Michigan Throwback Jersey for ND game

Submitted by Rescue_Dawn on May 20th, 2011 at 7:35 AM

One of the writers for the freep posted this on twitter...adidas provided this sample to the freep.

"Last week, athletic director Dave Brandon told a meeting of the state's sports editors that U-M intended to hold a nighttime unveiling of the jersey this summer and that U-M hoped fans would purchase a lot of jerseys, as they did for the Big Chill last winter."

here is the link to the freep site (OMG yes its the freep) 





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I don't really like the Big Chill jerseys, and don't like these either, but the idea might be to have a ton of maize that really pops under in the lights (and in HD).


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This is the same in Football now. As long as the colors are contrasting either team can wear whatever they want. Home team gets first pick, and I believe the visiting team needs their permission to wear something that's maybe not quite as contrasting as white. 


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the rule changed a few years ago. Originally the road team was required to wear white for black-and-white TVs, only way to tell the teams apart. USC and UCLA wanted to go back to their Red-on-Blue games and so a few years ago (2008?) the road team (UCLA?) wore blue, was docked 1 first half time out at the start of the game, and the home team (USC?) took a time out at the start of the game to make it even. The next offseason the NCAA said that the road team has to wear white, unless both parties agree to wearing colors, has to be approved by someone (NCAA or Conference) and a couple other stipulations. 

I've always thought Blue vs. Red would be cool with OSU, I don't know if our normal home Blues and ND's Greens would be too close to go color-on-color


EDIT: Found Uniwatch's column about the USC/UCLA game from 2008:


ARTICLE 3. a. of the NCAA football rules states, “Players of opposing teams shall wear jerseys of contrasting colors, and the visiting team shall wear white jerseys.” However, Carroll indicated he would be willing to lose two timeouts during the game (one per half) so that the USC team could wear their dark jerseys for today’s game. But through the grace of God some common sense by the NCAA Rules Committee, andthe cooperation of new UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel, the Trojans will only lose one timeout, and the color vs. color of yesteryear is renewed.

The Baughz

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I am going to be a senior at Slippery Rock, and I must say, I like these. Im not in love with these jerseys, but given the whole scenario with it being the first night game against ND,and everything else going on that night,  I think it is appropriate to rock some kind of throwbacks. It definitely is something different, but I think it is a good idea. I am in the pro all-whites, all-blue, all-maize camp, so naturally I am in favor of these jerseys. With all that being said, I would not be upset if they dont end up wearing these, just as long as they wear some type of throwback, or all maize! I kid I kid. The Mgoblog world is not ready for all maize. lol


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Please God let this be a joke.

This is a Horrible, Horrible idea.

David Brandon I beg you not to let these "things" see the field.

This is MICHIGAN damn it!  We make fun of schools that do this kinda shit.  Just because it looks like it has a chance of actually happening doesn't mean we should accept it.  It looks like a roller-derby / Arena league football jersey.  Hell, who am I kidding, Arena League jerseys look better.


It will be a travesty if the first night game in Michigan history is scarred by these jerseys.


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First impression was wtf is up with those sleeves?  I do think it is cool to see them wearing something different for the game.  Cant wait for that night game!

Section 1

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The NCAA specifies numbers on both the front and the back, of a definite (large) size.  I posted the citation previously; I can't recall the rule number right now.  I think we'd need a waiver.  And, if you're getting a waiver, why put little-bitty numbers on?

Edit. - Woooooops.  Somebody already posted the correct Rule, just below...


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They're not terrible but how are the pants going to look?  It's hard to guage on this picture.  At least we don't have players modeling them like Sparty.

Six Zero

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with the full throwback helmet and pants... but I've always been into the retro stuff, and quite frankly, I'd give this a B+.   As far as throwback apparel.

Any other school would probably be thrilled with that grade, but this is Michigan.  The home jersey is a timeless A, so this is still a step down.

But I think it could've been much worse...

After staring for a few more minutes, I will say this-- I'd love to see the rest of the numeric set.  Chain stitching or not, I think the numbers look great, actually. 

As far as the front, we've all been used to looking at football jerseys the same way for decades now.  Numbers in front, numbers in back.  Any time you depart from that template, it's just gonna look weird.  I think it'll be really strange on TV to see the entire OL lining up with a block M on their chests.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I sold my soul and clicked through to the story.  One interesting nugget is that someone claimed there would also be small numbers on the LC opposite the adidas logo.  Think the Lightning or the new Sabres sweaters.  So at least the numbers will be on there, but actually that'll make it look even less like a football sweater, and more like a soccer kit or something.

It'll definitely be different, but it does marry new technology with historical aesthetics.  Whether or not the fan base will accept that is another story, of course.

Hardware Sushi

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As an ice hockey official, my curiousity was piqued by not having any numbers on the front because there are specific guidelines for what you can and cannot do with respect to name and numbers on a jersey.

So I went to the NCAA rulebook and found Rule 1-4-4-f on page FR-33. It states:

"Clearly visible, permanent Arabic numerals on one jersey at least 8 and 10 inches in height front and back, respectively, of a color(s) in distinct contrast with the jersey."

Based on this, the numbers on the front need to be at least eight inches in height, and therefore we can (hopefully!) assume those will not be the jerseys we wear. 

Aside from the rules, those are the most God-awful jerseys I've seen, maybe ever. I'd rather use highlighter yellow socks before wearing those. Hopefully those jerseys are just the result of some idiot Freep staffer's 10-second search on google.


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I'm a fan of throwbacks, but I'd like them to actually throwback to something.  Olde Tymey-inspired crap doesn't cut it for me.  Its like buying a faux vintage thrift store t-shirt new at Old Navy or something.


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judgement on these jerseys. I want to see what the full kit looks like. What are the pants, socks, shoes gonna look like. I'm willing to bet that the socks will be striped to match the jerseys with the pants being a solid color.


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It's not the jersey alone that has made me feel that way. Personally, I just have not cared too much for the majority of the apparel they have produced. I will give it a chance and pass final judgement when I actually see it under the lights. My initial reaction though was a slight vurp.

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to suggest that "adidas" has driven the move to "highlighter" Maize.

We've been going in the direction, gradually, of brighter and brighter Maize for 30 years or more, most particularly before and during the Nike contract.

50's "Maize":

60's "Maize":

70's "Maize":

80's "Maize":

90's "Maize"- Nike:

00's - More Nike "Maize":

10's - adidas "Maize":


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The Big Chill jerseys they sold were terrible quality and had the stupid Arby's logo on it.


This is the ugliest damn thing ever. Shit, the Nike Pro Combat abominations might be better looking than this.