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So in my french class today my professor was talking about trick or treaters and she said her favourite costume was a kid who was dressed up as a Denard.  He had the entire outfit including a helmet with dreads coming out and when he got the candy he got down on one knee like denard does when scores a touchdow.  I'm posting this because whenever this board gets into a pessimistic mood I just remember how awesome Denard and really the rest of the team is.  This might be the team I've wanted to succeed the most because it is just such a likeable group of players and I know I just plan on enjoying the ride.



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Thank you for not posting pictures of your kids in costumes of Denard.  I was very worried that when I clicked on this thread, I would see a picture of someone's kids.  I don't understand why people post pictures of their kids for the public to see on the internet.  Seriously, do you people know what kind of sick people are out there with internet access?  And people do it on this site too.  Ok I'm done.


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Yes, internet perve/creeper van driver is going to track us down via our usernames and avatars, then somehow use that picture for nefarious purposes.

Don't feed the hysteria. A bit of common sense will do just fine.

Oh, and for the record; I was not worried.

Oh2; Denard - we have him, that is all.


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 I live in  Ann Arbor and saw a kid fully decked out in pads, #16 regulation jersey and helmet with faux dreads. Definetely my favorite costume I saw last night.


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My son - 4 years old - dressed as Denard - full pants, jersey, shoulder pads and helmet. 

The coolese part - while trick or treating, we came across 3 other kids also dressed as Denard.  If we lived in Michigan, this could be expected, but we live in NY.  Pretty cool.

Also saw a guy with a dog in a Michigan jersey. 


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My professor showed us pictures of his two kids dressed up as a Michigan and Ohio State football player (the professor is from Columbus). He said even in Ann Arbor, people were denying the Ohio kid candy (who is 2 years old, by the way).


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As much as I lobbied  for it, I could not convince either kid to go in anything Michigan-related. I may have failed as an alum there, or Batman and Rapunzel are  simply cooler than Michigan athletics. No, that's not possible. 

Naked Bootlegger

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My kid dressed up as Denard (sans dreads, though) for tricks-and-treats in Madison, WI.  I told him to be mentally prepared for some Badger backlash, but no problems at all.   He said one guy answered the door with a Michigan hat on and proclaimed his costume the best of the entire evening.   Much candy was collected at that home.

My kids are in love with Denard.   No cheesy Wolverine mascot needed to draw them into the maize and blue sphere of influence.


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At my daughter's school party, there were 2 twins:   A boy dressed in a UM uniform with winged-helmet, No. 16 jersey, and pads; the girl in an MSU cheerleading uniform.

I asked the Mom if the parents had to politic for their side of the inter-familly-rivalry and she said no, the kids picked their allegiance at an early age.

Figures, the boy wants to play football for the winningest program, and the girl want to be considered pretty.

oriental andrew

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Totally OT for a semi-OT thread, but my 6 year old daughter was Sacagewea.  Next year, she wants to be Harriet Tubman.  As she put it, all she has to do is color her face brown and wear a bandana.  Gotta love the innocence of children.