Target John Kelly Announcing Today

Submitted by JoeyFootball19 on January 22nd, 2015 at 11:13 AM

Per MGoFish on Twitter John Kelly is announcing later today. Since Michigan hasn't received an official visit hes leaning towards Tennessee. He also said Michigan will still continue to recruit him until NSD.







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but no big surprise since he wasn't giving UM an official visit.  Big, strong and doesn't seem to shy away from contact, appears to be well equipped for a Harbaugh offense.  But I think there are other good RBs out there and our stable isn't


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I wouldn't be too worried about him not taking an official visit, Kelly is from Oak Park. Probably not much of a reason to waste a free trip to any school in the country to get two counties south.

gustave ferbert

January 22nd, 2015 at 11:48 AM ^

that there was speculationt that the two wanted to play together.  So I internalized this development as meaning that since they aren't going to play together he is going elsewhere.


But I am listening to Sam Webb's podcast and he is saying that Kelly wants to play running back.  So that becomes an issue. 


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Likely headed to play for butch jones. Not like we don't have a plethora of capable backs, especially for this new gap run blocking scheme. Good luck to the young man.


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It's weird that a random school like Tennesee has been stealing kids from Michigan in recent years. There was DeAnthony Arnette and that highly-recruited O-lineman from northern Michigan who said Ann Arbor was too liberal for him (I don't remember his name). 

Space Coyote

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Charlie Baggett was their WR coach at the time. MSU alum. He later spent 14 years at MSU between two different periods, with a bunch of NFL experience (including OC experience at the NFL level) mixed in.

He had very strong ties to the area, particularly Saginaw/Flint area (Arnett, O'Brien) and was their primary recruiter.


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Don't forget OL Darris Sawtelle (SP?) from the mid-2000's.  Granted, he was a Tenn legacy (I forget if it was his father or grandfather that played there).  Tenn used to get some solid Ohio kids from time to time too....strangely, it seems like none of these of these Mich/Ohio kids has ever worked out at Tenn.