OT- MNF open thread. Lions at Bears

Submitted by Rather be on BA on October 22nd, 2012 at 8:32 PM

All 8 announcers just chose CHI to win with very few people giving DET a chance to be competitive.  Bad blood between these teams.

Grab a drink and enjoy!



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If Linehan can open it up to start (no more of that I-form power/end-around shit that fools no one) that would be great. The Lions have tons of weapons, it's just a matter of Raiola/Backus/Pettigrew not ruining drives with penalties and drops.


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So, if you blitz to one side of the line, but the play is on the other side, does it make a noise? I think the answer might very well be in the affirmative, if that drive by the Bears was any indication. 


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As those of you watching the game will note, if you are flushed out of the pocket and must make a desperate pass to possibly eke out a first  down, the seven basic ballet movements are indeed essential. 

Generic MGoBlogger

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It's not necessarily that Stafford has regressed, it's that defenses are playing much deeper on the Lions than they did last season to avoid the home-run ball that was very successful last season. All in all, the receivers havn't adjusted, single coverage on CJ is obsolete, and none of the other receivers have stepped up to give Stafford help. It also doesn't help when the entire offense is resting on his shoulders. Run game really needs to step it up as well.


Young John Beilein

October 22nd, 2012 at 10:18 PM ^

I don't remember him missing so many open receivers last year, particularly on deep balls like the one to Young earlier.  I also remember a short one to Pettigrew last week that would have been a huge gain.  I don't believe he has regressed necessarily, but maybe lost some mojo.  Can he get it back?  I'd also like to see a better threat to receive out of the backfield.  Leshoure is not bad, but Best was great as a receiver in open space and I think he was a huge asset to the offense.


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This is only the second Lions game I've seen this year living in Cleveland (SF was the other).  What in the name of Mel Farr has happened to them?  They look horrible on every level - no rushing game, no passing game, no pass rush and cant cover anybody.  And the punting is short with little or no hang time.

Damn what happened in the off season?  I thought we were suppose to be....I dunno.....good?

Frito Bandito

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Avril was a millen pick and got tagged rather than a huge contract or walking. . Titus had a great rookie season and best was a high risk high reward. He had the talent and did very well while he was healthy. Fairley has all the talent in the world and will put it all together. Just look at all the talent mm has acquired for basically nothing? He's a great gm.


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Young is a young player with terrible attitude fairley is a 1st round pick that hasn't done shit next to suh who gets doubled every play they draft best who has concussion issues in college and broyles who tore his acl last yr who I don't even know his number. Bentley I will give credit for looks to be a player but other than that I'm not impressed.

Frito Bandito

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People forget just how well fairley played when suh was out. He will be a great player once he grows up a little. Like I said best is a great player. Why not take a gamble. If you're rebuilding from a 0-16 team shouldn't you take a gamble or two? They didn't give shit up to get him. Broyles has looked great in preseason and is still getting back to it. If you ever watched him play at Oklahoma you might understand. All time leader in receptions. Maybe our offense could benefit from that??? Also why in the hell are you judging rookies and sophomores? It takes about 3-4 years to know for certain.


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Three or four years when suh is gone possibly stafford or Johnson. Don't you understand in the nfl rookies and sophomore are suppose to have immediate impact. This isn't college your top players need to play and play well. Enjoy this bull shit season and more to come win the best pick available strategy.


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It's amazing that this coaching staff can't get the message across that the first 3 quarters count. This problem dates back to last year as well, they are incredibly slow starters and that falls on the coaching staff.