OT: Illini Bball Player Darius Paul arrested

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Illini basketball player Darius Paul, younger brother of Brandon Paul and a transfer from Western Michigan, was reported arrested for resisting arrest and underage drinking. As if their poor basketball team doesn't have enough problems!

LINK:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/chi-report-illini-paul-arrested-20140422,0,3260760.story

I realize this can happen anywhere, any time, but somehow, I never recall AA Police regularly apprehending and arresting any students for drinking while I was an undergrad in Ann Arbor. Of course, it is possible that things were much more laid back then. Don't know. And maybe this is a case of DWB. Regardless, bad for him, bad for Illinois.



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"Paul, 20, ran from the university police after they saw him and another male walking across a parking lot..."

Is it a crime to walk across the parking lot?  It might be interesting to see what an aggressive attorney could do with this case.  Sounds like a case of WWB to me.


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I'm in agree if when people are legitimately resisting but there have been many a situation where the person being detained had not resisted and in many cases simply questioning the situation. Obviously in this case it's different but many times police will just charge you with whatever they can to see what will stick in court.


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Really the cop had to be a dick. I was hit with underage and the cop just wrote me a ticket. Resisting arrest could have been trying to avoid giving the cop his ID. Cops are dicks in college towns at night when they have to deal with hundreds of drunk assholes

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I was standing on the edge of the grass.  Someone cut through my circle of friends causing me to take a step back onto the sidewalk.  AAPD grabbed my arm and gave me an Open Intox.  I think it was just a $100 fine as a first offender.  

A few years earlier I managed to get an MIP and Fake ID ticket.  Which fell into a different First Offender program because of being under 21. Walking down the street with a beer can isn't smart.  (The cop saw it in the back of my wallet as I pulling out my real ID to give it to him - I was really smart).  I did have to go to one fo those Alcohol Awareness classes where they show you movies and got a certificate and everything.  

On a completely seperate occasion I got a Noise Violation. Student Legal Services and I got a long really well.  

I like to think that getting an MIP, Fake ID Ticket, Open Intox, and Noise Violation is hiitting for the AAPD cycle.

The Bar Association rep that I had to speak to before they cleared my Character and Fitness was actually fairly entertained by these incidents.  At least I think she was.  They ended up giving me a law license.  Haven't managed to have it taken away yet.


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Running from the police is bad enough, and then there was this added detail on NBC's site:

"Both of the charges against Paul are misdemeanors with maximum penalties of 364 days in jail."

The Champaign Room is speculating that even this might (key word) not damage his roster status for next season, which is quite some distance off, but it is far too early to tell for certain. 


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I remember being at a couple of parties at U-M when the cops came.  The AAPD wasn't too unreasonable, though - I think only some really drunk kids got MIPs, and they let the rest off. East Lansing police are a lot stricter from what I've heard.


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I got a ticket for being at a party once in Mt. Pleasant. I was completely sober and the DD for some friends. "Contributing to a nuisance party"'. I was 100% respectful to the officers on scene and ended up getting the exact same fines as the kids that MIPs. A few months later I was pulled over at 2:15am after dropping off a friend that had been drinking and was again completely sober. The cop said I had went through a light that was yellow and in his estimation that I had had time to stop. Again, was completely respectful and ended up with another ticket. I haven't liked or trusted cops since.

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I was told once by an Ann Arbor police officer that they don't find drunk students, drunk stundents find them.

I guess intoxicated Darius Paul found the Champaign police department.