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09/14/2008 - 2:36am maize


09/14/2008 - 2:35am no you were initially a dick

no you were initially a dick in another post and now are even bigger one who is trying to use etiquette to save face. 

09/14/2008 - 2:32am what do you get out of a chat

what do you get out of a chat room about Michigan Football? at the end of the day.....what do you get out of it? how old are you by the way? and whats worse....... a perfect paragraph, dotted i's....crossed t's.....that says nothing and lacks depth. Or in imperfect paragraph that says something? Out of those two what is worse? And don't think I am associating my rant with depth. Whats your answer

09/14/2008 - 2:27am  If you limit your choices

 If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that's left is compromise.

not my quote. since youre smart and I am do you define reasonable in a chat room? Chat room reason or lack thereof. Be a great paper. that quote above goes hand in hand with the logic of an engineer. 

09/14/2008 - 2:17am logic and football have never

logic and football have never gone together. plus, since none of us here are paid,"Unbiased," sports," journalists," I am here to rant homie. Sorry. I actually get a stipend from Brian to stir the pot up so to speak. I am kidding. I do not. It's one thing to ruin the cohesiveness and just mush mouth it on here like some crazy alabama fan would. But when people use their degrees on here to talk football and reasoning, it's equally laughable. It's actually hilarious. When I first chatted here I said if Sheridan starts and it goes bad, Sheridan would be almost ruined. I would say after his game today he's useless throwing the football. His confidence is zero. I cheered for that completion because I knew it would help his confidence. I also said Michigan would probably lose this week as well. Two things which made me the butt end of jokes from people with bigger brains than I. But it's football. And football is easy to predict for the most part. You know what I'll go retake Logic from my philosophy department for you. And I guarantee you once I get through that class my football IQ or logic will be at zero. The football demographic is what kills me. Lee Corso and Craig Nessler(?) get paid to speak to a certain person. Corso's predictions are way more in depth and even more difficult to understand how he thought that than mine are. If anything I am just taking the null. And Doug Flutie and Chris Fowler are more like you and or more like people who would blog here. People who project class and are esteemed. But continuing with the demographic, even Jesse Palmer has a demographic. So you have all these people with degrees trying to blog their way into the head of 20 something footballer for their local university. The more emotion you factor in and the less logic, the closer you are to the heart of football. And that is why it's Americas game! Football chatrooms are fun, sometimes they have the rules of country clubs and other times you feel as though you are on a city bus in SOHO at 2am. 

09/14/2008 - 1:50am I think Donovan Warren needs

I think Donovan Warren needs something. It felt off with him today. Someone should go talk to that young man. I thought it was funny that Brian labeled David Molk as a key factor and then Molk starts the game with a chop block. Hilarious. Was it Molk who had the chop? I could'nt see it where I was at. And with the pass stats by you count swing passes as passes? I guess you have to but still. It was Stonum who filled in nicely today. Really those throws to Stonum by Threet were money. ND pretty much avoided Brandon Graham somehow. I do not know if they ran away from or what. 

09/14/2008 - 1:37am VanCam is looking for friends

VanCam is looking for friends online to bash people. Anybody want to zing a joke with him. Come on. lol

09/14/2008 - 1:34am Si


09/14/2008 - 1:33am Well well well. You always

Well well well. You always make me feel like so welcome. You ever seen one flew over the cuckoos nest? In that scene where they are fighting and McMurhpy is yelling. Thats what this chat is. I know there are standard ways of communicating and I know there are reasons why Sam is starting. But you are just a flat out jerk armed with a keyboard hating life. I mean you are so awesome. Why are you here responding to losers like me on chat anyways man. I mean why not go on a vacation or take your wife somewhere exotic like Hawaii Mr Winner? Why chat at 131 am Mr Im so smart and a gift to earth. They say the adult stuff ruined the net. I think youre playing your part ruining college sports as well. All you are is negative and powerless vancam. 

