Pioneer vs Golf Course for Tailgating

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I'm wondering which one everyone prefers when it comes to tailgating?  I usually go to Pioneer but last year it seemed like they were cramming everyone in and you didn't really have room to set up bags (cornhole) or tables.  Or any suggestions on where at Pioneer is the best to park to avoid that?



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I always go to AAGO, I use to park at the UM course off of Stadium, but they would always put us in a crappy spot with not as many people. It seems to me though in the last year or two, the crowd as gotten smaller at AAGO, I prefer bigger crowds myself, makes tailgating more fun. Is it better if you go to the golf course entrance on State Street?

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AA Police  have apparently last season started cracking down on public urination on the golf courses, I saw them during one of the early-season pre-game tailgates last year checking along the treeline between the two golf courses, they looked like they were writing a ticket for one guy and I saw another pair of officers some 50 yards or so away also checking along the treeline.  Then a few weeks later we then heard from another nearby group of tailgaters that there had been some complaints about the public urination problems and that there had been a lot of "stops" made, including a few arrests for disorderly conduct when a few of the more inebriated "nature boys" got too out of control when approached by officers.

I've often chosen trees in the past rather than wait in long lines for the porta-potties, but from that point on last season decided the wait was a little less risky. 

Regarding the parking situation, though, I much prefer golf course parking to the gravel or asphalt of Pioneer HS.  Even more importantly, though, I can drink freely and openly on the courses, while at Pioneer, alcohol consumption is prohibited (although I have no idea how much enforcement there is of that ban---it's been at least 5 years since I've parked omn Pioneer property.).


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So similar topic...I'm just doing one game this year and going to msu um. I love to tailgate but my normal crew backed out of going to the game because there cheap. So just going with the wife. Tailgaiting just the two of us doesn't sound all that fun, but also want to get into town early and get some pregameing done and make sure when is sufficiently "lubed" up too lol. Where would there be a good bar to go grab some grub and some drinks before the game?


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There aren't any bars really close to the stadium. The closest is probably Packard Pub. Concrete floors. Trashy. On the corner of Packard and State.

I like Fraser's. Its on Packard near Stadium. Townie bar with hot waitresses.

Or, if you don't mind walking a little further go to Good Time Charleys on South University but beware, it will get very crowded.


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on Forest. Go to the Jug, Charlies first. There will be people boozing at the bars and eating. You may not get a table, but you can stand and drink.

There is also plenty of food nearby. You can then walk to State St and go to some bars there and then walk to the game. The benefit is that leaving the garage on Forest is easy and you can get food after the game there too. I did this a few years back, and it was awesome.


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This sounds like a good plan. How early does that garage if up? Looks like a nice walk to the stadium. Will be the wife's first Michigan game....first time really ever being at a major sporting event....I took her to northwestern last year but thats not even close to the experience that lays ahead


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Pioneer is good for location, proximity to stadium, and it's easy to get in and out.  However, it seems tighter and doesn't offer as nice an atomosphere.


the golf course is less convenient (see reasons above) but offers a less compact and better tailgating atmosphere.

I personally prefer the victor's club parking lot.  You can't beat the proximity to the stadium and watching the band play the victors on the way in to the stadium.  


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Yeah it's kind of crazy. I mean, I don't mind throwing $5 - $10 at the Woman's LAX team but when dudes are coming up wanting a dollar for an American flag pin that cost him a penny...that's where I cross the line. Move along buddy I got beer to drink.


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For my money, it doesn't get any better to be boxed in on some guy's back lawn in AA.  But that's just me.  It's all part of the experience - getting a dent in your hood from a football being thrown by a drunk guy pretending to be Chad Henne and taking a massive dump in some stranger's bathroom.  All part of the experience.


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I live 2 blocks west of the stadium and you'd be surprised how many people park at my place and then just walk over to pioneer or the golf course to tailgate with friends.  It's half the price and easier to get out.  Your comment about people throwing balls or risking damage to cars is funny, but on my street there really isn't any of that going on.  I wouldn't say it's quiet by any means, but no one is really around the cars.  Anyway, this idea is only good if you already know people tailgating in other locations.  $0.02


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in denying rival fans entry to my bathroom when my landlord parks them in my yard despite my drunken objections. He still manages to get 25-30 out of them even w/o bathroom access... and they won't even realize the bridge is out so technically the yard isn't a 5 minute walk from the stadium anymore. Suckers...


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Haven't tailgated either, but been to tailgates of both, and I'd say it probably depends on the size of your party.  If it's big the golf course has more space, and a more relaxed atmosphere for people to spread out and chill. If you're not having that many people, you can always share tailgating fun with those who are right next to you in the Pioneer lot, and fewer people won't be all crowded under one tent.


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is pioneer. I have parked at both locations but you can usually get to pioneer a little earlier and those spots aren't to bad for setting up games and tables.


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Frysinger park is the best option.  Free parking on street (as long as you're about 3 hrs before most games) just enough space to throw the football around and play some cornhole.  Only a 10-15 min. walk to the stadium.


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My group, the "Jager Yearbook tailgates on the course and we are always up for hosting more people.  If any fellow Mgobloggers want to stop by and do some shots or beer pong feel free.  If you want to stay for thte whole time thats cool as well.  Here are some good sights of it ...


JagerTap Photobucket


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I usually just hit the golf course but last year for UTL was forced to park at Pioneer. It was my first time parked at Pioneer. It looked pretty obvious (because of the weather) they were trying to jam as many people into Pioneer as possible so it was pretty crowded but as others have said, sometimes it's better that way. We had our own little cubby hole of people surrounding us.

I have a single ticket to the MSU game and am looking for some people to tailgate with. Let me know...I will supply a shit load of beer and liquor. Just give me a shout.


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I prefer the golf course.   The grass vs concrete/dust makes all the difference.  The golf course is gorgeous, there's tons of room and beautiful trees for a small measure of privacy, and if you get drunk and fall over, there's a beautiful carpet to keep you from injuries.  Pioneer is literally a noisy pit of gravel on gamedays.

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Nothing beats Jack's Lot on Potter St. off of State St. across from The Big House. 

Been tailgating there since my first game. I went to the golf course once for the 2007 game against notre dame. It was nice, a lot of people but too many notre dame fans.

Me no like opposition.


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One block from the stadium at the first intersection. Carols yard is amazing. Whole yard sold out before the season, fresh porta potty and only 25 for the last 8 years. Great people and lots of food.