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who, after seeing how much MORE of a dick MJ has become since he retired, really doesn't look at his career with fondness? greatest? likely. the greatest in his own great mind who feels the great need to let every non-great person in this great world know that he is, in fact, the mf'ing greatest? absolutely.


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I know what it is like to want to be like someone awe inspiring.

Ever since he was known as Little Neddie Knickers, it was my dream to be as fast as Ned Nederlander. I practiced every day for hours and hours. He was a god to me. Then I found out about movie tricks. Trick photography. I was crushed.


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You might lack objectivity. MJ was as great an ambassador to the NBA as Tiger was to golf if you consider how popular the persona's made their respective sport. Like Tiger MJ is/was far from perfect but for the time that he held the spotlight he was as close to perfect as perfect could be percieved.

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A great dunker, in my epinion, isn't defined by what he does in dunk contests, but rather what he does in games. MJ had the insane ability to elevate, attack the center/forward in the air, and then soar some more before throwing it down. All while being relatively small, not some hulking man-beast like Lebron.


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It must have been really hard to come up with a top ten. MJ has probably hundreds or thousands of dunks that can be on the top ten. It was fun to watch MJ play and what made him great was his ability to win. Six rings is pretty good.


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I'll take Dr J, thanks. It is Dr J who Jordan et al emulated when they were learning how to play. It was Dr J who came up with the dunk from the foul line. I think the Doc was much better compared to everyone in his time than anyone else has been compared to everyone in their time.