VIDEO: Michigan Pro Day

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Denard definitely looks more comfortble catching the ball now than he did during senior bowl practices, but the rest of this is just guys running around and lifting things to my untrained eye. I mean are we supposed to be hand timing these at home? Hopefully people who know about stuff will explain what's happening in the comments.

Denard highlights and interview:

NFL Network analysis (of Denard):

40-yard dash:


Bench press:



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Here's an interesting backstory to Kovacs' rather impressive Pro Day performance thanks to Kyle Meinke - (LINK)

"The deal went like this: Kovacs and Denard Robinson would compete in the 40-yard dash, three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle, and whoever won at least two of the events had to buy the other a steak dinner at the Chop House."

Apparently, in a comparison of Robinson's Combine stats and Kovacs' performance yesterday, Kovacs has earned a steak dinner, courtesy of Denard Robinson. 



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If you follow the Draft Tek website and its computerized Online Draft Simulator, you’ll see that Michigan’s prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft don’t look too good now. As of March 15, they have Will Campbell going with the 143rd overall pick in round 5 to the Steelers and Denard Robinson going with the 166th overall pick in round 6 to the Cardinals, but no other Michigan players drafted.

Some Other Projections of Note: QB Geno Smith of West Virginia (once projected as the top pick in the draft) in round 2 with the 38th pick to the Cardinals; USC QB Matt Barkley (last year’s favorite to be the top pick in the 2013 draft) in round 2 with the 41st pick to the Bills; Notre Dame's LB Manti Te’O in round 2 with the 50th pick to Da Bears; OT Eric Fisher of Central Michigan with the 4th pick in round 1 to the Eagles; DE Will Gholston of Michigan State in round 2 with the 61st pick to the 49ers; and WR Ryan Swope of Texas A &M (the player whom few of us had remembered until the infamous EA Sports NCAA Football ‘14 Cover Vote Scandal) in round 2 with the 54th pick to Miami.

Updated Mr. Irrelevant Watch (Round 7 - Pick 222): SS Duke Williams of Nevada*

*Would now be the time to start a "Mr. Irrelevant" Campaign for Jordan Kovacs? 


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Michigan's 2013 draft never looked very good, at least not since Lewan announced that he would return.  Most people seem to think that Denard Robinson is the only sure bet to get drafted, while the rest of the guys (Roundtree, Kovacs, Campbell, etc.) are toss-ups to either be drafted late or sign as UFA's.


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Does anybody know what smith ran in the 40?  Seems like he could have close to a Tay Odoms time (which I believe was a hair under 4.4 last year) if he didn't stand up straight so damn quickly.  still probably a solid time though