UM Hockey -- Jacob Trouba impressing

Submitted by Bob Probert Owns You on January 18th, 2012 at 5:47 PM

Jacob Trouba continues to make waves in pre-draft rankings. Hockey's Future now lists him as the #4 draft prospect and describes his stock as rising:


Jacob Trouba, D, USNDT

Trouba continues to impress but somehow still seems to be underrated and undervalued. Apart from Jon Merrill, Trouba was easily the most impressive American defender, and although the team had a disappointing result, their blueline was hardly to fault. Trouba's style translates very well to the pro game, especially the NHL style of game and he continues to push closer and closer to being NHL ready.


Can't wait to see this guy in a Michigan jersey.



January 18th, 2012 at 9:19 PM ^

what's the general feeling on Merrill staying/going after this year?  I know the general thought was that we were lucky to keep him this year and that he'd be gone after this season for sure.  But then he got in trouble and I feel like the general consensus was that would push him a little more to the staying another year side. 

Personally, I think 2 years out of a prospect like Merrill is about all you can hope for with the way things are, so you can't be too upset if he leaves after this year, though obviously you REALLY want him to stay all 4 years.  I also think that if Michigan wins the NC, or loses in an NCAA regional (or doesn't make the tourney) Merrill is gone, but that if he makes the Frozen Four and loses there again, he might stay one more season.