Tailgate/Game Day Things To Do?

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I mentioned this in a thread a few days ago that I am pulling an opening weeked college football tri-fecta this week with one of my best friends that happened to play at Appalachian State.  I am picking him up at the GR airport thursday at 1:30 and we are heading to Mt. Pleasant, where I grew up, to watch the Chips that night.  Friday  will be filled with fried food, bloody mary's and Spartan Stadium and then of course we cap the tri-fecta with App at the Big House for what their fans are calling The Reckoning.  It will be drunken, it will be awesome.  

I have been to many Michigan games at Michigan Stadium but usually end up in the Pioneer parking lot drinking and eating in a sea of maize and blue unitl it is time to head to the stadium.  I am looking for suggestions of other things that go on around the stadium before the game to show my friend the best experience that a game day in AA has to offer.  I think the drum line would be fun to watch but I have no idea when and where they perform.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.



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1. Drum line if cool

2. Walk past bongo man. He is pretty funny, especially for first timers

3. I like Angelo's for game day breakfast but others may disagree

4. If you go by the campus in around 8:30ish, you can watch the team leave the hotel from their morning breakfast and board the busses to the stadium. My son (now 7) likes that a lot.

5. I love just walking through campus on game day - down state towards the stadium tends to be pretty festive.


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This is actually something that my wife and I will do for most noon kicks, and it usually boils down to her getting the Farmer's Omelette while I get the Hippie Hash. It's a good time really, and the great thing about it is you basically stay full until Monday or so and can absorb generous amounts of tailgate beverages with one breakfast from Fleetwood.


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Only a couple of blocks from the stadium - Revelli Hall, Hoover st..  Go to watch them about an hour and a half before kickoff.  Then march up to the stadium with them (the coolest part).  At that point you can line up to go into the stadium, or still hang around outside to do other stuff.


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the stadium, heading south off of hoover goes to the west side and right under the Section 1 entrance.  as they go, they play and chant.  this was something totally foreign to me as a student, but i have come to enjoy it tremendously with the kids.   calling bando c., and other band types on this thread, they will certainly have more insight. 

as for meals, one that might fill you up until monday, to quote LSA2000, is to go to pizza bob's and get a sister ann (a folded over pizza, but it's way more than that), and a chocolate chip/coffee milk shake.   your heart surgeon can thank me later....

good for you on your weekend gig with your buddy.   that should be a blowout.  and very, very wise to have GF as a DD.   i echo others who say that a detailed interview is in order, then a pledge to marry!


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Honestly, if you've done the tailgate thing before, I would just park at a ramp downtown and bar crawl. Then head up Hoover and eventually work your way to the stadium. No clean up and you won't be paying $40-$50 for parking (and food).

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 of the random beer pong groups I see.

Not to brag, but I believe I still hold the title of 'too old to be here, at least he brought a girl, let's just let him win so he goes away champion.'

(also, I always try to check up on and show off some of the better buildings on campus.  My favorite is still the reading room despite spending a lot of time there [you still have to be respectfully quiet there, few beers or not. It's worth seeing]).


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Ann Arbor is a cluster bleep due to the road construction!!! Jackson Rd eastbound exit is closed on 94. Ann Arbor saline rd is closed at the 94 overpass. You can't head north to the stadium. Jackson and Maple rd intersection is down to 1 lane due to construction. Avoid this nightmare at all cost! State street exit will be the only way to get to the stadium off of 94. I live in town and this summer has been a traffic disaster of epic proportions. Good luck getting around town!


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Also walk around the Union, check out the law school quad for a real college-y feel, then head down State st. with the crowd past all of the frat and house beer/pong parties, then up Hoover st with the maize and blue throng.  It's quite a scene.


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Eat a bag of red Doritos and drink a fifth of captain. Then, hit on a girl ten years my juniors and pray I find it to section 35. Fortune favors the bold.


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Got lucky last-minute waitlist clearance for Inn at Michigan League for the Miami game.  So for the first time in 15 years we won't be tailgating on the golf course for gameday - we will be on campus overnight Friday and Saturday night and walking to the stadium for the game.  I need advice! 

Is Frito Bandito's still the best grub in town?  Ashley's the best beer tap?  Dominick's?



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...any local amateur weatherfolk out there with an early forecast for Saturday? I am seeing some conflicting things out there, but I know we're probably a little ways out at the moment from any really reliable forecast.