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OP buried (didn't mention) the lede: it's a recent article talking about how Shea was the one to tell his brother he had an offer.


Nick didn’t know about the development, and his family decided to surprise him with the news. “We were actually doing an interview for Fox,” Patterson said. “Midway through the interview I was listing my offers and at the end my brother was like, ‘hey you missed one.’ I honestly, truly thought I missed one. But there were only seven, so I don’t know how I would have missed one. “
“Shea just said, ‘you’re forgetting one man,’” Patterson’s dad Sean added. “Nick looked all confused (laughter). Shea said, “Michigan. Go Blue!’ Then everybody started clapping. Nick was like, ‘no way!’ It was really cool


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While it's nice to see Shea's brother get an offer and I'm not trying to be a Bluey right now, I'm just a little confused by this offer. Unless he's expected to really shoot up the rankings, which Sam Webb said he might a bit, then I'm not sure why we're offering a TE with a pretty mediocre offer list and who in all honesty is kind undersized for what Michigan usually has at TE. Maybe I'm just a little on edge given Ohio State's absurd start to their 2020 class


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If you look closer at his profile, he’s a top 500 prospect to 24/7. He’s only about 0.02 points away from being a four star. As per size, he’s 6’ 3” tall, 215 lbs, and is heading into his junior season. There is a high likelihood he grows in size and develops further given his family tree. As we’ve seen with some recruits, giving them attention early makes a big difference. We’ve seen some recruits claim that Michigan waited too long to show interest so they won’t even consider them. 

TLDR: he’s an interesting prospect at this point. I’m not depressed at all by this offer.