Joe Bolden impresses at the first day of Under Armour practice

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JC Shurburtt of 247 sports said this about Joe Bolden "The thing that stands out to me about him is he knows what he's doing, where he's going, etc." 247 Sports also said that his coaches there really liked how he was performing. And Tom Luginbill the director of recruiting at Espn tweeted "ILB Joe Bolden is a PLAYER. Can't teach instincts and he has 'em." He only tweeted about a few prospects, so Bolden's play clearly stood out to him.



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and hate to be that guy, but maybe it could say "Joe Bolden impresses", instead of impressed? I thought this was going to be about how impressed Bolden was with the other players there

who am I kidding, I love being that guy


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It's going to be interesting to watch Bolden and Jenkins-Stone battle it out for the middle linebacker job in a few years.  Between those two and Desmond Morgan, we should be able to develop a stud MIKE pretty soon.


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I was at UA practice with my son yesterday, Bolden stood out as a "headhunter" among 100 of the Nations best. Richardson looked very good in cover and fielding punts. FYI, Garnett was the last player off the field after staying late working on technique.

Go Blue, (Go Gators, Go Dawgs)


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Then there's this from TomVH: RT @JNewbergESPN: LB Joe Bolden w crushing hit on WR Cayleb Jones... And he held back. #UAgame #Michigan #longhorns