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01/02/2013 - 1:46am Actually, in the first half

Actually, in the first half we had 21 rushing plays, and 23 passing. With the last two plays of the half being passing plays. Meaning we were at a 21-21 split. I woudn't say that would be predictable... I didn't break it down as to first-third down. but a total split at 50-50 is pretty darn impressive.

11/14/2012 - 10:45am 31-16 Michigan

31-16 Michigan

11/07/2012 - 2:50pm 31 - 20 Michigan

31 - 20 Michigan

03/13/2012 - 1:29am You mean: "They have to get

You mean: "They have to get past Lamarr first"

02/29/2012 - 11:11pm Does there have to be a

Does there have to be a certain amount of players elected each year?

I mean initially, yes we would want to have more, but realistically, we might hit a couple years in which it is a really weak class for the MGHoF.  In which case we wouldn't just want to elect anyone into it.  What if it was like a ceratin point threshold, and that is discovered after reaching a certain percentage of votes.  I don't know exactly how it would work, but if you had to reach a certain percentage to make it to the second round, and then the second round you would have to reach a certain amount of points or something along those lines.

01/17/2012 - 11:53pm Yes please! I somehow missed

Yes please! I somehow missed it, and now really want to see either a video clip of it or a gif

01/16/2012 - 2:38pm Nah man, he has the WHOLE

Nah man, he has the WHOLE hallway.  It's way bigger than a room.

01/16/2012 - 2:37pm Right

Right, because the fact that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU is not a funny topic.  It is a very serious accusation because if CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU then what are his chances in his political race?  I mean, if I were one of his opponents I would keep asking if CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU.

01/15/2012 - 11:13am Really?

- Jam receivers at line of scrimmage

- Constant pocket pressure

- chip TEs hard at line of scrimmage


Funny, this is all it takes to beat the Patriots... and the Packers, and the Saints.  This is the gameplan against all timing offenses, disrupt the timing.  Look at what the Chiefs did to the Packer's in their win.  Jam-man coverage, disrupting the pocket, and running the ball.  Its not that hard to gameplan for (albiet a lot more difficult then how much I am simplifying it) but it is hard to execute because you have to have the defensive backfield to be able to match-up man-to-man and not get beaten too often.


I took out the Pittsburg game, because NE scored almost a point per minute of offense...

01/13/2012 - 10:55pm Wait a second...

Craig James didn't kill all of them?

01/11/2012 - 3:50pm Preferably the test or a time

Preferably the test or a time period waiting list sort of thing, otherwise guys like me will never post.  I just prefer to lurk and absorb information rather than post, though requiring 1000 points would mean that I would not be posting until 2030 or sometime around then.

01/09/2012 - 11:37am My dad

I am from Iowa.  Which means Michigan fans are about as plentiful as corn is scarce.  My dad however grew up in Ann Arbor, and always would tell me stories of playing football in the Big House on Christmas with a bunch of friends and going to basketball games and all that fun stuff.  I was wearing Michigan colors before I understood what Maize and Blue was.  One of my mom's favorite stories to tell about me is how I would watch a Michigan Marching band video over and over again and then have her call out "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand take the field!" and then I would come out high stepping from the next room.  We didn't have cable for quite a few years, so my ardent fanhood started about my 8th grade year when we finally got it, and while I hadn't been an ardent fan like all my Iowa fan friends were, you could find me in some sort of shade of maize and blue almost every day.  I grew up in enemy country, but I bleed blue.

01/06/2012 - 4:55pm Nah, probably just gonna

Nah, probably just gonna change

12/31/2011 - 7:05pm Agreed. Guy is absolutely

Agreed. Guy is absolutely hilarious.


Plus, he has plenty of recruiting news... seeing as he is one of our recruiters.

12/29/2011 - 4:02pm And the winner is..... Mr.

And the winner is..... Mr. Schofield, by 10000000 votes.


Wait a second...

12/10/2011 - 1:09pm A properly done ballot

1. Robert Griffin III

2. Montee Ball

3. Honey Badger

12/07/2011 - 10:01pm K4L

As a current Calvin student with one of my really good friends on the Calvin Mens Basketball team, I feel like the games are going to be a little closer then people are expecting.  But on the other hand, our girls team should wreck this year.

12/03/2011 - 7:09pm Well,

It took like 42 hours... I'm at college, don't ask.

11/26/2011 - 12:43pm Question

Isn't it LOTR?

That's the acronym I've always seen it as... Then again I am from Iowa.....

11/26/2011 - 12:40pm Only 39-6?

Only 39-6?

11/24/2011 - 5:32pm Jake Long
Just run the ball

Jake Long

Just run the ball left.

11/11/2011 - 10:26pm New Life Goal

My new life goal is to become a camera operator for ESPN and find Lloyd Brady as often as I can...

11/05/2011 - 10:34am Just got a call from where I

Just got a call from where I work back in Iowa.  Couple of the guys wanted to make bets on this game.  MICH wins- they work till close next Saturday. IOWA wins- I work... I accepted and it better not come back to bite me in the butt because I'm at college 8 hours away.

10/17/2011 - 7:51pm Americanzi is probably pretty

Americanzi is probably pretty darn proud.

10/10/2011 - 9:03pm I'm sure there is some way to

I'm sure there is some way to get it through ESPN, however I don't know Calvin College's provider so I can't use it.

