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02/22/2019 - 8:50pm LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!!!!…



02/20/2019 - 9:41pm Go Fish! 

It was such a…

Go Fish! 

It was such a magical run, a dash of Bo "a Michigan Man will coach Michigan", Rumeal's  ice cold veins and the beauty of the Rice jumper.  

Plus, Fish just seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  And sometimes, nice guys finish 1st. 

02/13/2019 - 9:11pm Shock the World! 

Go Blue! 

Shock the World! 

Go Blue! 

02/12/2019 - 6:02pm John "Sun Tzu of Basketball"…

John "Sun Tzu of Basketball" Beilein. 

the "Shame of Iron Mountain" needs to lose a few more... 

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. 

02/11/2019 - 8:56pm This stinks.  Bo was 17-4…

This stinks.  Bo was 17-4 against msu.  3 of those losses were to George [email protected] led teams. In 1989 Michigan beat staee 10-7 in Bo's final season and it was a hard fought win, which cemented his dominance over msu/[email protected] --- Then, I was SICK when staee beat UM in 1990 - totally sick. 

During 1994–1995, an extensive external investigation conducted by the law firm of Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC. uncovered various infractions including grade tampering by an athletic department administrator. MSU president M. Peter McPherson fired Perles before the end of the 1994 season, and ordered the Spartans to forfeit their five wins for that season. Perles was found "not culpable".....  

The name "Perles" and Michigan don't belong together. 

02/10/2019 - 2:33pm Great diary.  I felt the…

Great diary.  I felt the nostalgia and the power over staee. 

It's such a "sparty no..." moment... 

"...I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced... "  -- Obi Wan 


02/10/2019 - 9:15am Outstanding sweep. 


Outstanding sweep. 

It seems Hockey is hitting their stride late to make a run.... Sing the Song! 


02/09/2019 - 2:32pm Hustled from tip-off to the…

Hustled from tip-off to the end. 

Played with muscle, with finesse. 

Under 2 minutes, became a machine and willed a victory. 

Smooth Operators.  Go Blue! 

02/09/2019 - 2:24pm What a great win! 

It was…

What a great win! 

It was awesome seeing the defense continue to scrap through the final two minutes, fighting for defensive boards, and just calculated, target practice on offense. 

Beilein is the "Sun Tzu of basketball." 

I before E except after B. 

Go Blue! 

02/02/2019 - 9:42pm Maybe the issues could rub…

Maybe the issues could rub you the right way for a long time, and you'd be the better for it. 

Mic Drop. 

02/02/2019 - 9:35pm The angry little sprite didn…

The angry little sprite didn't find a way (clock, refs $$$, miracle shot/bounce) to give them that 'one leg up' down the stretch... as in some years past.  This is schadenstaeefreude. 

"The Shame of Iron Mountain" can eat it, just eat this one. 

"I don't like anything about Michigan and they don't like anything about us, that's the way it should be." -- Tom Izzo 


02/01/2019 - 10:10pm Between basketball &…

Between basketball & football my new favorite team to loathe forever is Iowa. 

Of course, a few weeks that'll change back to staee. 


01/31/2019 - 9:10pm Us against the World.  Go…

Us against the World.  Go Blue. 

01/29/2019 - 11:08pm Great win.

Simpson is…

Great win.

Simpson is playing otherworldly. 

Us against the World, Win the Game, Go Blue! 


01/22/2019 - 9:23pm And Beilein looks up to…

And Beilein looks up to Basketball's Valhalla, and says "Thank you Johnny Orr for that one". 

Win the Game!  

Sing the Song! 

Go Blue! 


01/20/2019 - 2:08pm Mike Bottom is Aquaman. 

Mike Bottom is Aquaman. 

The swim & dive teams are incredible.  

Go Blue. 

01/17/2019 - 9:26pm Hail, Hail, Haka! 

Let's Go…

Hail, Hail, Haka! 

Let's Go!!! 


Go Blue!

01/14/2019 - 6:54pm Hello Heisman!  - good laugh…

Hello Heisman!  - good laugh! 

01/13/2019 - 9:52pm Best start ever! 

17-0 - Go…

Best start ever! 

17-0 - Go Blue! 


01/13/2019 - 9:50pm Beilein = Sun Tzu 


Beilein = Sun Tzu 

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Great win, 17-0! 

Go Blue!  Go Tzu! 

01/12/2019 - 9:39pm suckeyes. 


01/12/2019 - 7:59pm Das ist Scheiße. 


Das ist Scheiße. 

There must be at least 1 other human being on the earth not related to staee Nassar gymnastics that Michigan could have hired.  Why select this individual - even IF this person is 100% innocent and 100% did everything appropriately?   Why? - seriously, there's nobody else?  

Eat another jelly donut Pyle! errrgh, Warde.  

12/21/2018 - 7:18pm I'm relieved - starting a…

I'm relieved - starting a new QB next year would have strained the offense and created more naysayers at the start of the season.  Hopefully, Shea butter will lead us to the promise land. 

21 TDs against 5 ints and over 2000 yards passing for 153 rating was a darn good season. 

This guy loves Michigan and is a gamer -- hopefully, he's the key to 2019 being better than 2018. 

12/15/2018 - 4:27pm Win the Game! 

Great start…

Win the Game! 

Great start to the BBall season.... Let's Go! 


12/07/2018 - 10:39pm GO BLUE!!!! 



GO BLUE!!!! 


Win the Game! 

Kinder von Yost! 

