down the road if Finance is what you're interested in.

10/30/2012 - 4:08pm I was suprised

that we didn't see Bellomy and Gardner in the backfield at the same time.....we did it with Denard and Gardner last year several would have given the defense something to think about and maybe buy Bellomy a little extra time to make a play.

09/03/2012 - 9:31pm Just sent you an email

regarding UMass tickets.....

09/03/2012 - 4:57pm I've got 4 to sell

Face value.........good seats on the 40 yard line........can't make it back for the game that week.......are you a Michigan fan or are you coming from out East?

Post a reply if you're interested.....

06/11/2012 - 4:24pm I've had similar rootkit

and trojan/malware issues in the past year, the standard programs were no good......malwarebytes and others did nothing.

I did some digging around online at the time and came across a program called "ComboFix.exe"...........I've used it twice now and have found it to be my last defense against these types of's looks ghetto and runs out of the DOS runs an initial scan, will detect the problems and then ask to reboot.........once it reboots, it goes through a number of steps and ultimately got rid of the issues I had..........I was skeptical at first, but it works great.

You can download it from the website.......and it's free.

06/08/2012 - 3:41pm Maxwell

He may be a decent QB, but I find it hard to believe that MSU has had a complete QB STUD just sitting on the bench for the last 2 years..........he's going to have to come in and produce from the very first have to expect that he'll struggle some in his first year as a starter.........I think MSU is getting too much credit.....7 wins max.

01/22/2012 - 11:53am Not at the moment

Specifically looking at AA and the surrounding area.....thanks.

01/17/2012 - 10:03pm LOL

That's exactly what I was saying...GO BLUE!

01/10/2012 - 9:30am I agree

He played well for his 1st year, don't screw it up by moving him around to another position.......we already saw some of that with Craig Roe last year.

01/06/2012 - 11:35am Were any of this kids

that picked during the game last night from the midwest or west coast?

All of the kids I saw were either from the south or east coast...........and then at some point, the commentators commented on how none of the kids were picking a kid from the west coast and maybe Oregon would be one of his finalists.

It seemed a bit biased toward potential SEC kids (SHOCKED)..............I didn't get a chance to see the entire game, so maybe I missed a few of the school picks. I like it when a couple of the kids picked ECU and Maryland instead of the bigger SEC schools........good for them.

01/05/2012 - 5:36pm MSU

I don't see how MSU will be one of the better teams next year. They lose Cousins, Cunningham, Martin, Linthicum, Nichol and now Worthy is going into the draft.....there are probably a couple of other starting linemen that I'm not familiar with as well.

That's a lot of quality 1st string talent that I don't see getting replaced easily.

I've seen the Spartans on tv a lot this year and don't ever remember seeing even a glimpse of a backup QB, that can't be good for them next year..............they'll be middle of the pack at best.

11/26/2011 - 7:26pm Steve Everitt

Center for Michigan back in the early 90's.........1st round draft pick in 1993........played several years in the NFL.......he seems to be back for at least 1 game a year roaming the sidelines.

11/07/2011 - 6:48pm I would look for

anything lower than row 70 if possible..............I'm in section 22, row 43.........home side.........can't complain, I can see just about everything for those seats.

The only thing with sitting on the visitors side would be that your potentially facing the sun..........given that it'll be late in the season, it obviously won't be hot out, but if it's a clear day, bring sunglasses if you're on that side.

10/31/2011 - 11:18am Iowa Game

I know it's a road game at Iowa, but Michigan is only favored by 4.5?

That Iowa defense doesn't look so good (you lost to MN!), I expect DR and Co. to put 30+ this upcoming weekend bringing home the win......

10/14/2011 - 5:56pm Everyone is so focused on Denard

lets hope Borges busts open the playbook with something special coming from Devin Gardner.........we need to see both DR and DG on the field at the same time with some creative about another V Smith TD pass.........trickeration.........

10/14/2011 - 4:26pm Maybe we'll get to see Antonio Bass

come off the bench.......that would be exciting..."Jeff VB"......funny......

10/14/2011 - 11:53am 701


10/12/2011 - 10:34am Turnovers

will likely be the key to the game.......

10/11/2011 - 5:53pm There are so many positives going on with this team

and the upcoming 2012/2013 recruiting classes...........nice to see the team in a position to succeed now and over the next several years......

10/11/2011 - 5:39pm He's in a touch spot

OSU has so many issues, he's not been given much to work with and is definitely not helping himself, JB is just horrible........

