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My Question: How many kids in the 2009 class could enroll early in January? I have read stories on a number of recruits (i.e. Shavodrick Beaver, Brandin Hawthorne, Vincent Smith, even Newsome before the decommit) claiming an intention to graduate early and head up to UM in January. Is there some limit on the number allowed?

Wouldn't it make sense for the coaches to pick and choose who should enroll early (QB, DE) based on needs? Thanks again and Go Blue!


Teams are only allowed to sign 25 players per recruiting class, but January enrollees are allowed to count in either the preceding class or the upcoming one. Beaver, for example, could count as a part of either the 2008 or 2009 recruiting classes should he choose to enroll early.

These days schools use this to dodge the limit when they have more than 25 to offer; there’s no real limit on the number of early enrollees permitted and no need to ration out spots. If the NCAA was strict about it, Michigan would have only one slot to offer for a January recruit because they signed 24 in last year’s class—25 if you count Morales, who probably would have grayshirted to get one of the QBs on campus ASAP if the rule was different. They are not strict.

As far as who plans to show early: Beaver, Forcier, Hawthorne, and Smith have all announced plans to do so. I don’t think anyone else has; commenters will no doubt correct me if I’m wrong.


As a Michigan fan that grew up in WV with a memory of Rodriguez going 3-8 his first season and people wanting him R-U-N-N-O-F-T, I have to say I thought I was prepared for the worst this season. But after that first game…YIKES.

Having said that, I wanted to get your thoughts in regards to recruiting under Rodriguez these first few years. This train of thought was prompted Forcier's on the spot commitment after watching UM lose to Utah. I have no doubt that he already feels competitive based on what he saw. There is a lot of talent on the field for Michigan (albeit raw) and RR seems to have a pretty decent 2009 class coming together.

My question is this: with the cupboard seemingly bare and so many young guys seeing action already (12 freshman in the first game) do you think it's possible that Michigan can still recruit the skill positions being played by FR/SO and be 2-3 deep within a year or two?

I am sure I'm taking this season in better stride compared to most UM fans only because I've seen RR stumble out of the gate before. However, I have every bit of faith in Rodriguez, too; because I have also seen him resurrect a hopelessly mediocre program as well. Still, I simply can't believe it will take him too long to stop the bleeding in the Big House.

Thanks, Lance (Richmond, VA)

There are some issues in recruiting, but not at the offensive skill positions. Last year they brought in three running backs and four receivers, plus two tight ends. This year has two quarterbacks, three running backs, and three receivers so far; five and a half of those guys are highly rated (Forcier, Beaver, Toussaint, McNeal, Gallon, and Teric Jones is the half). If anything, people have been looking at Rodriguez’s recruiting of little half-pint guys and wondering if he’s always wanted to adopt a little African kid—or a dozen of them—but for the paperwork.

Plus, next year Michigan gets lucky. There are two highly touted instate dual-threat quarterbacks, one at traditional Michigan feeder OLSM. Fred Jackson’s kid is a monster WR prospect with offers from Texas and Florida (and Michigan), and there’s another guy in Florida named Ricardo Miller who has some impressive early offers that most are writing off to Michigan. This puts them well ahead of the curve.

The concerns are more at OL (somewhat), DE (major), and a slight lack of big time kids on D. There will be skill guys galore as soon as next year.

Oh, and Lance also notes:

Just one more thing you might know that I stumbled across recently: USC lost to Utah during Pete Carroll's first season.

(Richmond, VA)



I know we are in the midst of football season, but I came across this article and am curious why eeeeeeeeBarwis will not be working with the basketball team.  I played small time D1 athletics and even our S&C coaches split up the teams, so I understand even Barwis cannot work with each team, but I was just curious as to why Beilein won’t use Barwis. 

On another note – I’d like to formally request that Blessed Be His Name become an official mgoblog acronym attached to Michigan players (or even John Cooper) that have stood the test of time and to this day are still heroes in your mind (Charles Woodson BBHN).  The list could turn into the opposite of the ‘On Notice’ board if an official list is developed.