12/05/2018 - 8:47pm He's no Lorenzo White, TJ…

He's no Lorenzo White, TJ Duckett, Le'Veon Bell, Javon Ringer, Sedrick Irvin. 

Any time staee can lose a player that 'might' have their 'career day' against us - I'll call that a win. 

S t a e e. 

_party No!!! 

12/04/2018 - 11:35pm Win the Game! 

Win the Game! 

Northworstern Mildcats. 

Play outta your minds against some other skools. 

Blue Go Blue! 

11/18/2018 - 12:06am This game seemed like an old…

This game seemed like an old fashioned grind 'em out, gritty Michigan team win.  

6 field goals with a run game - pound, pound, pound the other team into a loss. 

And our defense - getting sliced by hurry up offense all night and yet, continually found ways to stop them in the 2nd half.  Brilliant. 

Let's wind it up next week and win out. 

Go Blue. 

11/16/2018 - 5:42pm My Dad took me to this game …

My Dad took me to this game "on a whim."  Dad had never left a game early and we almost left with 2 minutes left.  But, by fate - we stayed.  

I was a young kid at the time and I can close my eyes and still see/feel the moment. 

Maybe it was a bonding moment for me and my Dad, but it seemed to be something nostalgic that happened in real-time - - 

It was as if we had witnessed something otherworldly.  The so-improbable had occurred indeed. 

The posts here speaking to the sound/loudness are not exaggerated. It was a wall of sound.  

Maybe because I was young it seemed louder but I've referred to this over the years as the loudest thing we've ever heard.  Pop agrees.  

A man next to us, threw me into the air with exuberance, caught me and handed me to my Dad. 

The 3 of us were in a group hug with what seemed like 20 others. 

As we left and headed home, it was as if everyone knew we had witnessed something miraculous - something uniquely..... MICHIGAN. 

On the way home, we talked about how miracles can happen, and sometimes dreams do come true, and improbable odds are overcome.  It was as much about hope as it was about football.  

That's why to me, this is the greatest play in Michigan football history. 


11/16/2018 - 5:24pm Thanks for posting, and a…

Thanks for posting, and a good check on our 'tradition.'

It was a performance like this that shows the splendor of college football. 

Go Blue! 

11/10/2018 - 6:56pm Well earned win, did some…

Well earned win, did some smart things....

Playing youngsters when game was in hand sound strategy. 

Team seemed to play with a 'toughness' - - carry that over to Indiana game...

.... tear their heads off. 



10/29/2018 - 7:00am VIM.  

Based upon Bill Joy…


Based upon Bill Joy's vi text editor. 

Joy is alum of UM so, VIM. 

10/20/2018 - 10:04pm Go Blue!!!! 

We NEEDED this…

Go Blue!!!! 

We NEEDED this win.  

Our team is showing a toughness we haven't seen in awhile

Let's Go!!!   Go Blue!!! 

M0rk "Bush League" D'anti-sportmanonio. 

04/15/2018 - 8:02pm The embodiment of a Drill Sargeant

One, two, three, four - United States Marine Corps!

04/13/2018 - 6:59pm Sad.

The sad thing is that once football season starts, all the sparties will be Go Green, Go White! at every Kroger, Meijer and Walmart.  Not a care in the world, except to beat ...... Michigan.

Guess in e lansing, crime DOES pay! 


04/10/2018 - 10:36pm 8th Wonder of the World!

Reportedly 6' 3" and 208lbs at 12 years old.

And did the work of 3 men on the family farm.

04/06/2018 - 8:40pm I guess....

In e. Lansing, Crime really does pay.

04/02/2018 - 12:50am Let’s Go!!!!

Great Run!
Win or lose, luv this team...but, Win the Game!

Feuer Frei!
Bang, Bang!

PS - Moe as MVP.

03/25/2018 - 8:05pm I'm in joyous disbelief....

Sing the Song! 

Amazing - both Final 4's in 2 major sports! 

....this Michigan of Ours..... - Fielding Yost 

Go Blue! 



03/25/2018 - 12:02am Great Blue Day


Win Everything. 

03/24/2018 - 11:30pm Shock the World!

Win the Game! 

So Happy.... Gahhhhh!!!!! 

Go Blue! 

03/24/2018 - 10:45pm C'mon Frozen 4

Let's Goooo!!!! 

Go Blue! 

Sing the SONG! 


03/22/2018 - 9:48pm So Mgohappy!

Win the Game.
Sing the Song.
Shock the World.

Beilein: we're just proud to represent the Greatest University in the World.

03/22/2018 - 8:46pm Shock the World

Win in NYC! (MSG)

Win in LA! (Staples) - (pluzze don't blow 20+ pt lead). 

Coast to Coast! 

Shock the World.

Go Blue. 

03/04/2018 - 5:39pm Prayers for you!

Go Blue! 

03/04/2018 - 10:34am Laufender Gott!

Running is the most primal of sport.
Bannister put forth a challenge in his achievement to all of us.

Mental and physical strength can be redefined.

03/03/2018 - 10:19pm Mel ist Hockey Gott.

We've got another 20 years of hockey excellence ahead.
Go Blue Icers!
Sing the Song!!!!

03/03/2018 - 5:21pm Win the Game!

Stay down sparty.
Sing the song.

02/27/2018 - 9:28pm Rich Lock?

I thought it was Red Lock.... oh wait.

02/24/2018 - 8:15pm Let's Go Blue!!!

Great start.  

I'm seeing that Mel is getting this team to believe - for the long run. 

Michigan Hockey is getting stronger - Let's Go !!!!