Tom Brady: Best 6th Round QB Ever...

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In an effort to hype their now 3 day NFL draft coverage ESPN is running a piece about the best late round picks ever. Not surprisingly, Tom Brady is chosen as the best QB to come from the 6th round.

They did drop a pretty sweet picture of a young TB looking "DiCaprio-esque"

In other news: The sky is blue...



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Tom Brady is the best QB ever to come out of the sixth round....really? That needs to be stated?

You could change "sixth" to "third" and you'd still be right. You could drop all the words after "best QB" and still make a case for being right.

Jesus, just out curiousity, what QB came in second place for this category?


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Was a sixth round pick. He's probably an answer to the question who's second or what are the other remote possibilities?

Interesting that another Michigan QB was a 6th round pick, coincidentally WHO BRADY SPLIT TIME WITH: Drew Henson. I know Henson had all the talent in the world, but weird to think that he and Brady got drafted in the same around, especially considering Brady came straight from playing college football and Henson hadn't played in a few years and was muddling around in the Yanks farm system.

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I actually thought picking Henson was a good idea. 6th rounders are flyers anyways, so why not pick a guy with no character issues and first round talent? If he would have stayed at Michigan, things may have worked out for him professionally--but who's to argue with following your dream to play pro baseball?

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Best 12th rd QB pick ever - George Blanda? Though back in 1949 there were fewer teams, so he was only the 119th pick.

How about 17th rd? 1956 - 200 - Bart Starr

Just to throw some other names out there (not ranking, just that you may recognize them):

Warren Moon was undrafted, as were Jeff Garcia and Jake Delhomme.

1987 - 10/255 - Don Majkowski
1989 - 6/141 - Rodney Peete
1992 - 9/227 - Brad Johnson
1993 - 6/219 - Elvis Grbac
1993 - 8/222 - Trent Green
2000 - 6/168 - Marc Bulger
2004 - 7/193 - John Navarre
2005 - 7/230 - Matt Cassel

Some future coaches:

1970 - 8/201 - Mike Holmgren
1972 - 7/167 - Jim Fassel
1983 - 8/197 - Gary Kubiak


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A much better debate would be the late-round running backs. Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, Craig James...all late rounders. Terrell Davis was a sixth, I think.

Wonder who the best 12th round WR pick will be?

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Herschel Walker was a 5th round pick because he was playing in the USFL and the Cowboys took a gamble on the league not lasting and Bo Jackson was the number 1 pick in the 1986 draft before being drafted in the 7th round the next season. Neither of them really count as a sleeper pick.


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I had no idea the Browns took Michael Jackson in the 6th round of the 1991 draft...

I guess they thought that after 9 seasons in the NFL he would actually look like a football player

whats that...?

It was a different Michael Jackson...?


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"How about 17th rd? 1956 - 200 - Bart Starr"

If I remember the story correctly, he was drafted by accident. There was another college QB with a similar name and that's who the Packers thought they were taking.

Another late round pick...Johnny Unitas, ninth round pick to the Steelers.