Bo Lytle

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CIPA!!!  He coached me in high school and i got to play with his two sons at Rochester High.  He drove me to Michigan Football camp in 95' Lloyd's first year.  I met Bo Schembechler that year and Fred Fucking Jackson said to me "son, that's one hellava football name".  True story...Cipa is the fucking man.  I remember him telling me and his son Craig "this years football camp is business and that coaches will be watching you" I was so pumped up.  That year on the last day i got 1 on 1 training from Jon Jansen after he saw me getting aggressive with a DT.  On the last day i got my photo with Lloyd and met Bo.  If you ever get a chance to send your kid to football camp at Michigan, find the money.  Best time ever.  Thanks Coach Cipa for the ride!

Inflammable Flame

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I did their football camp in '02 and '03 and it was awesome. Their 7v7 segment during '02 was intense and fun to be apart of. Totally different atmosphere than area tournaments. Then was in their Smokehouse Competition in '03 for the top 10 fastest 40s per position group. I thought I was awesome...until I wasn't. But I didn't finish last! I do remember watching the DB Smokehouse in '03 and everyone was in compression gear and track spikes except for one dude who walked up in baggy gym shorts and tennis shoes. Dude smoked everyone. I wish I knew who it was. I do agree that it is an experience that I'm glad I could do, and would recommend it for sure.


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We’re getting so close I can taste it.

Strangely enough it tastes like pennies and hot sauce, which I assume is what leprechauns taste like. 

Go Blue!!


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He might have to set the records for longest field goal, most field goals in a season, most field goals of more than fifty yards in a season, most points scored in a season AND make every kick HEI and Straight through the uprights to win at least half of an undefeated team's games with last-second kicks, MAN.


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What it also means is that we're now in the last week of OT season. Reminders will be posted in the next day or so along with some detailed guidelines which many will promptly ignore as usual. 


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What It Also Means

It has been 

josh ross.jpg

days since Seth last provided an update concerning the status of fixing the problems of the MGoBlog Glitch Switch from the once beloved version 2.0 to this "Not Great, Bob" version 3.0. (He's entitled to vacation time, so the delay might be easily explained and justified.)

There's still no way to (a) identify NEW posts in a thread, (b) vote on original posts, (c) allow voting on posts by those posters whose point totals either were reset to zero or insufficiently high to be able to vote, (d) safely identify whether you've previously voted on a post, even when the thumb icon is shaded blue, (e) easily insert images and gifs and embed videos, and (f) find links to other websites related to Michigan Wolverines athletics, among other features that were available on version 2.0. 

To be fair, this remains a free website. Those who publish it often provide very good features and those who comment often provide excellent information and opinions (especially people like umbig11, Magnus and others who might have some inside information or who’ve spent a lot of time studying films of players, recruits and opposing teams).  The editing feature for comments was a major step in the right direction.

Still hoping for a new and substantially improved and glitch-free MGoBlog version 4.0.


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IIRC, Larry Cipa was peripherally involved in why Rick Mirer spurned Bo to attend ND.  The story was that Bo was doing an in-home visit with Mirer while an NFL game was on TV.  I think it was Monday Night Football.  Larry Cipa was in the game and a stat came on the screen that Cipa was the only Bo QB to ever play a down in the NFL.  Cipa was a backup at that.  Supposedly Bo tried to poo-poo the whole thing and make it clear to Mirer that this would not be his fate if he went to Michigan.  We won't discuss what happened with ND played M a few years later.