Pressure on the QB

Submitted by bpogrund on October 1st, 2009 at 6:21 PM
Why is no one talking about the lack of pressure that Michigan has been able to get on the opponent's quarterback?!  I have stood in my seat at the stadium every game this season wondering why our defensive line is not capable of sacking (or even pressuring) the quarterback.  I could not find a good website to find out the necessary statistic to prove my point, but I am sure any fan in the stadium or watching on TV could tell you that we are not able to get any pressure.

Why is this important? It is important because our secondary (which everyone is hating on) is having to work way too hard because we cannot get pressure on the quarterback.  Every secondary plays better when the defensive line gets pressure on the quarterback and ours in no exception.  I believe that we have good talent in our secondary, and all we need is a good presence by our defense line in order for the secondary to play up to its potential.  If we do not get pressure against MSU (or any other opponent this season), we will have a hard time putting up enough points to win games, even with Tate and our improved offense.



October 1st, 2009 at 6:39 PM ^

that has caused some quick throws or some less than accurate passes, but I think we'll see the team get more and more pressure once they get more and more comfortable with what they are trying to do defensively. They are definitely doubling BG and taking him away and he's the most experienced and talented pass rusher we have. I agree that the other guys need to defeat their blocks and get some pressure, but we're talking about SB, who is undersized and new to being a LB, and Roh who is a true freshman, so we're 1/3rd of the way into the season and these guys are essentially learning on the job. I think GERG's assessment is correct that this defense will continue to improve and I think that translates into more pressure and more sacks.

You can rule out the ND game as they set out to have a numerical advantage against our pass rushers by max protecting and running 2 man routes. You should not expect to see us blowing up a huge and experienced OL like theirs. EMU was a little better, but we could have done more to get to the passer. WMU was good in that they got pressure but also played competently behind that pressure, which was probably the game plan to rush with four and cover with 7 as WMU is known to throw it around excessively. We held them to 7 points in mop up time.

Just keep the faith and hope these guys start to gel more and more in this defense.


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I just think most coaches are scared of Brandon Graham, so they say "As soon as you see him coming towards you, throw it away...or just throw it!" The D-line is good and opposing coaches know it. Incompletion > sack.


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Have we somehow failed to put up points in any game? Do you even read Brians posts particularly the defensive ufr? Our dline is doing well but there is only so much you can do when the other team is only doing 3 step drops


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I don't think GERG trusts the rest of the secondary enough to blitz anyone very often.

Remember that they are young, in a new defense, and will continue to improve. For all we know, on Saturday night we could all be saying that MSU was the game where the defense finally showed signs of maturity and shut MSU down.