TE/ST Coach Dan Ferrigno Interview

Submitted by Sleeping with … on January 24th, 2011 at 9:56 AM
  • Opportunity he couldn't pass up.
  • A special teams coach CAN make a difference in one year. The way Coach Hoke approaches it, it's players and scheme.
  • No comment on UM's past special teams coaching (specifically last year's).
  • Coach Ferrigno controls all aspects of special teams.
  • Put kickers in as many high pressure situations as possible, although it's tough to simulate the big house.
  • Hoped he influenced Tony Gonzalez.
  • Coach against UM when he was at Oregon - he remembers Braylon catching a ball near the end of the game. Braylon was massive/huge guy playing receiver.

embedded video was disabled, sorry guys. His last name is pronounced Ferr-een-yo.




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Why the "no comment" on past special teams coaching?  Is it allowed to go into job interviews and tell people you would not like to discuss past experience?  If so, that would be awesome!


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Dan watched our special teams last year and giggled when he saw the videos and then he realized he was coach. He went into a deep depression for 2 or 3 days with his best friend Jack Daniels. He then sought medical help where he learned how to block the memories of the shankopotmus called our kicking game. now he just doesn't talk about it.


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There is alot of silence w/ the new coaching administration regarding past schemes / experiences (of course you can scout old SDSU film but there will be limited precedent) and vagueness regarding new schemes.  This is engineered.  We'll find out some during Spring Camp but realistically won’t know more 

I’m looking forward to that dense monotone look on Dantonio’s face (much like2007 post infamous “Big Brother” comment) after an MSU smashing and E.Lansing wondering what the license plate was on the Mack Truck that just hit them.  


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Once again, Hoke adds a coach who wants to be at Michigan so bad it is in his blood.

I am very impressed. It is great to see the people Hoke is selecting to coach the team.


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Michigan did block a FG attempt by Oregon and UM returned it for a TD. 

If I remember correctly, UM's offense was barely on the field in the first quarter.  Oregon had a long drive and attempted a FG.  UM blocked it and returned it for a score.  Oregon gets the ball and goes on another long drive for a score.  Don't remember a ton else from the game.


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But I'm looking forward to not hiding in the corner muttering positive statements to myself when our kicking team runs onto the field.