Sam Sword

Submitted by Double Nickel BG on September 10th, 2009 at 5:19 AM

Just got done watching the 97 ND game and one of the things that stood out to me was how badass Sam Sword was. Had like 10 tackles in the first half and ended with 17. He was throwing people around like a MANBEARFREAK. Sam Sword was the whip.



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He was a BEAST! Did you notice we struggled holding on to the ball that day also. In my mind, there's no question this is the second biggest rival we have. WTKA asked this question yesterday.

I see it as how often do you root for the other team to win games. I have rooted for osu once in my life and that was against Miami. I never root for ND unless it's against Miami and I only root for MSU against ND and OSU. I just don't care about PSU. They are simply in our way.


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I have this debate with my friends all the time. There are no right answers. I see it a little differently. I've been around Big Ten football for 25 years and Michigan football for 15 and, to me, Ohio State is our biggest rival, but I don't root against them (though, every now and then schadenfreude creeps in). I want OSU to win all of its games and for Michigan to ruin its season.

OTOH, I root for ND to lose every one of its games. I suppose it's partially a factor of us playing ND earlier each year, partially the fact that OSU is "one of us" just the worst kind of us) and ND has distinctly decided not to join us (in the Big Ten). Perhaps there is some self-hatred, too, as dex points out. I dunno.


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OSU will always be our number 1 rival.

I would agree with ND being number 2 in rivalry & importance, especially historically. However, I believe that if and when UM & ND are both firing on all cylinders, and both competing for significant placement in the polls & bowls, the game & rivalry will have added significance. It has suffered the last few years, being almost overshadowed by THE HORROR, and by Charlie Tuna, and Lloyd's waning years, and the ND irrelevance for some years.

However, it is harder for me to root for ND to lose every game than it used to be. I want ND to win their other games, making our victory over ND more significant (and painful for them.) Also, I have liked their campus, and some of their alumni, and have been treated well every time I've gone to South Bend. I think ND is a good school, and a place I'd rather my kids go instead of Penn State or MSU or OSU (as a backup plan to Michigan, that is.)


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We must all be getting geared up for saturday's game. I watched this one last nite as well. Sam was a beast all that year. From the ND game to securing our victory over the hawks with the last minute intercetpion of Matt Sherman. Talk about turnovers, Didn't Griese throw like 4 int's vs Iowa? Not to be outdone I believe Sherman had 5, and Sam's was the game ender.


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How, if at all, did you end up watching the game in Nova Scotia last weekend? Just curious if it worked out for you.

EDIT: This is a sincere question as BiY wrote a board post about how to get the game online, and I responded.

Fresh Meat

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I just love watching games of the 97 season. My favorite part is how Woodson just has an air of "badassness" surrounding him. You can just feel it radiating off of him. Every time he is on the field it seems like the game revolves around him. Love Woodson, loved watching him play.

BTW Sword Steele Iron is the best set of names in Michigan history in my opinion