09/14/2008 - 1:27am Sometimes a guy will fumble

Sometimes a guy will fumble and be an upperclassman and that fumble gets labeled as a frosh mistake. Fumbling is common and yet for some people not so common. Bad weather is a part of football. Mike Hart proved fumbling and bad weather were not synonymous. He proved bowl games and good weather though were good for fumbling. Minor and Grady played like backups, in that they committed the cardinal sin of running backs and that is fumbling the football. Last week you said I was nuts for saying Michigan was gonna lose. You were amped cause ND sucked so bad. Funny going back and reading that. If you are such a winner ShockFx why are you here on chat rooms with losers like me anyways man. geeezz. I mean cmon

09/14/2008 - 1:20am Hey McMurphy why don't you

Hey McMurphy why don't you just let Mr Martini speak ok? Kidding. MGoMike-there have been Freshman in Michigan sports that have done incredible things. The Fab 5 were scary for Freshman. Chad Henne was ok to eh! But it is a lot to ask of any freshman QB like Forcier or Beaver to come in and star in the Big 10. You have to make it work with what you have. Did RR get dealt a bad hand? No, not at all. He got dealt a bad hand for what his style is though. I would say he got dealt an average hand but not a bad one. A bad hand for what his offense needs or intends to do. That is why you see a ODOMS as a freshman at the slot. He is a spread type guy. But also Odoms is gritty as hell. But I understand where you are coming from. I think in blackjack, there comes a time when you just stop bitching about the hand your dealt and just start playing cards. When you seem victimized as a coach, your players adopt that mentality too eventually. I do not see that though in Michigan. They were in the game in some ways until the 4th and the Threet fumble.

09/07/2008 - 10:20am There were moments ND looked

There were moments ND looked ok. Especially for a first game. I am going to begrudgingly take ND in this game. Michigan may be a better road team though that I imagine. There are teams who play better away from home. Why this is I do not know. The general consensus is that 1: Notre Dame barely beat SDSU who barely beat a nobody. 2. We just won so that means we win. That well wishing has never worked. Notre Dame, when they get up on you at home, feeds off of that energy. If I was Stevie Brown I'd get ready. Michigan fans need to foresee the loss. And if they do lose don't blame it on a crap call or crap play here or there. Blame it, if it happens, on not putting them away. No offense but, I think yesterdays first drive, was the first time we took a kickoff and went the length of the field. Is that correct? That is not a good stat. Our wins and even scores are as deceiving as is ND's win yesterday. We're just two crappy schools who think we can beat each other. I say ND and it's close. Let it digest all week through the Weis press conferences. Don't knee jerk and think Michigan will blow them out. I hope they do though.

09/07/2008 - 2:06am Hey man we're still finding

Hey man we're still finding out who we can win with! I hope it comes to the point of,"Sheridan.......strike 9...........Sheridan strike 10." "Hey isn't it three strikes and youre out." "Not for the coaches son dude,".........Sheridan strike 11." There's no competition dude, theres only preference. There never was a competition. There was the semblance of one. More sooner than later the Sheridan lovers are going to go more and more quiet. They'll attack your sentence structure. Offer IF filled statements and delusions. In the NFL or anywhere really, this QB race is a done deal. There shouldn't even be a competition at this point based off GAME 2 today. Game 3 to follow. 

09/07/2008 - 2:00am you're so intelligent. how

you're so intelligent. how can I be like you?  

09/07/2008 - 1:57am yeah well you know what?

yeah well you know what? no matter how I write it on here, I was right about it all along. I said Sheridan would start and struggle and Threet would come in. And then I said I hoped I was wrong. Threet is invited and unwanted. I'd transfer today and say Tate and Mr. Beaver have at it! Because Sheridan is over after this year as well. Why Threet, besides the degree, is sticking around I do not know. He should do himself a favor(And RR and Sheridan) and just quit on MI. Steve bail on Michigan.....quit BRO........let them have their offense! QUIT! Let it cycle through with one whole year of Sheridan. No one wants you anyways after this year. They'll all save face and write you off. QUIT on MI they just bitch about you anyhow. 

09/07/2008 - 1:37am I think I've found Viggo The

I think I've found Viggo The Carpathian. Remember him?Ghostbuster? He lives:

09/07/2008 - 1:30am I know you're not drinking.

I know you're not drinking. There was a guy on the FREEP just now who wrote,"I wonder if Sheridan has naked pics of RR or something." We play a lot of teams who are not trying to find a QB, they have one. And those teams will have a QB in rhythm. We have no effing rhythm offensively. This is obvious. I can understand why they have played both and I like it. Dating two girls who both need training is also fun. But when one starts to go haywire and wants more attention you quickly realize you either pick one or lose them both. It's time to pick one of these guys. RR knows what he's doing. I have faith

09/07/2008 - 12:45am yes


09/07/2008 - 12:43am "IF Sheridan can channel his

"IF Sheridan can channel his inner Brian Griese(Inner Brian Griese???) and be a "caretaker" kind of QB, and (IF)we can establish some consistency in the ground game, there (MIGHT) be something to work with. Quite honestly, there is not a receiver on the squad I trust to make big plays down the field with any kind of consistency."

