Luck of the student section block M?

Submitted by lhglrkwg on September 8th, 2010 at 4:52 PM

Sorry if this has already been pointed out before

So watching the UConn game this weekend, I noticed that the student section did the block M in the crowd again. That makes this (I believe) the 3rd time that we've done this since we started it against Wisconsin in '08.

Now think back to the 3 best home wins of the richrod era: Wisconsin '08, Notre Dame '09 and UConn '10. Those were also the only 3 times that we've done the student section block M. 2 awesome comebacks, and one Denard-unleashing victory. Pretty strong correlation, no? Maybe we should bring the block M out for every home game



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But they need to make it a little sharper.  Looking at it, the left side was crystal clear, but the right blurred a bit.  Maybe a few of the blue shirts on that side were throwing up in the parking lot

The blues should paint their arms and faces, wear blue hats.  Step it up, students


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Most of us didn't know we were in the Block M until we got there. I showed up and some girl threw me a blue shirt. I had no idea before getting there. If they want to do it better they need to give people a heads up. I realize this may be a logistical nightmare but I don't see how they can't match your seat number to your umich email and just send you a warning a few days ahead of time. 


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I assumed this is what they did do.  Grab that girl tossing the t-shirts next time and tell them to shape up.  She must be involved with organizing it somehow.  Or we need to give her cans of paint and hats/hair stuff that she can pass out

If I were a student I'd have gotten drunker and happier, and overall relished the chance to be part of the Block M if I knew beforehand.  I'm sure most would...  Ahh, college...


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Likely reason you can't do it ahead of time is that some people don't show up, and then the whole things is ruined.  They get either too drunk or come to the game late, or what not.  Pre-arranging beforehand puts too many "variables" into the equation.  You get there, you're in the seat, you get a T-shirt.  What's wrong with that.


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Do you want to win or what?  This is Michigan gd it


If they didn't show up, they could maintain their spacing or recruit a kid and give him a blue shirt.  If 95% of them were blue-er (arms, faces, heads), they'd have the same effect

Or keep it as-is.  Just give that girl face/arm paint and head stuff along with the blue shirts.  Either they're All In, or they ain't gettin' in


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Hate to toot my own horn here, but I'm the real luck of Michigan.

I graduated in December of '07 and moved out of state immediately thereafter.

In the past two seasons, I've been to one game: Wisconsin '08.

I moved back to Ann Arbor about a week ago and have season tickets (and attended the UConn game).

Coincidence?  You tell me....

/while the above is all true, I'm just messing around.


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I'm contacting Homeland Security and putting you on all the watchlists. You'll never be able to fly again to leave town, so don't even try, it's not worth your while.

Also, when the masonry team shows up tomorrow to build walls around your property, don't freak out, it's just an extra precautionary measure.

You will be happy to know that i've arranged for you to be able to leave your property, to go to michigan games and the grocery store and bank. I figured you won't need to do anything else. Oh, and those men with sunglasses are just tagging along for the ride, don't pay them any attention.

Good to have you home. I hope you like it cuz you ain't leavin any time soon.


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I noticed on Friday while I was in the Big House, that in the student section there is an outline of a block M. This was exaclty where the M was for ND and Wiscy in past seasons. So, it is clear the AD is setting this up before hand. I don't know if students sit in the same place game after game (I know when I was a student we sat whereever the heck we wanted, within the Student section) but it is set up. I like the idea - lets hope it gets sharper and stays together!

Go Blue!