OT - United States clinches sixth straight World Cup berth with 3-2 victory over Honduras

Submitted by bamill010 on October 11th, 2009 at 12:19 AM

"Conor Casey scored his first two international goals in the second half, Landon Donovan added another and the United States clinched its sixth straight World Cup berth with a game to spare by rallying past Honduras 3-2 Saturday night."




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Seriously, fuck them. Cancer is more important that the WC. Get excited about that.


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Actually, I'm a mid-sized American who writes grants at a research institute dedicated to the eradication of cancer. So far, in this calendar year, I've helped raise $45M dollars for it. I'm also surrounded by Europeans who are fundamentally obsessed with soccer to a degree that makes our obsession with football seem like the sniffles, so it seems like something to make fun of in a light-hearted way. Since the best researchers in the world are never stupid fucking Americans, but they still need us to jump through all the hoops that actually get the US$$ aimed at the disease, I stupidly assume that I have some value.

Unless you've done more, go look in the mirror now, and find a good angle that allows you to fuck yourself.


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I'm not going to back off my opinion that your post is stupid just because you claim to be a cancer researcher. It was stupid, unfunny and especially idiotic as people are slitting their wrists over an equally unimportant sport.

I wish you luck in trying to cure cancer, it's a horrible disease. But your job doesn't grant you the right to be an ass.


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with your history, your architecture, your decadent pastries, your affinity for butter, your vineyards and fine vintages, your languages that are not mine, your urban cities with great public transportation, your common currency, your hot Scandinavian women, your ball-handling-3-point bombing 6'10" 4s, your ales, pils, and bitters ... your fondness for a game that frowns upon the human hand! Damn you Europeans, damn you to hell!


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MLS is a third-rate league, far less prestigious than half a dozen (if not more) European leagues. The NHL is the most prestigious hockey league in the world. Even so, in many Sun Belt markets, the MLS outdraws the NHL. Throw in viewership for European and Mexican soccer, and soccer has a far larger audience here.


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I'm just going to have to disagree, sorry. The UEFA final in May drew a 1.1 rating, the NHL regular season on Versus averaged a 1.3 for last season. I guess if you throw in the average viewership for the MLS (.2) it evens out, but I wouldn't say the market for soccer is that much bigger than hockey, they're kind of equal.


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This is the part of the show where I come back and apologize for acting like a complete cock.

I was drunk and enraged last night, but that is no excuse for my behavior on this board. While I still don't like soccer, this is ridiculous.

To Brodie and all of the other soccer fans on here, I am humbly and sincerely sorry.


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And? This thread is taking up the precious bandwidth that's needed for threads like "WTF RICHROD!"? 98% football oriented = 2% for everything else... some of us are happy about this and are finding some solace in another team and sport we love.


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watch the game online? with the way the M game end and the final 10 minutes of the USA game... my heart almost exploded.

ohhhhh USA U S A U S A U S A