Peppers giving Butt problems in practice

Submitted by Mr. Elbel on August 28th, 2016 at 1:59 PM… Hadn't heard about this from Friday's presser. I'm sure we'll get transcripts on the front page at some point, but I thought this was a cool quote to hear during game week. “I want to win on every single route and that’s my goal unless it’s my job to take some (defenders) with me,” Butt said. “I want to win, and I think I’ve been doing a good job. It helps when you have Delano Hill and Jabrill Peppers manned up with you right on the line every single play this whole entire camp. “I don’t really see it getting any harder than that this season.”



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Reminds me of my all-time favorite Mgoblog lede. I think it was Ace who covered a high school game between Jake Butt's team and Taco Charlton's. The result:


A Fan In Fargo

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I just hope that Pep and Hill are ready to start laying licks on them tight ends. They won't cover a better tight-end than Butt, however they will face bigger ones towards the end of their title run. Yeah, I said it. Kick the tires boys. It's time to roll! 


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Richard Gere is actually an MGoBlogger (long time lurker) and gets really disappointed by posts like this. He let his curiosity get the best of him one time and he now feels like that momentary lapse in judgment is going to define him. He's not mad, just disappointed.