VIDEO: Maurice Hurst and Ross Douglas Highlights from Semper Fidelis Game

Submitted by DGDestroys on January 6th, 2013 at 12:04 AM

Downloaded and cut up the game. Hurst had a sack early, but after neither made any big plays. Obviously included some bad ones of both too. 

Maurice Hurst

For some reason the Ross Douglas video isn't letting me use the old embed code, so I'll just post it in the comments.




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Showed a mean streak to him by throwing some linemen to the ground. He was able to get off blocks well, and found himself chasing a mobile QB on several occassions in the backfield. Even though he had only 1 sack ... he had a sack. Often times DT's will end a season with only 1 or 2 sack's. Our DT's combined for 3 sacks all year.  I liked how often he was in the backfield, even if he didn't make the tackle he had the QB flustered, and only left with him an option to run, and the qb didn't seem to get many positive yards on those plays. I also liked the kids motor. He never gave up, and was always chasing the ball carrier down the field. That video gets me extremely excited about Maurice Hurst, Jr.. Many DT's his size tend to be lazy. They rarely chase ball carriers down the field the way he did. Hoke has a special one in Hurst.Honestly, I don't really count on DT's for sacks. If they can get in the backfield I count on them to move the QB out of the pocket into the waiting arms of a pass rushing DE or Blitzing LB. Hurst was back there 3 times with a sack, and those other 2 plays could have easily resulted in a teammate finishing up the sack.


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He seems to be listed everywhere around 3000 lbs, but for a guy that's only 6'2" he didn't look that big.  He looked more like 260.  The guy covering the game said he's 225.  Anyone have any thoughts on his weight?


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The guys doing the Semper Fi game were idiots.  I couldn't stand them.

Hurst is obviously more than 225.  Weights are always over-reported, so I doubt Hurst is 300, but he looks like he's more than 260.  Like the guy above, I'd guess something like 275 or so.


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What I took away from the Hurst highlights is that Northwestern got a heck of a QB. I know small sample size, but he certainly looked good out there. Also to stay on topic here, Hurst looked so explosive.

Douglass doesn't look too good here, but not bad either.

Also after watching the Shane Morris highlights, I don't see why everyone is so worried. First pass was bad because that defender was with him the whole time. A couple of those were very good defensive plays and another was a bad play by the receiver. Two were slightly underthrown, including the interception. But what do you expect with the short amount of time he's had to work with those receivers and that offense? Not to mention, when was the last time he played real, live football? He looked OK to me, just needs to do some more work. I think people are freaking out a little too much about his performance.


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The interception was a bad read, not just underthrown.  He had the guy in the flat if he had tried.

I'm not freaking out because he has all the physical tools and he should be ready to play by the time he's really needed in 2014 or 2015.  But his performance was pretty bad.

(FWIW, none of the quarterbacks looked great.  That's what happens when high school kids, who have been off for a couple months, get together and play with other high school kids they've never practiced with before in an offense they've never run before.)


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Your last paragraph is basically my point. And yes the read was bad, he had another guy completely wide open. But doesn't that play into the fact that he's in a brand new offense, with a week full of practice, in his first real, live game experience in forever? My point being, he didn't play the best, but he certainly didn't look horrible. I'll spell it out as best as I can.

He will be fine if he redshirts and then can get an extra year behind Devin, who hopefully gets that 5th year. If he's thrown into duty next year, it could be brutal. So in other words, he'll be fine if given time. For anyone thinking he was going to come straight in and start or not redshirt, they were sadly mistaken. But, he certainly didn't look horrid for the circumstances for that game. His throws looked pretty good and if he had more time, say a month, to prepare he would have looked fine IMO.