NIce article, you have good paragrpahs. I MIGHT like it IF it offered a solution rather than a preference. Keep drinking buddy!

09/07/2008 - 12:31am I dont care cbus, go read

I dont care cbus, go read something else, like how were going to CRUSH Notre Dame next week. Or how Charlie Weis is an idiot. Or how were back and ready for some ND! Haven't you been reading my "paragraphs" long enough. People want to pay me to shut up! Just go read some fluff about how were gonna beat Notre Dame.

09/07/2008 - 12:27am What are you drinking?

What are you drinking?

09/05/2008 - 11:19pm Whatever QB starts, whoever

Whatever QB starts, whoever is the running back.....what matters most is attitude. Screw the chest bump. I favor the right hook if your teammate does something extraordinary. They say to play with controlled aggression. My old coach said a violent possession was the real way to play. The offense needs to find who is tough and who is going to lead tomorrow. It's d-day for them guys. Not an end of the world moment but definitely an end to questions. 

09/05/2008 - 8:24pm Before Brian got on the radio

Before Brian got on the radio show, one of the guys fromt he show mentioned how Big Will was talking to his mom and dad before the game on the sidelines. He was talking about the players from Michigan whose bench press stats improved. I'm now wondering if he was trying to sell them(parents)on reasons to stay committed to Michigan. If he leaves, well,(long pause to hurl and regain composure) no comment. (Longer Pause...20 minutes spent looking at picture of jj from good times who is "medals" sign on pic.) BUT I DON'T GET IT! You're from metro Detroit, your son gets an offer to play at Michigan, you commit and then drop it. For what????? A pro scout could care less where he goes to school for one. And two.....I'll stop, just drive myself even more into this body of whisky. WTF though?

We need to hire Karl Rove to do a public makeover on Rich and the recruiting process or something. Anyone here a major player with Time Warner? Call some people and put the word out. Tell Mike Comrie to get the Duff at a game. Something. The guy who owns the Mets could give us some media friendly moments. I'm telling you that baton twirler guy has to go from the pre game he probably scared Will off.

If Threet starts and starts solid and then finishes lame or out of control. Bench him. I am guessing that's the issue and why he didn't one knows what Threet will show up.  Sheridan needs to see himself as the starting QB even when he doesn't start or play. Carrying Chad Henne's luggage was all he knew and now he's the default starter. Default of not bruddah, you gotta be da man. If there's drama at this position tomorrow I'm gonna be pissed. 




09/05/2008 - 10:49am Good Intel

Thank you for posting this.

09/04/2008 - 11:01pm Given time, RR and Co. will

Given time, RR and Co. will build a monster. Much like this Illinois team faced in last years Rose Bowl. Michigan slid nationally and to get it back you're going to need time and a coach who takes risks to win games. Watch this USC highlight reel before Saturdays Michigan game and ask yourself,"If you knew in 4 years Michigan was gonna shred this well and be as good. Would you chill out and just enjoy the process?" I would, will and am.

09/04/2008 - 8:10pm Wow, the Minor run after the

Wow, the Minor run after the pass at 4:46 was scary. For one it was almost the same fall that caused the fumble in the Utah game if I am correct. He almost slams the ball into the turf with his right arm on both runs. I wish I had the video of the Utah fumble to compare but they look quite similar.

09/04/2008 - 7:55pm On the Illinois reel, Henne's

On the Illinois reel, Henne's pass play at the video mark of 4:46 is sorely missed. To the fans from other universities who doubt why University of Michigan,"Alumnus,"Chad Henne is playing Sunday football at Pro Player Stadium in Miami. I would say just watch the velocity and accuracy on that one pass. at the 4:46 mark. Similar play to the infamous Penn State td.