Suggestion noted and may or may not go anywhere. As far as Barwis and the basketball team: as you note, S&C is a job that’s often too big for one guy or one set of guys. I’m sure Beilein has the utmost respect for Barwis but given the choice between Barwis when he’s not working on football and a full time guy, you go with the full time guy.

You do so especially when you can hire someone directly off the Memphis Grizzlies staff. When kids come in and you can point to a guy who’s worked in the same capacity in the NBA, that has to help recruiting.


Ellipses Man

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  1. Two S&C teams(Bball and Football), if you can afford it, is def. the way to go. UofM has the funds, a large amount of athletes who need time with trainers so go for it. If you are from a smaller school you'll see this and think why 2 different S&C guys???But if you put it to scale, you'll see UofM needs more trainers and S&C gys and gals. It's good for recruiting for hoops as well. And well, we need recruits there. Say no more on that front.
  2. Just watch this weeks game and next weeks game. Michigan will overachieve. I still believe in a huge turn of events to this season. I have a friend who is die hard tOSU and one out west who is die hard USC. Both of them admitted that what Michigans defense did in the 2nd Half was the best half of D so far this whole college football season. Michigan has a legitimate defense.
  3. All I can say if you are a Sparty fan is,"4th and 5 Hoyer's pass is incomplete."
  4. I am going to go Beaver starting and Forcier emerging next year of the early enrolling guys.



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Yes, we need to find more guys we know can play the position, but I believe our next DE star is being born before our eyes.

Ryan Van Bergen. Redshirt freshmen, First career game on Saturday, and he played a ton. Actually, there weren't many times I dont remember him out there. Did he make a ton of plays? No, but he was hardly a liability.

After watching Ezeh on Saturday and how much better he looked after a year of "being thrown to the wolves" I look forward to what Van Bergen will do.

That said, I agree with the overall sentiment. Big time position of need. Lets go find some guys who specialize in destroying high school quarterbacks and set their sights on college targets.

Ninja Football

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Matt, just wondering if you're the guy from AA who used to hang out on Haloscan, and referred to a certain cousin of mine as one whose name is spoken with the BBHN behind it in my home town.  I believe this was where your wife grew up?  Just curious- seems a lot of the old semi-regulars have disappeared.

Sgt. Wolverine

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"Fred Jackson’s kid is a monster WR"

Yes, yes, and more yes.  I photograph Chelsea football, and Huron played Chelsea in week 1, and Jeremy Jackson was as good as advertised.  He had a couple Braylon-like catches (reaching over the defender and taking away the ball), and he was just generally on a different athletic plane than pretty much anyone else on the field.


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Sarge, do you photograph Chelsea football for the school or something, or just as a hobby?  I ask because I have family in Chelsea, and wonder if you know them. 

Sgt. Wolverine

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I'm an independent photographer, and Chelsea sports are part of my business (with football being the most enjoyable part); I don't have any formal agreement with the school (but they like what I do), so I just market directly to the families.  I do live here, too, so there's a decent chance I at least know of your family in Chelsea.


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My dad's actually the superintendent of the Chelsea schools - David Killips - and a big football fan.  In fact, when I was in law school, my wife and I went to an awful lot of Chelsea home games, and I loved it.  I know he's real high on the team again this year, particularly their tailback.  Any buzz on that kid (I don't know his name) and schollie opportunities?

Sgt. Wolverine

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I don't have much contact with him (most of the people I see on a regular basis are coaches), but I definitely know who he is!  He may recognize my name, too; next time you talk to him, tell him you talked to Burrill Strong.  And yeah, home games are a lot of fun; the first home game is tomorrow night (vs. Northville), and I'm really looking forward to it.

Chelsea's high-profile tailback is Nick Hill; he's a junior this year.  I know he's picking up more and more interest as time goes on; he has offers from Central, Eastern and Stanford, and I'm told he's getting some attention from Notre Dame and Michigan as well.  There are a couple free highlight videos on his Rivals page.


September 4th, 2008 at 5:20 PM ^

Absolutely, Sarge.  I've already sent him an email.  I wish I could go tomorrow - I miss high school ball bad.  That's a great picture of Nick, by the way.  I'll check out the videos.