Who needs my FREE extra ticket

Submitted by scanner blue on September 23rd, 2017 at 2:07 AM
I'm still awake in a hotel in Indy at 2 am and need someone to use the ticket for my son who couldn't get off work( stupid Jolly Pumpkin). Sec . 117 row 20 iin the end zone. Eight of us in our group ( 3 UM alums) and I won't disparage our QB or red zone offense ( if there is such a thing). I have personally met about a quarter of the team and about half the coaches so I might have a story or two you might find interesting ... on the other hand I have been hit in the head with a flying puck and lacrosse ball at UM games so I might have CTE. Leave an email and I will search you out at the stadium or golf course. EDIT FREE