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Okay, Seniors down to Freshman. This is YOUR game versus tOSU. Many of us alum have tasted bitter defeat and succulent success. You all know it comes down to a game of inches and the ability to execute. So I ask the college-going wolverines, what are YOU going to do on Saturday to ensure our Boys in Blue have the support and the backing of the student body? These are your comrades in arms - they are battling for you and their own legacy. This is not a time to be complacent. I don't care what the spread is! I don't care what the records are! I don't care about the coaching-carousel! I care about the MICHIGAN WOLVERINES!!! So what are YOU going to do so that your legacy lives in infamy?


the_big_house 500th

November 19th, 2009 at 10:18 PM ^

There comes a time when we all must rise to the challenge of the task that falls before us. We all must go into this storm prepared and unafraid to fight for our right to stand amoung those who stand with us. We all must do our part to help win, we as followers and devoted brothers and sisters of this great university all must come together under two colors combined. We all must watch, cheer, support and never abandon our warriors of Maize and Blue. We tell ourselves "I will support this team no matter the odds or outcome, I will support." This Saturday of Saturday's we can't just support, we must. This game is our history, our heritage, our game.

This staidum is our church, this game is our religion and these men, these Wolverines are our prophets. They are the ones we watch game in and game out and every Saturday when they jump to touch that banner we jump with them. They are more than just people, they are our people. They are our soliders doing battle for our school and our pride. Let them know that on this Saturday you will not abandon them, you will not part from them but you will jump as they jump and touch that banner. And when that clock winds down to the last seconds you will continue to scream, chant and cheer as our men fight to the finish to secure victory from that of our enemy. Scream to the point that when the opposition goes home they will have to hear those echoes into next year. Make this Saturday one to live on even after we have all departed. Because come that day when we all leave this Earth we can all leave knowing that on that Saturday of November 21st 2009 we stood, we fought and we were invincible.


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We are do for a streaker...been too long. Go for it. Although, I would go with the "Tricky Dick" mask over Jar Jar.

As for the student section: "Regulators......Mount Up!"


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I will never forget Bo's comments at the bonfire pep rally in the mud bowl the night before the 1977 Ohio State game. In a voice choked with emotion he told us that "Tomorrow each one of you is every bit as important as the players on the field! Tomorrow each of you is a member of OUR football team! If you can keep up your enthusiasm even when the breaks are going against us and cheer your hearts out on every play then I promise you there is NO way we are going to lose this game tomorrow! We will WIN THE GAME!!" . (That's not verbatim but it is the best my memory can do)

That was the greatest pep rally speach ever and we did what he asked and we won the game and a memory that I will have forever.