09/04/2008 - 6:01pm I hope this does not become a trend

09/04/2008 - 2:08pm Ok well not to be taken

Ok well not to be taken seriously either way. Remind me Dex to tell you my Lloyd Carr story this saturday. It will be less than 2 or 3 minutes or whatever. So anyhow I say a big old phat W is on the agenda this saturday which will lead us into the 13th and NOTRE DAME! I am thinking of going to the USC tOSU game that saturday. Seeing tOSU fans in LA is too tempting. I think MI goes 2-0 in the next few weeks............

09/04/2008 - 2:02pm U da man

Thank You

09/04/2008 - 1:54pm Nicht

The same person?

09/04/2008 - 1:52pm All Hail the WLA........and no one else

We are not the same person. What about the game this saturday? Will it be Steven "Imcomplete" Threet or Nick"Dont call me" Sheridan starting? And will Austin "Taco" Panter play more pre game daughtry? And what's up with the M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N cheer? Where does the N disappear and go in this cheer? Will we see more Walken?And what about the baton twirler????? I think the Wolverine Liberation Army should handle all media and control every inch of the pregame. They should hire Director Zhang Yimou and do an interpretive dance ensemble piece showcasing the years of struggle under carr. Yimou did a fantasic job with the 2008 Beijing Opening Ceremonies. They should set the piece to,"Strangelove," by Depeche Mode and have Dex and the Baton Twirler guy showcase their skills. I'm sure Costas/Lauer and Joshua Ramo could give the WLA all the background verbage they wanted. I could hear Ramo now,"this piece here showcases the bloggers frustration with carr and co. and it's symbolized by the great leap forward for the WLA and it's very own Cultural Revolution. And here comes the lone baton twirler again showing the soul of the WLA and it's army of genius." Costas would be like,"I really like this Depeche Mode song to the twirling and the synchronized almost robotic like movements of the WLA dance corp."

09/04/2008 - 11:53am There's always more than one

There's always more than one reason for making a choice. The end state or reason that is over arching and impossible to argue against though,"You do things to win." Just as you get a girls number to ______. Just as you get a degree in hopes of getting a job in hopes of making money. Or maybe you got a degree to just study because you like to study. There may be more abstract reasons for choices but in football the simplest answer is usually closest to center. Like said earlier, I liked the call, who cares whether it was picked off. Good call in my opinion.

09/04/2008 - 11:48am In my opinion, when I saw

In my opinion, when I saw Nick throw the pic, I sort of had a gut feeling as to why it was called. So on the way out of the stadium(my compadres needed some shade)for the half I was asked by friends why they called that play and threw that pic. With people whizzing by and me daydreaming of some Stucchi's Ice cream I offered up something like this for a reply:

Your defense just gave up like 300 some odd yards, IN ONE HALF of FOOTBALL. Youre the head coach and down by 5. Do you see this changing or do you envision they will shore up and hold them? Probably not. If you cycle it through, given the current facts(1.Your defense is a sieve and 2.everyone will expect you sit on the ball and not throw it), you need to take that shot and throw it. For three reasons:

1. The long term goal is TO WIN THE GAME!
2. The short term goal is give yourself some momentum heading into half. Which in turn lends itself to winning the game.
3. Is to possibly get a field goal to just STAY IN THE GAME, IN HOPES OF WINNING IT.

You can bust out a bunch of philosophical terms such as fallacies of presumption, complex questions, informal fallacies but all in all when you deduce it down......dude was trying to win the game. We cann all go read and study thin slicing and read Gladwell's Blink until our eyes fall out. Dude was doing what he thought would win the game.

09/04/2008 - 11:34am There's lifting,
  1. There's lifting, plyometrics, stretching, cardio and then rehab. And of course eating. And we all know that being in the weight room does not always mean lifting. Sometimes you talk and what not. I've known a good many Michigan scholarship athlete and many do orbit a large part of their day in and around some form of weight or workout in the off season.
  2. There really is not quick fix for the line. And there really is no way to know how a kid will mature and turn out. To the average fan of football who reads Brians blog here or the WLA, you should try to think of what this current coach inherited before attacking his results on Saturday. People quit, got bored with football and some gradutated or went pro. There were guys back there with zero game time experience.
09/04/2008 - 1:19am Scorch the earth Dex, you

Scorch the earth Dex, you win, I lose. Do I feel good or bad? No. What is the solution for the line then? What do you suggest besides verbally beating e-man up? It's ok that you don't like me but what would do or hope for with this line? All you can say at this point is,"Hit the weights, eat, sleep and hopefully you get better next year." Even if you recruit new ones or new DE your harvest is way down the road.

