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CBS Sports is now out there saying that even though Harbaugh has supposedly told friends he is going back to Ann Arbor, the Radiers would still like to approach him on Monday. Add that to the Webb tweet about the plane being all set to take Jim and his wife back to Ann Arbor, and all I can say is that I hope the Raiders are talking to the gate attendant wondering if it is too late to get loaded into the luggage compartment. 


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I think another CBS guy summed it up the best, that NFL teams remain "undeterred and unconvinced" that Harbaugh is going to UM. And that's fine. The great thing about facts are that you don't have to believe them to be true. The NFL will never, ever be convinced Harbaugh actually wants to be the coach at UM, and never will. So they will come calling every off season. Maybe Harbaugh will go back to the NFL, certainly a possibility. But for now, he's UM's.

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