Thank you Team 133

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Thank you team 133. Although the guys couldn't have gone out on top, I am going to miss each one of them.

Go Blue!



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Coulda woulda shoulda.  This loss hurts but I was still glad to see us go down fighting.  In my darkest deepest pit of despair I was worried about another 2010 Gator Bowl jailsexing, but we were right there with a good 2-loss SEC team and coulda won it.  Next year with more talent in the trenches and long-awaited depth, we'll get there.  Still proud of the team and like where we're headed.


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Agree 100%.  Sad to go out on a loss, but we gave a top ten, SEC team all they could handle even though we didn't play our best game.  The program is heading in the right direction, and I couldn't be happier that Hoke is our coach.  Can't wait to see where he takes us in years to come.  GO BLUE!


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Congratulations to the seniors for some excellent careers at Michigan - it's a pity that they didn't go out with a bowl win, but this group has stuck together through thick and thin and shown themselves to be Michigan Men through and through. Congratulations  to everyone who will return for spring ball, then again late this summer and prepare for another season of Michigan football as members of Team 134. To the seniors, best of luck in all that you do. 

Congratulations to Denard Robinson specifically for breaking Pat White's record. An awesome achievement. 

Dutch Ferbert

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I haven't but go ahead and speak for everyone. Plus, you're so damn negative that I'm pretty sure you weren't saying it either.

The seniors of 132 and 133 stuck around though some of the toughest years in M football history. They worked hard even though most of them aren't the type of players we need in terms of pure talent. If they didn't buy into Hoke, we would probably be looking at 8-5 and 7-6 instead of 11-2 and 8-5, and Hoke might not be recruiting at his current level.



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A special thank you to all our seniors!! Denard, Kovacs, Roh, Omameh, Big Will, Demens, Vincent Smith, Elliot Mealer and all the others.
These seniors have been through an awful lot, and we as fans/alum should be proud of how well they represented the university and themselves. There are a lot of memories we'll associate with them. And even with some of those memories are a bit tough, there are still a lot of great memories from them. Best of luck going forward to everyone!! Go Blue!!! And I can't wait to see Team 134 on the field!! 8 months is a long time to wait for another game.


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I hate to imagine what some other Michigan teams would have looked like playing this game without their starting RB, MLB, and top two corners.  Throw in the crazy schedule and Denard's injury and it all made for a frustrating year, but this is a strong football team and the guys leaving will be missed.

Wolverine Devotee

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Every one of these guys have been through hell. They came to Michigan trying to restore the program and now they leave it much better than it was when they came. 

These guys may never have a won a B1G Championship or National, but they were hard workers that helped things get back on the right track and leave Michigan with a BCS Bowl ring.


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Thank you Team 133! Not only did you endure some of the worst years in the history of the program without giving up on yourselves or the team, you managed to carve out a little glory for yourselves in the end and a special place in our hearts and memories. Go Blue.


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the program after this. It seems like it happens ever year. I love college football!

Congratulations to the  Seniors and thanks for everything.

This years team, along with Team 132 have shown the way forward to the underclassmen. They leave with the program in better shape than it was when they arrived.

I smiled as the names of all the freshmen who played today were announced during the course of the game. I'm not normally a fan of having that many play, but it was out of necessity and it bodes well for the future, as far as I'm concerned.


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Although the season had a less than desired outcome I would like to thank the team for putting on the winged helmet and giving me the opportunity to watch them lay the foundation to be on top again. Lewan I hope to see you return next year. GO BLUE!


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and thank you team 133. You boys held the 10th team in the nation and helped make recruiting stronger by making guys want to play on the big stage. Someday a national title will be won for all the Wolverines before and after you. God bless, best of luck to you in your future careers and as always GO BLUE.


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From the Biggest Big Will to the Lil'ist Lil Vincent Smith, from the big starriest Denard Robinson to the Walk-Oniest Jordan Kovacs, I will miss every one of you. Thank you!


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The Northwestern game, so much elation when Tree snagged that pass. I will also always remember the Purdue game, mostly because of the announcer but it was one of the more pleasant/funnier Michigan game viewing experiences. The Nebraska loss will forever enrage me.  Thanks for the ride Team 133. 


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Team 133 was like the front line of our battle to return to prominence. They had to make a lot of sacrafices, and they won't be there to reap the rewards, but we wouldn't be able to get there without their service. I'm glad they will leave knowing they had at least 1 win against every major rival, as well as a BCS win.

Oscar Goldman

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you had some tough breaks, bad luck and major adversity along the way, but it was a thrill to watch you every week.  To the Sr's in particular - through the ups and downs, you guys should be proud of yourselves - thanks for hanging in there through some rough times.  I will be cheering for all of you in whatever you do next.


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We need to give Team 133 seniors special attention.  They overcame obstacles the likes of which no other UM class had to endure for 50 years.  They joined Michigan after our 3-9 season.  They stuck with us when so many softer, weaker character guys would have left.  I am talking about guys like Vincent Smith. 

Vincent Smith.  Undersized, but did the best he could with what was given him.  Stoic, solid character guy.  Whatever was asked of him, he did.  The nation may remember him for the Clowney hit, but Michigan fans will remember him for being a team glue kind of guy.  I'll always have a special place in my heart for Vincent, Denard, Roundtree, Kovacs and all of these other seniors who stayed Blue through our darkest years.

You gentlemen, are everything the University of Michigan is about, and I am honored to have had you attend my university.