09/04/2008 - 1:11am It can only go up. Ever since

It can only go up. Ever since Hockey I've been thinking how close Michigan gets and loses. Whether it be rose bowls or sauers 4 goals. Or even Chris Webbers time out. It never ends. Michigan has this tantalus thing going on it seems when it comes to locking up a NC. They win the top 10 best all around awards always. Have great funding just cannot lock it up and put the puzzle together for a national title. If anyone can it's Rodriguez though. Over time he wins. And Michigan will be there as long as they keep this guy coaching.

09/04/2008 - 1:07am Like me, hate me, love me,

Like me, hate me, love me, berate me, I just find it funny that you cannot ignore me. Where do you guys meet again? Where does the WLA meet and would I be welcome? I mean is it some Marxist thing you do or what? You're probably a really smart guy and all. And I can tell you want me to leave.

09/04/2008 - 1:01am Like Michael Phelps said,"I

Like Michael Phelps said,"I eat, I sleep and  I swim." That is all I am saying. You just give it your all without the junk roids. Lineman can only do so much technique work. Beyond that it comes down to size and strength+DESIRE. I think Jon's dad Larry said in off season at times Jon would be 6-9 hours a day in the weight room under Gittleson and co. It helps he's smart, a great athlete and a big guy naturally though.

09/03/2008 - 8:16pm I think waiting for Fock Lion

I think waiting for Fock Lion ruined it. The whole prep school exit they never fully recover from. Speaking of Fock Lion, did anyone see him in the SI Michigan issue?He's in the center of the pic in the back. I am not comparing Fock to Spoon as people though. Spoon will be a force no matter where he lands.

09/03/2008 - 7:54pm I'm telling you man, Grady,
  1. I'm telling you man, Grady, Helmuth and Moundrous can be like a drag blocker and really help. I don't know how it works in the spread with WR blocking. Or even TE blocking. I don't know the spread that well. But what I do know is saw nothing to the outside for any of our backs. Even if theyd gotten past the DE or OLB the safety was closing for UTAH and with a quickness.
  2. Spoon good luck to you bro.
  3. Well at least we know it cannot get any worse right?



09/03/2008 - 7:45pm Execution is the difference

Execution is the difference between a bad call and a good one. At least he had faith in the QB. I was in section 5 so I could see the coverage he(Sheridan) was throwing into. I think there were basically two different defenders that could've picked that pass off. Not entirely sure on that though. INT's are not good for playing time. You force the coaches hand to play someone else. Some would say,"Duh." But if you did a blind,"taste test," of 5 coaches who are ranked 1-5 this week in the ap poll. And you showed them the stats of both QB's from Michigans game and asked them this," what's worse coach, incompletions or interceptions?" I would be willing to bet most would say that Threets incompletions benefited no one. But INT's and fumbles kill your drives, completely shift momentum(take the crowd out), and of course give the other team the ball. I would be willing to bet all 5 would say INT's are worse. If these coaches did not see the game and only saw the stat sheet they might ask this to determine who played better. They'd want to know if Sheridan's INT came on a hail mary at the end of the game? It did not. They would probably ask what the yards after catch stat was for each throw? And then they'd ask if Threet's imcompletion rate was due to him throwing balls that no one could catch to avoid the INT's. and the other big one is to avoid the SACK. For instance Threet's incomplete pass that resulted in an interference call and a subsequent first down was because of a well placed incompletion. He threw it to a point no one could catch it BUT a pass interference call MIGHT be called. Thats good football and good coaching. Even if it was unintentional or even if Threet thought Odoms could catch it. Those are not measurable, debatable stats but to a coach who likes to take shots and be aggressive(and to any coach whose been grilled by the media and chat boards about being OVERLY aggressive), a QB who knows how to not throw interceptions while still trying to make something happen is the warm fuzzy for any coach out there. And I would argue that drop back passers who cannot scramble, i.e. our QB's, that can make interfernce calls happen is as good as a scrambling stat. At this point the moto has to be,"WHATEVER WORKS."