10/10/2011 - 8:52pm Thanks man

Thanks man

10/10/2011 - 8:40pm I am stuck at work... anyone

I am stuck at work... anyone know where I can find a live feed of the game?

10/01/2011 - 3:01pm Well,

There is one reason to get off of campus in GR. Gotta go check out the local football games to see Beilein.

10/01/2011 - 2:15pm Impressed

Talk about ballsy...

09/07/2011 - 10:40pm Michigan 42- ND 31

Michigan 42- ND 31

09/05/2011 - 2:54am Give some to Hoke!  I wonder

Give some to Hoke!  I wonder what he would make out of it.

08/07/2011 - 8:57pm Actually you are wrong (yet

Actually you are wrong (yet right). Static Stretching did take a downturn in popularity the past couple of years in favor of an "active warm-up" however studies are showing that static stretching is useful to increase flexibility and decrease injury chance.

The active warm-up was popularized because it mimics motions from during a game and helps warm up the muscles for practice and competition.  However flexibility does not improve through active stretching as it does for static.

08/02/2011 - 3:29pm Also...

About no Michigan schools on the list.  Isn't Calvin College on the "Sober list" of schools?

08/02/2011 - 3:26pm Hey man

Iowa has some good things about it... I mean, we got pigs... and corn.


Put them together and you get?

07/24/2011 - 2:35am To argue for Cavendish's side

To argue for Cavendish's side of it, both times he finished barely outside of the time limit.  If i remember right, one of the stage cut off times was 25:00 and he came in with what seemed to be 100 other riders, and they all came in at 25:15. I feel like when they are so close to the cut off time, it shouldn't be a big deal or anything.  People can't really say sprinters were shutting it down because shutting it down would've meant going easy, and to come in within 25 minutes of Andy Schleck who is hammering it does not mean shutting it down.

07/23/2011 - 4:40pm OK over Oregon


no bowl

OK over Oregon


no bowl ban

07/23/2011 - 11:31am Nah, Goo Goo Dolls are WAY to

Nah, Goo Goo Dolls are WAY to intense for a hype video

07/23/2011 - 2:15am Time Trialing is my specialty

Time Trialing is my specialty as well, however I think that having the individual time trial as the last stage before the Champs Elysees is the best place to put it.  Not everyone is a great time trialist, so having it be at the end puts everyone on a leveler playing field, (not that it really takes a ton away from those that are the best time trialers).
Also, your prediction on Cancellara is really the only smart prediction anyone can make.  If anyone else wins besides Evans (to take yellow), Andy (to hold it), or "Superman" (Cancellara), I would be very surprised

07/17/2011 - 3:07pm I don't know if you thought

I don't know if you thought about doing this, but since we all agree that offenses are taking a bunch of risks to score points at the end of a game.  If you wanted to follow this up with a chart containing "Impact stats" such as sacks (interceptions and fumbles may be too random of events to also put in the chart).  We could see if there is an increase in these as well, because an offense risking more to gain more leaves itself quite open for negative plays.  It could be that Mattison's defense is making many of big plays, it just happened that the opposing offense is getting more chances and therefore scoring more.

07/15/2011 - 4:12pm About the cornerbacks vs

About the cornerbacks vs Safeties...
i disagree about the speed thing.  I feel like cornerbacks should be faster then safeties because they have to stick with their guy, safeties are usually in a zone not specifically covering a guy so they don't need as much speed. 
Also, I don't think quickness is measured by how fluid you are when you turn your hips, but rather your change of direction skills, to me that is more important to a cornerback since safeties are coming in at an angle, or filling holes, not mirroring a WR step for step.

06/25/2011 - 12:27am Flywheel

Michigan Girls Ultimate had a good season, unfortunately they ran into the buzz saw that is UC Santa Barbara.  Flywheel had a chance in the game, actually multiple, however they didn't play "chilly" with the disc and had too many unforced errors by rushing throws that weren't the best option.


(I play ultimate for Calvin College and I watched the game via a live stream)

06/21/2011 - 11:32pm It's actually my cat... Name

It's actually my cat... Name is fluffy.

06/20/2011 - 6:38pm Terrelle Pryor only helps

Terrelle Pryor only helps with bungholes for a minimum of one tattoo and a car.  So he might be waiting for a while.

06/19/2011 - 9:32pm Tickets

Well, I would love to take part in some of the tailgating festivities, but I lack tickets... So I won't be able to take part.  Now if anyone happens upon two tickets I could purchase, a friend and I would be very very indebted.

06/17/2011 - 9:21pm I have a friend exactly like

I have a friend exactly like you.  He was once in a room with Dantinio, talked to him and decided that he hated the guy.  He just didn't like him.  Not sure what the rational is, but that's the story.

Then I found 5 dollars.

06/16/2011 - 12:05am Sounds Good

I' would prefer that we take Calvin Johnson.  I mean, his film is amazing, and he seems to be pretty athletic.  But you say that Ron Thmopson is the same type of player as him, and wants to go to Michigan, so let's just take him.

05/29/2011 - 9:42pm Pulp Fiction- Great Movie

Now that is a tasty burger.

05/10/2011 - 10:55am So...

So you are saying that following some kid around in the store, at school, in a creepy van is not ok?



03/12/2011 - 10:09pm ...

You sir, are quite punny.


I laughed out loud when I read it.  Hopefully the voting system works again because that is definitely a +1 from me.

03/06/2011 - 6:31pm however

they are A'maize'ing