TomVH: Michigan In Home Visit to Avery Walls

Submitted by TomVH on December 2nd, 2010 at 1:13 AM

The Michigan coaches are making their rounds for in home visits for the next few weeks. They were out to see Anthony Zettel tonight, and were also out to see Georgia DB Avery Walls last night.



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both these guys are the most important recruits left. I am confident in the coaches and think they will do a great job selling Michigan to these guys. 

Go Blue


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.... maybe I'm getting way too spoiled, but I was hoping for an audio recording of those in-homes followed by post in-home pressers. 

Tom, at the very real risk of sounding ungreatful, which I absolutely am not, do you think you can get an impression of the in homes?  I'm guessing a lot of folks here would love to know. 


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Tom, Chris Pool today from ESPN said in an article that Dowling was someone to look out for Michigan.  Have you heard the same thing.  I would doubt with all the bad pub that we would go after someone who got kicked off Florida, but knows.

Edit: Damn, I don't open up MgoBlog for a couple hours and I miss a whole thread about it.  Never mind.


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Are you hearing anything on the trail about what the coaches are telling these kids about the future of our defense?  i.e. What they'll be running and who will be coaching it? 


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quite possibly the two most important pieces left for this class...I sure hope we land these kids, i'm sure RR had some tough questions to answer....Tom, will any updates be available regarding how these visti went?  Thanks for you hard work!


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commit after an on-campus visit than an in-home.  The reason is I think kids are more likely to get caught up in the emotion of the weekend and commit or they were just waiting to get on campus.  This is not to downplay an in-home as they are critical events.  But I think they're just a little be more low key and the coaches don't necessarily press for a commit at that point.  Plus these in-homes are either to kids that have been on campus already (like Walls and Zettel) so they're not likely to commit right away anyway or they could be to kids who they are still trying to get on campus.

All my opinion of course and just what I gather from following recruiting.  TomVH could and would certainly have a more informed view.


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Prospect: Hello

Other school:  Did you hear Michigan is going to fire their entire coaching staff?

Prospect: Really?

Other school:  It is a done deal.  Michigan is going back to square one.  It will be three to four years before they go to another bowl game.

Prospect: Hang on I have another call

Rich Rod: Hey its great to talk to you.  I know we can build Michigan back to where it belongs.

Prospect:  I have decided to hold off my decision until National signing day.

Rich Rod: But you are going to enroll in January.

Prospect: Yeah, but things have changed, I will get back to you later.

Other school:  So are you ready to come here?

Prospect: I am!


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Even in all the turmoil that is this "long December" (insert song lyrics here) I am glad to see the coaching staff has in no way mailed it in or backed off these kids.

Thanks again Tom for the updates they are greatly appreciated.


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I can't create new thread, but here is a new article regarding D. Hart

Dr. Phillips senior running back Demetrius Hart is one of six finalists for the U.S. Army Player of the Year award, which goes to the most outstanding senior participating in the nationally-televised ( NBC) Jan. 8 U.S. All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.

The other finalists are DE Ray Drew of Thomasville, Ga., Thomas County Central; WR George Farmer of Gardena, Calif., Junipero Serra; LB Curtis Grant of Richmond, Va., Hermitage; QB Cody Kessler of Bakersfield, Calif., Centennial and WR Trey Metoyer of Whitehouse, Texas.

Hart, who has 2,725 yards and an area-record 46 touchdowns on runs, receptions and returns for the Panthers (12-0), is scheduled to join two other finalists on a Dec. 12-14 New York City media tour that includes interviews, a Jets game and the Heisman Trophy award dinner.

The player of the year honor will be announced on Jan. 7 in San Antonio.…

Arsenal Fan

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these would be recruits at much needed positions and would boost this class back towards true Michigan standards!  Tom, do we have any idea on the chances of the recruits still on the board?