Michigan a Contender for the Big Ten Title?!

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on September 17th, 2009 at 7:15 PM

With the first big hill now crossed and successfully comepleted for Michigan with a win over Notre Dame Michigan is showing the looks, talent and skill of possible Big Ten Conference Title contender. With the dissapointment of Ohio State, Iowa, MSU and the uncertainty of Wisconsin could Michigan be in with PSU for a title championship? The Wolverines so far are 2-0 in non conference play and are currently undefeated and ranked for the first time since 2007 as 25th in nation, a rank that some people believe is too low for the calibur that the Wolverines have shown the college football world in the last two weeks. The big question looming over Michigan right now is "if they can keep this style of play up throughout the season does Michigan have a chance of being a Big Ten title team?

It's a long look into the future though to make such a prediction. Granted Michigan upsetting ranked Notre Dame was huge it is not enough to say that Michigan can go undefeated. With a smaller defense, sophmore and freshmen majority and a freshmen quarterback running the tables it will be an extremely difficult test. Michigan still must beat Indiana at home to get their first Big Ten Conference win, then travel to Iowa and get their first road win, then after that they have to go to East Lansing to beat the Spartans.

However Michigan right now seems to be showing more poise, more strength and a much larger scoring game then their rivals Ohio State and for the first time in a while Michigan is expected to blow out a MAC school while OSU is actually expected to struggle against one, Toledo this Saturday in Cleveland who put up a clinic against Colorado last week. But one thing is certain, if Michigan wants to be both a Big Ten and possible Rose Bowl contender one thing is certain if they keep playing every game as hard as they are now and win big games against top ranked seeds Michigan might just make this a 9-3 or even 10-2 season. Until then only time through the season will tell.


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but I'm just looking forward to the Eastern game. Big Ten title is a long ways away.

And on a side note - that chick in the ad on my right with the tattoo guy - does he have a hole in his stomach that she is looking through or is she just cleaning out his belly button lint?

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The big question looming over Michigan right now is "if they can keep this style of play up throughout the season does Michigan have a chance of being a Big Ten title team?

I think we should win more than two nonconference games at home before we ask this question. Not trying to be a dick, just REEL THAT SHIT IN


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I think all B10 title speak should be suspended until we win more games than last season, and that includes at least two B10 games.

It's a little early


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Nice post first off. Now..every year-every year-I make a case to myself and those who will hear me for a NC type year. Obviously, wearing my maize shades I overlook things and exaggerate strengths for the team. I'm sure I will do the same thing for this year's team, but I do sense some things about this team that give it a shot at 'undefeated'. First and foremost is Tate; he is the real deal and he is only going to get better and get better fast. Secondly, the whole team is on a high: Between the winning, and getting the execution of the offense, and being together for a year, the whole team will improve 'faster than the national average', I say. Another big reason is the chemistry that has evolved between the players; there is a genuine bond for one another out there that not every team achieves. Also a reason that needs to be mentioned, and a surprising one, is that we're the underdogs. When in the world have the Wolverines been underdogs!? Well we are, and I think that will spur the team on as well.
So yeah, I think the team has a hell of a chance at all the marbles, I know we all want it to be true, let's start anew against Eastern, and GO BLUE!!!


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Although I'm very happy with what I've seen so far, as some
others have stated, we haven't played in the big 10 yet.
One game at a time. There are some tough ones down the road,
and on the road. Will they play nearly as well with a hostile
crowd? We're going to see some at MSU and Iowa's Homecoming.


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After seeing the UFRs I feel that while the play the team was definitely good, it was by no means top notch (w/ exception of maybe a couple players). Coaching on the other hand was great, especially in game planning and offensive play calling. As said by Brian, last game we had a decided schematic advantage. The players will only get better, and if our coaches can maintain the level that they've been at (which they should, they've been doing it for many years, not like freshman playing football) we should be at least in the running for the big 10 title. Even if we fall behind in games, our offense has shown that it has the ability to put up points in a hurry. I expect several games to breach the 60 point barrier. It's hard to say that we could 100% rule out we wouldn't it.

That being said, I think we are probably around 20% at this point. Obviously injuries are of big concern. I am also worried about:

1) What happens against some of these Big10 teams that can run the ball effectively with their bruiser OLs?

2) What happens to our offense when our OL gets shredded up by a good DL? Tate can't run away every play...

3) Can you win a back and forth shootout every time?


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The OP wrote:

"Michigan still must beat Indiana at home to get their first Big Ten Conference win, then travel to Iowa and get their first road win, then after that they have to go to East Lansing to beat the Spartans. "

Actually, MSU is first, followed by Iowa. That's why I have thought all along that Iowa would be their first loss; they will spend a lot of emotion against MSU, and might not have enough left in the tank to beat Iowa on the road.


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If this is your prediction, then it's unlikely Michigan will win the conference. More than likely (hopefully), Michigan will win its remaining 2 OOC games. So the 2 or 3 losses you predict will have to come in Big Ten play. No team has ever won the Big Ten with 3 losses, from what I could quickly verify via google. There have been only 5 times that a team has won the championship with 2 in-conference losses. With a 2-loss team, every other team needs to have at least 2 losses in conference play.

As nice as it would be, I just don't see it happening based on the overall predictions. More than likely, Michigan has to end up a 1 loss team, and that's a pretty tall order given the lines and competition remaining on the schedule.


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Hey, I'm as excited as everyone else about the 2-0 start and especially the way M polished off the fish-eaters last Sat. But, how many would be talking Big 10 title if Mich had lost 34-31 last weekend? No one.

I love Tate "may the Forcier be with you" but if Tate would go down, this offense will go from full throttle to the slow lane. On the flip side, the defense is very thin. As much as has been written about Cissoko, if he gets hurt, there's not much behind him right now.

I will be the first one to jump on the Big 10 title contender bandwagon if M goes undefeated going into the game against the Fighting Paternos.


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after the state game, we could start talking about it. but too early since we haven't played any big ten teams year. hopefully these kids are out to shock the world. as of right now, i would say they have a 1 in 11 chance.


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I'd like to see us win 1 Big 10 game before talking about championship. It might just be Indiana but its a milestone.

To win the Big 10 we probably have to beat OSU who probably won't lose more than 1 other Big 10 game. That might be possible if everything goes right but is probably unlikely yet again.


September 17th, 2009 at 11:53 PM ^

We are claiming we coule win the Big 10 after we beat a team who has gone 11-16 the last 2+ years. They might be improved but I'd also like to see them beat somebody good before we celebrate too much.

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September 18th, 2009 at 11:09 AM ^

To expand a bit on what CPS posted above.

The only way to assure M the Big10 title is to go 8-0 in conference which would probably mean 12-0 and the MNC game. The odds are heavily against this.

If M goes 7-1 in conference, PSU, osu, Iowa (perhaps) all have to lose 2 (or at best M is co-champion if they all lose 1). The odds of going 11-1 are better than 12-0 but still heavily against.

If M goes 6-2 in conference, PSU, osu, Iowa would all have to lose 3 (ain't gonna happen) or at best M is co-champion if they all lose 2 (highly unlikely). The odds of going 10-2 are much better than 11-1 but I would still put it at 80/20 against.