Michigan back in the mix for 4 star DE Gabe King

Submitted by Maize_and_Drew on September 17th, 2009 at 5:06 PM

For those of you who are afraid Rich Rod isn't pushing hard enough for top defensive players, here's a good article from Sam Webb to help ease your mind.

Gabe King is listed by Rivals as a 4 star DE, the #1 player in North Carolina, #5 DE in the country and #29 player overall. We really need to get this guy on campus for the royal treatment.

Here's a quote from King:

"I get a lot of love (from Michigan) now," King said, adding that he spoke with Michigan assistant coach Tony Gibson last Tuesday. "Interest has definitely picked up again. He never said anything about the absence that we've had. He just picked up where we left off. He asked if I still had interest in Michigan. I told him the truth -- I still have interest. Then we talked about the possibility of me making an official visit. I believe we are going to plan something so I can get up there to see the program because I haven't been that far up north to see a school."




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Played against him in high school. He was really good. I'm still bitter that he technically should have not been allowed to play, but I would love to see him in a winged helmet.


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In short, he used an address that wasn't his after his parents moved to a different city in order to continue playing for Page. In reality, he moved in with his older sister who remained in Greensboro, but since guardianship wasn't transferred, he wasn't eligible. The real issue is that Page's administration knew that this was going on the whole time and encouraged it. Now his parent's have moved back to Greensboro, but in the school district for Northern Guilford High School, which has had major issues with player eligibility in football, basketball, baseball, swimming, and a few other sports. It is mostly the story of a kid caught up in adults making wrong decisions. His appeal was denied.