OT: For those hoping for a Valenti rant today

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He'll either call in sick or just rip on Michigan and how unimportant all of the other bowls are besides the Rose Bowl.  But for those who would like to dream of a rant, I give you again:


I listen to this once a year, and completely forgot about it until now.  Just replace Wisky for ND and some of the older coaches/players for current guys.  I honestly feel bad to for the kids on State (minus Gholston and Worthy) but Valenti can choke on applesauce.



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Stoney is on the morning show on 97.1 with Bill McAlister and Sarah (formerly from Mojo in the Morning).  He moved over there about a year and half ago.

Matt Darey (Diesel) who did updates and breaking news on 1130 with Stoney & Wojo moved over to 97.1 about 2 years ago and is now with Valenti and Foster in the afternoons.


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Thanks, glad he is still on the air, even though his worshipping of Bruce Springsteen got a little annoying.

I loved WTKA, but reception was a little spotty when I started my commute from Plymouth.

And to the poster below, I agree Sirius is beautiful.  I love hearing Beckman and Brandstater's call on football Saturday's.


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I expect Valenti to be one of the many delusional Sparty fans that don't realize that UM going to a BCS game has nothing to do with MSU not going.  MSU is not elgible because they're outside the top 14.  Of course Sparty slappies like Sharp and Valenti don't seem to comprehend that and want to blame Sparty getting "screwed" on UM.


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Mike Valenti is a very good radio talk show host, despite his anti-Michigan bias. I listen to his show because it is thought provoking and I spend a lot of afternoon time in the car.

He is the Rush Limbaugh of Detroit sports radio -- opinionated and polarizing. He evokes passionate responses, especially on Michigan-related topics. It is a testament to his skill as an entertainer that there are so many mgoblog threads about him and that so many listeners call to gloat when he gets a prediction wrong or his teams lose.

Gorgeous Borges

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MSU has no right to whine. Despite what Drew Sharp said about Oklahoma playing a thirteenth game (lol) they have no right to whine. Arkansas and South Carolina really don't have much cause for whining either. However, Kansas State and Boise State were robbed. If the system was fair, they would have been chosen as the at-large bids as they had the best resumes.


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Is he allowed to write an article about Michigan anymore? I'm not a fan of him but I do read the sports section in both DetNews/Freep and I've noticed all his articles are about MSU. I went to his archive and saw that from Oct 8th he has only three articles about Michigan. Since he obviously does not like the Wolverines, is there some type of an agreement between the Feep and UM that keeps this weasal away from UM?