Tony Posada to Transfer

Submitted by ciszew on August 22nd, 2011 at 3:48 PM

Rumor on a couple other boards say that one of the incoming Freshmen has left the program.


Edit:  No longer vague. 


It's Tony Posada for reals. Link [zl]



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I think we need to add another MGoTier.  We have the front page (Tier 1), the Diaries (Tier 2), the Board (Tier 3), and I think we need an MGoRumorMill (Tier 4).

/teasing (but not really - everyone loves a good rumor!)



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So long Tony. I remember seeing Bell at the media day video walking up the bleachers. Now relay this info to Diamond's mom.

It still sounds like Bell is gone as well. He has been in the dog house with the past 95 coaches that he has had and he is the one constant in that equation.


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That would be ill-advised for him.  He realizes that we just lost one of the receivers ahead of him and we lose three guys after this fall, right?  Unless he's way down the depth chart...but how far down can he be?  We don't have that many receivers. 

Let's say next fall he's behind everyone but true frosh (unlikely), he'd only have Roundtree, Stonum, Gallon, Dileo, Jackson and Robinson ahead of him.  Sure, that's a lot, but I bet he could jump one of those guys, and one more will get injured for at least a few games. 


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Nope, I counted again and I did not include Bell.  Are you not counting Stonum?  Anyway, if you go up to the Depth Chart by Class under Useful Stuff at the top right, they list everyone.  I've counted that list three times now, and every time I do it, I get 62 not including Bell (who's still listed).

EDIT:  Can someone else weigh in on this?  Third opinion please.


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If it's true, there is a certain coach whose father talks with a lisp who will probably have a scholly waiting for him when he gets home.


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what is usually the standard amount of attrition at a normal program each year? Are we above normal, or do most programs usually lose 5 or so every offseason?


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I live about 2 miles from Plant High in Tampa and I jog around that area often.  I did a double take the other day because I swore I saw Posada.  My first thought was "Damn, Plant grows some serious big dudes."  Hell, it might have been him.  This is not good as I was hoping we would get an "in" into one of the best talent producing high schools in Florida.

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This possibly isn't a terrible thing.  And especially with the crop of 2012 lineman.  Diamond/Banner/Garnett....and who knows maybe Peat???  Unfortunately, Diamond seems to be high on Ar-Kansas, or at least his mother is.  Hopefully the new basketball facilities will impress Banner when he visits.  That would be dope to land the big boys from Washington state.