Whining about Referees

Submitted by StephenRKass on September 14th, 2009 at 11:35 AM

I loved Brian's Diary entitled Notre Dame Never Loses a Game. What a bunch of pathetic sour grapes. They sound like my 8 year old girl when she's whinny and crabby.

Brian makes a spot on statement about ND fans, that they are

whiners that "never actually lose a game." This is not surprising, since the internet Notre Dame fan's primary MO is to attack in others what he hates in himself. During the brief period when Lloyd Carr and Charlie Weis were both coaching the schools in question, this sort of person would refer to Carr as "man boobs" without irony. QED.

However, there is a warning in this for Michigan fans. If and when we lose a game, whether to PSU or TUOOS or in a bowl, I hope Michigan fans can shut up and take it like a man, and not whine about the officiating. There will always be bad calls, for and against you. Any time you lose a game because of officiating, you've lost partially because you left the game in the ref's hands. I get the feeling that RR is not a whiner, and I'm glad about that.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there is too much whining that I see here. Just like ND fans, when you whine and complain about how the angry Michigan hating God has it in for you, it doesn't make you look good. Quit with excuses, and move on. Das ist alles.



September 14th, 2009 at 2:09 PM ^

Agree with your post. But the "Michigan [whatever]-hating god" thing is total irony and self-deprecation. It's just fun. Obviously, no one thinks there's ACTUALLY some sort of elemental demi-deity that has it in for the Wolverines . . . right?

J.W. Wells Co.

September 14th, 2009 at 1:06 PM ^

The worst of it all was Front Butt Weis's comments about having a Big Ten crew in South Bend next week and having to be careful about exactly what he says. Classic Weis: I'm saying this, but I'm not really saying this.

Notre Dame, if you hate the Big Ten officials so much, all you have to do is quit contracting to use them.

I'm not sure exactly what the situation is now, but up until a few years ago, ND used Big Ten officials for just about every home game, even against non-Big-Ten teams. Often, ND would take Big Ten officials on the road with them to USC or wherever. And that's *after* the start of ND's association with the Big East in all other sports.

Whatever happened to the usual convention of major-conference schools taking their own officials with them when they played big road games? ND, why aren't you do doing this if you have such a problem with Big Ten officials?

So "Tuna Melt" Weis, either build it into your scheduling contracts to not use so many Big Ten crews, or STFU.