09/03/2008 - 6:26pm Two S&C teams(Bball and
  1. Two S&C teams(Bball and Football), if you can afford it, is def. the way to go. UofM has the funds, a large amount of athletes who need time with trainers so go for it. If you are from a smaller school you'll see this and think why 2 different S&C guys???But if you put it to scale, you'll see UofM needs more trainers and S&C gys and gals. It's good for recruiting for hoops as well. And well, we need recruits there. Say no more on that front.
  2. Just watch this weeks game and next weeks game. Michigan will overachieve. I still believe in a huge turn of events to this season. I have a friend who is die hard tOSU and one out west who is die hard USC. Both of them admitted that what Michigans defense did in the 2nd Half was the best half of D so far this whole college football season. Michigan has a legitimate defense.
  3. All I can say if you are a Sparty fan is,"4th and 5 Hoyer's pass is incomplete."
  4. I am going to go Beaver starting and Forcier emerging next year of the early enrolling guys.


09/03/2008 - 5:11pm I completely agree. I wish

I completely agree. I wish the governor of california aka arnold was into Strength and Conditioning. He would've loved your post. "You can peeee on the floooor girly man. You and your wussy lineman friends are not going to leave this weight room until next season. i 'll get you some supplies of food. Do you understand me? Here's a copy of my tapes of Mr Olympia and a Conan dvd. Good luck ladies." lol 

09/03/2008 - 5:02pm I think in my post I said

I think in my post I said enough. He did what he felt was right. Period. I can live with an interception or a loss. It's easy, you just stop caring! lol. Nick Sheridan and Rich Rodriguez's choice in pass plays does nothing for my mutual funds/stock investments ,401k, or anything tangible or real. It is however quite a fun debacle to dissect. It is true in that INT Sheridan and RR learned alot. A lot about each other lol. When I used the word tradition I can with the utmost certainty say,"Lloyd 4/5 times would not have made that call!" Traidtion is what's been done. I am ok with letting what's been done, BE DONE. I liked the call. Some, Rosenberg, Green, all of SECTION 5 I was in.......can say,"WTF! Why did he throw that. Tell me he audibled and RR did not call that." I shouted out and clapped,"GREAT EFFING CALL DUDE LOVED IT!" And I meant it :)

09/03/2008 - 4:54pm Caup you're so right. What do

Caup you're so right. What do you suggest? I spent a summer working for Jim Mora and the New Orlean Saints.......wayyyy back in the day if youre doing the math.....the lineman knew the phrase,"You arent leaving the weightroom," very well. I played basketball in college against Jon Jansens brother and all I heard was the same thing,"Dude never left the weight room for four years." BUT, every OL recruit I think is scared of Barwis. Boren, I mean, I don't get that at all. Family values? Dude he would've started and now he's on the bench? For what family values? This group of OL will not, WILL NOT leave the weight room now that Barwis is here. If I was a lineman, I'd pick MI just for the conditioning aspect. I know how bad the ROOKIE OL get teased and abused verbally by OL coaches in the NFL if they think they are going to get babied.

09/03/2008 - 4:25pm You are going to disagree


Weight room time is an ongoing thing. You just do not let em leave. I remember Jansen's time well. He did not leave the weights. Drive is not quitting. There are some big softies out there when it comes to OL. You hope you don't recruit a cream puff.

09/03/2008 - 4:20pm There's a quote and in the

There's a quote and in the quote it says the word progress. Progress can be defined a lot of ways in Football. Progress is gaining positive yardage which leads to better field position. Which one hopes allows them to score in some way. Either a touchdown or a field goal. Football, much like that quote I posted, is pretty straight forward. Trying to score in that situation could be labled as foolish, all things considered or now being reconsidered. Bravo to having the balls to try!

09/03/2008 - 1:15pm It's no secret, you just live

It's no secret, you just live in the weight room. PERIOD. Jon Jansen was the prime example of a guy who lived in the weight room. Second, they need to recruit guys with some drive. Carr got some unmotivated flap jacks. No one should look to Rich and point the finger. We can question calls and what not, but theres an implied forgiveness even in the questioning of calls. Like one Michigan blog said, at this point questioning calls is like questioning if you want to get hit in the balls with a golf club or a sledgehammer. Debate it all you want, it's going to hurt either way.

09/03/2008 - 1:11pm I think some mad changes will

I think some mad changes will be coming out of the lab this week. Look for oddities and trickery as far as run blocking goes. Sure the old fashioned run block will be there. But they need to pull out all of the tricks they can.