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04/29/2013 - 1:42pm pretty much this

I think the athletic community is changing quickly, and many more players are now preaching tolerance. We are headed to a more tolerant and understanding community-but we certainly aren't there yet (see above, also see recent comments by Chris Culliver of the 49ers and Alfred Blue at LSU), especially in the context of sports.

Gay athletes need role models and trailblazers to show them the way, and to show how tolerant other athletes and fans can be. This is a major step toward that. I didn't play sports at UM but as a student I knew a number of "out" athletes, and they felt realitvely comfortable about being out while playing sports at UM but not completely comfortable. And I sort of doubt that is the case everywhere.

04/29/2013 - 11:49am Great

As a gay sports fan, I am very proud of Jason Collins...takes some courage.

04/26/2013 - 11:32am Lawl


04/23/2013 - 11:33pm not talking politics but...

some of his social/political views lean farther to the right than the general UM community 

01/16/2013 - 4:30pm Wow

Tough for Deadspin to post this if it's not legit. I wonder how the mainstream media will cover this, since they covered his story the first time around.

10/11/2011 - 3:51pm Bacon

I took his class on the History of College Athletics (really great) a couple of years ago as an undergrad, and found him to be understanding, open-minded, thoughtful and overall excellent all good qualities in a writer. I hope he does not get stonewalled by the current Michigan athletic regime becuase this man really does love Michigan-and doesn't really have an axe to grind.

10/03/2011 - 10:52am Big

I went to almost every michigan mbb game between 2006-2010 when I was a student, and am ecstatic at this news. This would put us close to contending for a title if he could have a big freshman year impact

03/14/2011 - 11:08am Standard

Last two Governors have also spoken at UM's Commencement, although Engler's speech was during Winter Commencement.

02/16/2011 - 10:44pm Last Year

How about any game last year when we started out pre-season 15 with two supposed all big ten players-I went to all of those games as a student. Yikes. After watching every game over the last 5 years it's just nice to see an extremely young team contend like this. 

02/02/2011 - 3:13pm Woah

Crazy praise is right. Also love his military reference at the end:


"One man, Dantonio, continued expanding his fleet in impressive ways. The other guy, Hoke, the relative newcomer, finished at about the speed George Patton flew across France."


lol wat

01/13/2011 - 3:39pm wat?

Talk about revisionist history

2007 Rose Bowl we got owned by a 2 loss USC team when we had a ridiculous amount of NFL talent; I was there. 2004 Rose Bowl vs. USC wasn't that close either.

2008 vs. Florida was obv a great win and Lloyd broke out a ton of tricks, and ran a lot of spread style formations, I think partially because it was his last game. But we went 8-4 that year with a lot NFL talent Michigan has seen. 

You've got a tough job proving that point-you really need to go a ways back (2002?), to find some clearcut bowl success. Obviously Rich Rod had no success but let's be honest about where this program was at: pretty decent but not a national contender. 

01/13/2011 - 2:21pm Tradeoff

Seems like a tradeoff exists between being "Michigan" and legitimately competing for national championships. The losses to App State, Oregon, and USC were extremely painful games that I attended as a student and I think really proved that Michigan could not compete for national titles back then-and if you really analyze this situation using clearcut evidence and data, it seems like we're heading back in that direction with this change leadership. 

However clearly that direction is better than what has been happening in the last last three years and in a sense I'm glad we get to re-boot. My only hope is Hoke can prove to be more flexible and innovative than Carr and company. 

Anyway, thank you Brian for your excellent posts. You have been following this situation with a different perspective that is offered than the mainstream media with  evidence and strong opinion and it has made this blog a must read. I've been reading this for five years now and it keeps getting better and better. 

01/13/2011 - 1:23am Umm...

When Coach Hoke wins a Big 10 or National Title, or beats OSU consistently, or some combination of those three then Brian has to retract.

Seriously it's been two days-fans are allowed to have a feeling out process with a new coach.

In your world everything seems black and white...sadly that is not how the things are. Of course once the season starts we will all root for the Players, the University, and Hoke...but for now I think we're all allowed to have opinions, and thoughts on what went wrong the last three (four+?) seasons.

Edit: Maybe it's sarcasm from the OP-in which case it's a smart post. But who knows

01/13/2011 - 12:57am Lulz

Completely contradictory and not well thought out........sigh. 

It's been two days since a coaching change that seemed like it's taken the last 3 months to complete. Let people have reactions, rational or irrational, we'll all unite at some point.

And what exactly is a sissy point?

01/13/2011 - 12:51am Brian's Voice Has It's Place

I feel like Brian has provided, and always has provided-a very strong counterpoint to the mainstream (read: Detroit) media. That's what he's doing now, providing a counterargument to what everyone else is writing. You may not agree, Brian may not even be right-but it's absolutely worth reading.

Bottom line: you're crazy to leave, and you're crazy if you don't think Brian's tone will change. Come on-seriously? Dude loves Michigan the same as we all do.

Also what is this "Brady Hoke is 10 times the man..." hyperbole? I don't even know what that means. Doubt you know the background and accomplishments of everyone on this site. I loved him today at the press conference and bball game-but he's a public figure and has a right to be scrutinized...

01/04/2011 - 12:12am Do Coaches Control Kicking Ability?

FWIW Stanford's kicker just missed two extra points. Blame Jim Harbaugh?

01/04/2011 - 12:05am Stop

I've lurked on here for years as a student and now as an alum-but this is getting ridiculous. This is the type of post and thread that would appear on scout or rivals- please don't let this board degenerate into something where crazy theories and lists are thrown around. Let's be realistic in our expectations.