Noon Game Thread

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa on November 15th, 2014 at 11:43 AM

B1G match-ups are:

Temple at Penn State (ESPN2)

Iowa at Illinois (BTN)

Ohio State at Minnesota (ABC)

Top 25 match-ups:

Clemson at Georgia Tech (ESPN)

Virginia Tech at Duke (ESPNU)



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Side note: The Cincy area is expecting 2-4 inches of snow on Sunday night into Monday. We NEVER get snow this early here -- not even last winter, the winter of perpetual snow. So, hey...the odds are at least decent for some kind of inclement weather event impacting Columbus on November 29. I'm hoping for anywhere from 2-4...feet.


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Same here (except I'm not from NorCal). I was in the band so I was forced to endure a lot of cold weather and I still haven't adapted. Other than those few years, I don't do cold weather. Used to want to live near AA permanently but I don't think I can handle the winters for too long.

rob f

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if Minnesota gives OSU fits today. Gophers are capable of playing good football, especially at home, and the weather is probably a factor in their favor. OSU might have a bit of a letdown, too, after being so fired up last week at MSU. Upset special, maybe?


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I know that this is sort of random, but does anybody know where to get michigan hockey jerseys with the B1G logo on them? I always think they look really cool when i'm watching them, but i either can't find a jersey with the B1G patch, or the jersey i find isn't a laced up one


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Well that was fun for almost 5 minutes. The Minnesota secondary looked really slow there. That DB was with him for like 50 yards of that run why not dive to tackle when you're close?


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Tough leagues dont have 4 viable teams in them.

The Big 10 is a roaring joke nowadays outside MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

Minnesota's second best victory is UM.  So is MSU's.  That's pathetic.  If you have a good team nowadays like those teams you basically have byes 5 of your 8 conference games.  Which is makes our incompetence that much more pathetic.

One Inch Woody…

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This is a ridiculous statement. "Manball" is not incompatible with dual threat quarterbacks. MANBALL implies a power scheme and you can totally run a spread offense using Manball. The problem comes with how crappy the 2nd QB option is... We've had no development at the QB position for 4 years now and losing our only mediocre at best QB would cripple us.