Secondary Market Tickets for 300/400 Level?

Submitted by ctallarico20 on October 26th, 2017 at 1:34 PM

Is there a way to get secondary market tickets in the 300 or 400 levels in the boxes at Michigan Stadium?  I know they're going to be expensive but stubhub doesn't even have them as an option



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Things that agree with you and the majority mean I'm not a troll? I mean seriously if I was a troll when I got to 100 I would have created a thread talking a bunch of crap or something. I've been a huge Michigan fan since I was born and I live and die with their success every week, I do the grave walk every year, pour money into season tickets and have told my wife I want my ashes at the Big House, but ok call me whatever man. Anyway it's an easy way out for people who don't like a different opinion. Sad.


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Maybe you are a Michigan fan. I don't really care, either way. It was your previous postings in other threads that make me think you are a troll. That, and the fact that your account is six days old, and you've basically just been an ass. 


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I have seats in the Jack Roth Stadium Club section 400. I’m not allowed to sell them through Stubhub or other ticket brokers. If I want additional seats I go through the Premium Ticket Exchange or email Hunter Greenfield to see if there are any available in the 400 level. They prefer you donate back to the university if you aren’t going to use them. Very rarely do they have additional seats.


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For what it’s worth, they are pretty upfront about it before you buy the tickets. I go to every game so it hardly matters to me. Just wanted to add light to the discussion for the OP as to why they aren’t sold on Stubhub. I see below others have listed sites where they’ve purchased before. Go Blue!


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Hill and Long probably get some tickets, but I don't think they're to the 300 or 400 level, and I'm sure it's an NCAA violation for them to sell their tickets.

Oh, you meant . . .nevermind.


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Not that hard,  Wait for a shload of people to take the elevator up and just follow them in.  They don't really scan the ticket, just check it.

He actually sat in a suite at the 50 yd line for the entire 2nd half about 4 yrs ago.  He asked someone to take his picture next to Heisman trophy.  He has balls of steel.

Also, stood on the sidelines taking pictures for Utah game for the entire pregame and most of the 1st qtr.  Guard caught him and he just went back to his seat.  Didn't even get kicked out.  Once again, lots of beer and balls of steel.


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I dunno, they scan my ticket before I get to the elevator every game. Once I get off the elevator there’s a podium set up with two ushers and they check the tickets and pull the stubs. Everyone waits in line to have their tickets checked and stubs pulled. If I go down to mden to buy something on the lower level, they give me a pass to get back up.


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Cover my parking ($25), and we’re good.

Even let you tailgate with my (pretty darn cool) crew.

Buddy backed out this morning, can’t find anyone free last minute.

Not close to the field, but great view of the field.

Also, not a suite.

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