10/11/2011 - 5:37pm Gallon has been impressive

and so has Kovacs........also getting Countess playing time and seeing him play well bodes well for our DB depth this year and next.........

10/11/2011 - 5:35pm Going back 10 years

there will always be weak teams on the schedule..........I like the adjustments the defense is making over the course of the game.......the guys just seem to be kicking it into high gear in the 2nd half every week.

10/11/2011 - 5:32pm I agree with M-Dog

way too many people wrote Michigan off before the beginning of the year........the defense is definitely playing better and the offense, while not perfect, continues to put up big points.........nice to get the "bowl eligibility" thing out of the way.....

10/11/2011 - 5:30pm 10-2 most likely

but given the play of the teams remaining on our schedule, Michigan could go undeated at 12-0...........I think I would be simply stunned if that becomes reality, but all of these other teams have issues of one kind or another and Michigan always seems to have big-time playmakers in Denard and Co...........

10/11/2011 - 5:27pm One more reason to hate the OSU fanbase

bauserman may not be much of a QB, but I don't seem to remember the Michigan fanbase hoping for players "to die" a few years back.........they're just kids, many of which have been put in a position to do more than they are capable of...........

10/11/2011 - 5:25pm I like Mags and would

like to see him play for the Tigers next year, we'll see what in Chicago, he was one of the few White Sox players I actually liked back in the day........

10/11/2011 - 5:25pm I can't even imagine what he's been through

hopefully he can make a full recovery both mentally and physically........

10/11/2011 - 5:20pm So much fun to see the Lions

beat up on the Bears (I live in Chicago) last night............

10/11/2011 - 5:18pm So much fun to see the Lions

beat up on the Bears (I live in Chicago) last night............

10/11/2011 - 5:12pm I'm so glad the Big Ten

is not involved in all of this extreme adding and subtracting of teams...........thank you for tradition.......I can't keep track of which team is moving to which a fan, you like to see historic rivalries stay in tack........given the choices, Nebraska was a good would be painful to see 3-4 teams attempting to leave the Big Ten all at once.

10/11/2011 - 5:08pm It's so refreshing to

see the Michigan defense actually forcing turnovers and ranking so high nationally in TO margin mid-way through the year...........

10/11/2011 - 5:05pm OSU is such a mess

I can't see any of the publics tops candidates wanting to get involved........

10/11/2011 - 5:03pm It's been quiet on the recruiting front lately

Would love to see Dunn pull the trigger and go blue......I guess we won't hear much until after the HS football season is over, I would expect the kids want to focus on finishing up their seasons first.

10/11/2011 - 5:01pm We've had 6 games

to figure out what works and what doesn't with this team and we can all agree that the new Michigan coaches have done an excellent job of adjusting over the course of each game......MSU is a good team, but not a great team......Michigan has to win the turnover battle to give themselves the chance to the OSU defense that good? MSU didn't put up many points against them.........27-24 Michigan.

10/03/2011 - 10:30am I think Michigan at #15

is as reasonable as all other rankings outside of the top 10........they're undeated and have beaten ND, SDSU, MN and a decent WMU team.

All of the #11+ teams have problems of some kind, so you have to start factoring in who is trending positive or negative. I'd like to think that Michigan is trending positive........the offense looked effecient and the defense looks like they're starting to stabilize with some depth.

I was so glad to see S Carolina and VA Tech way did they deserve to be ranked as high as they were.

09/29/2011 - 4:54pm I noticed

the same thing yesterday with my rss feed.......

08/10/2011 - 4:40pm My Season tickets

just showed up in the mail today, so I would guess others should be getting their tickets soon.

07/25/2011 - 2:57pm Players take

on who they think will make a big leap forward and suprise people.....they're "biggest improvement award"......offense and defense.

07/12/2011 - 1:07pm Other factors to help the Defense

I'm thinking that the average opponent that Michigan will face this is will not be as good as the average opponent from last season, which I expect to help with their eventual ranking on D.

Plus, an expected improvement in the kicking game will have a positive impact on the D's performance also.

07/08/2011 - 2:59pm Hell Yes

TVH on the Twitter.......GO BLUE!!!

06/22/2011 - 6:00pm Donkeys

After Chart II, there are videos of Lewan and the origin of his hatred for donkeys.

05/20/2011 - 9:59am Just

win the game

05/02/2011 - 5:28pm Hire a pro to write your resume

I used a service affiliated with Yahoo a few years ago to help develop a new resume, both for formatting and language.......I think I spent about $150, but I felt it was worth it.