Offense Defense Game (or great moments in HS cable access programming)

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Havent seen any other threads dedicated to the craptacular Offense Defense Bowl, maybe I am the only one who gets Fox Sports. Cannot give you much a review, but here are some jottings and random thoughts.

The production value for this game was on par with HS Cable Access.

The venue for the game itself was terrible - South Carolina where the game time temps were in the 30's.. The game played at Doug Shaw Stadium a field inside a track with all the soccer lines and looked like it was a high school field.

Onto the game itself. I could not really stomach to watch the game itself so I was just really trying to watch Grimes.

Grimes started in this game - played corner in first couple series and then appeared to move to safety position. At corner he was lined up at least 10 yards off the los.

I watched as much as I could stomach (about a half). Grimes was not really involved in any plays one way or the other from what I saw.

There was one bad run given up by his team in the first half that seemed to be more on the other safety - Grimes was not really even in the picutre on that play, but given the terrible camera angles it was hard to see how the play developed in the secondary.

There were some big time recruits in this game. The starting O line for the red team was 4 Oklahoma commits and the starting tailback was Brennan Clay. Clay looked very good.

Yep and even low rent announcers can get excited over the name Farve - in this case it was Dylan Farve who played QB.

Although I was mostly fast forwarding to watch Grimes, for some reason I stopped to watch a sideline interview, boy was it worth it. The good looking blond sideline reporter was clearly told to get these guys to boast about how they are going to dominate college football as freshmen clearly got a little more than she bargained for with one Florida commit (cant recall who).

She asked him if he expects to make an immediate impact, he responded to the effect: "Probably not. I need to add a lot of bulk, so I dont think I will make an immediate impact" She seemed surprised at his answer and suggested that maybe it was because he was on the sidelines talking to her and not out on the field playing that is holding him back from "immediate impact." She then told him he better get out on the field now so he can contribute. He said "but my team's on Offense right now. I play Defense."



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She then told him he better get out on the field now so he can contribute. He said "but my team's on Offense right now. I play Defense."


I just spent the last minute laughing and then several minutes afterward explaining to co-workers why I was laughing so hard.

That is awesome, thank you for sharing this.

M Go Blue

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the player was Lynden Trail.

He was trying to say that he didn't weigh enough yet, and so he wasn't sure how much he would contribute until he bulked up.

Also, Brennan Clay looked pretty good...Grimes was hardly mentioned.


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The dude has been in the NFL for 19 years, won a Super Bowl, was the NFL MVP, and was a famous joke in "There's Something About Mary", and we still can't spell the name F-A-V-R-E correctly...


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Grimes did have a pick in the second half. The announcers mentioned that he's a good player that is not committed but basically a lock to Michigan so they were no longer following his recruitment.