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01/10/2018 - 11:22pm Dean Town

Came across these guys this summer. The bass playing on Dean Town is some of the best I’ve heard.

09/06/2017 - 9:52pm My unsubstantiated guess...

Mentioned this on another thread but does anyone think his motion to the sideline was meant to imply that he wasn't going to come out for OKorn? I'm not sure I'm buying the "he wanted to go for two" since he was clearly fired up and celebrating the touchdown. The universal sign for wanting to go for two is the two finger salute. I saw this more as "this is my job and I'm not getting subbed out" gesture.

09/04/2017 - 9:06pm Speight

Havent seen this mentioned anywhere yet but does anyone think Speight's "No" exclamation to the sideline after the Black game was meant as in "No, I'm not coming out of the game" or "No, O'Korn isnt coming into the game"? I could be reaching but not sure what else it could be.


05/26/2017 - 3:22pm Today

Wu Tang Clan and Kikagaku Moyo (saw them in Detroit a couple weeks back). 

05/26/2017 - 3:19pm Highly Suspect

Their music is good but his lyrics are borderline nonsensical. I like the album though. 

04/01/2017 - 9:08am Middletown

Lived in Middletown for a bit a number of years ago. I actually really enjoyed the area. There's a lot of history and a lot of quirky, unique cities nearby (Chesapeake City, Delaware City). If I could choose, I would look into the Brandywine, Kenneth Square areas like others have mentioned. Absolutely beautiful around those parts.

08/28/2016 - 4:17pm Richard Gere is actually an

Richard Gere is actually an MGoBlogger (long time lurker) and gets really disappointed by posts like this. He let his curiosity get the best of him one time and he now feels like that momentary lapse in judgment is going to define him. He's not mad, just disappointed.

08/05/2016 - 9:23am Nevermind that shit. Here comes Mongo!

Nevermind that shit. Here comes Mongo!

07/07/2016 - 11:17am So ND, MSU and OSU away all

So ND, MSU and OSU away all in the same year? For some reason, that doesn't make sense to me.

05/07/2016 - 3:11pm Worked with my Grandpa

Worked with my Grandpa selling programs at the Palace and Silverdome. Once I got to college and went to games, I couldn't wait to hop up the stairs to see him interacting with people and surprise him. The good ole days.

08/08/2015 - 2:10am The Grant Perry

Can we refer to him as The Grant Perry? I feel like there's a terrible country band reference in there somewhere.

11/20/2012 - 2:31pm Levenberry

It doesn't apply to Anzalone but I was referring to the second time Levenberry reached out to the coaching staff. Their position (according to Rivals) was "no thanks, you had your shot to commit but we are sticking to our promise we made to the LBs who have committed that we wouldn't take more than two." Allegedly, that's the quid pro quo of the policy. Now, if the policy was one-sided from the get-go (I.e. once you commit, no visits period no matter who we recruit), that's one thing. It's just that the justification behind the policy has been explained (again by rivals and others) in this two-way, 'coaching staff also commits to you' dynamic that doesn't seem to be the case.

11/20/2012 - 1:24pm Hoke's No Visit Policy

I haven't seen this discussed yet (if it already has, my bad), but doesn't this offer to Reschke run counter to the spirit of the coaching staff's "you commit to us, we commit to you" no-visit policy? Granted, they obviously know more about the situation than us but I thought the entire reason behind turning away Anzalone and Levenberry was that they committed themselves to two lb commits in Gedeon and McCray. This was also the reasoning used to explain why they are no longer recruiting Dawson. If so, doesn't that come across as hypocritical? Like I said, if this has already been discussed thoroughly, then you can delete/neg the piss out of me. I just wanted to see if there were other opinions on the matter.

01/26/2012 - 3:11pm Nails Novak

I was at the show and didnt even realize it. To be fair, it was dark and I was in the nosebleeds on the opposite side of the arena, but that's awesome. He's one of the best drummers in the world and it was a great show.

05/13/2011 - 12:13am Gosder

Really Reilly? Gosder shouldve gone undrafted? Its apparent that this guy doesnt even watch NFL games, let alone the Lions. Gosder had his best year as a pro last year prior to getting hurt. What a clown.

10/21/2009 - 8:08pm What was inaccurate?

Or irritatingly inaccurate about the Klosterman essay? FWIW, its not an article but an excerpt of an essay from his new book so I can see why he was telling his reader that they could skip ahead if they didnt want to get bogged down by the nuances of a spread offense/zone read. Its not like he wrote it for ESPN. I thought it was a good read.

10/21/2009 - 3:45pm Im with MCHammer

I think that line is indirect (basically hearsay) evidence of the Vest negative recruiting us. Im glad its backfired so far but Pryor is a baller and its only a matter of time before they figure out how to use him properly.

In the words of Donovan Mcnabb, "Keep my name out your mouth."

10/20/2009 - 4:50pm Great Article

Thanks for passing that along. Klosterman is one of my favorite authors and this excerpt doesnt disappoint. Killing Yourself to Live is a also great read for any music aficionados out there (or for anyone who loves pop culture).

10/20/2009 - 4:14pm My all-time favorite...

Here comes a girl dressed in black,
Girl's going to give me a heart attack,
Man that girl is really stacked,
She's got it working from the front and back.
Oh, Im sorry!!! (to her after the song is over)

So funny. My friends and I still bring it up and it was years ago.

09/06/2009 - 1:05pm Pump the brakes

Let's just worry about ND next weekend. Their passing offense looks scary. Boo Boo needs to be healthy and our secondary needs to be on their game. We need to hit Jimmah hard and often.

09/04/2009 - 5:09pm DC Michigan Bar?

For some reason, I cant start a new thread on the message board, but does anyone know where to watch Michigan games in DC? Thanks.

02/24/2009 - 4:45pm Boren

Isnt the white guy in the vids the younger Boren? If so, two things: 1) When was this vid taken? I assume recently bc of Stokes and Gallon, which would be LONG after the Boren/UMICH fallout. Bizarre. 2) I need to scale back on following recruiting bc I should not be recognizing someone that obscure. Of course, Im probably completely wrong and thats not a recruit whose family basically ostracized themselves from the progrum.