OT Jahvid Best cleared to practice

Submitted by robbyt003 on March 7th, 2012 at 12:53 PM

The title says it all.  It would be huge to have Best back for the full year next year and hopefully they can use him in a Sproles type role so he isn't taking as many hits.  His speed and catching ability is to big of an asset to not have on the field.  If he has any more setbacks I fear it will result in early retirement.


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Yea I feel bad for the guy. He's a dynamic player that the Lions need going forward but he's had way to many concussions this early in his career. Hopefully Leshoure is healthy and ready to contribute on a big level but I wouldn't be shocked if the Lions picked up a solid rb via free agency/draft.


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With Leshoure it will definitely help limit his snaps.  Does anyone know if we are bringing Kevin Smith back?  He looked pretty good before he was injured.


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Kevin Smith wants to be back, which I wouldnt be against at all. Price has to be right though. I can see him possibly replacing Morris or Williams as the 3rd RB.

As far as Jahvid, he may need to wear one of the helmets like Mark Kelso..seriously


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And I just finally droped him from my fantasy team!


But in all seriousness, I hope he is doing well. Not a lions supporter, but I like watching Best run the ball.


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Yeah it's too bad Leshore went down last year. Jahvid definitely has game breaking capability but can't afford to take all those shots.

I'll never forget being at that Monday Night game and Jahvid goes untouched up the middle past Briggs and Urlacher for an 88 yard TD. Game was OVER!


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The graveyards and assisted living facilities are littered with ex-NFL players who were "cleared" to play and took too many extra hits.  Best was a bad pick because of the severity of his concussion in college.  It's really sad, becuase he has a lot of talent, but he is risking a severe deterioration of his quality of life every time he steps on the field.  Unless Javhid Best wants to someday be a CTE poster child, he needs to just walk away.  

I wonder if Best was "cleared" so that the Lions can cut him without being liable for any more of his contract?  My understanding is that they would be liable if he was cut for a medical reason and not liable if he is cut for performance reasons.  This could be a very sneaky and cynical move on the part of the Lions.  

However it works out, I hope he never walks out onto a field again unless he is coaching.


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Best really is a difference maker when he is healthy and on the field.  He is much more explosive than any of the other runningbacks the Lions have.  I just hope he can stay healthy long enough to enjoy a solid career with the Lions.


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Best case scenario for him, he can be a back-up for a long time. That way, he can still collect a hefty paycheck for another 5 years. After that, I'd say he goes back to Cal and starts coaching. He's like Mike Hart status in Berkley.


March 7th, 2012 at 7:51 PM ^

LeShoure probably won't be himself until 2013 (rap sheet on torn achilles is it takes almost a full year to play again and close to two years to regain your normal explosiveness). Lions really need to sign somebody to a one-year deal to plug the hole. I really don't want to hold my breath for Jahvid every time he gets the ball.

The FannMan

March 7th, 2012 at 8:53 PM ^

I actually hope that Best hangs it up.

I remember watching his last game at Cal on TV.  He tried to jump over a pile, had is legs taken out and landed on the back of his head.  It looked like he convulsed and passed out.  I thought the dude had died.  I am worried that he is going to take a hit in the NFL and never get back up.  

Seriously dude, you've made your money, get out while you can.


March 8th, 2012 at 12:57 AM ^

I think he could have come back last year and the Lions would have let him but he did the right thing by choosing not to. Most people know now that once you get a concussion every time you get one it makes it easier to get another.

I would hate to see his career end so quickly for his own sake but he needs to go if he gets one more. Just not worth it for the rest of your life.