History of Michigan Apparel Contracts

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Good read chronicling the history of apparel contracts at Michigan. Incredible what a difference 20 years makes. Fans went from "Michigan is selling out and money grubbing" to "Hooray the swoosh is back".



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on your favorite news website, finding several articles about the Kardashians and choosing to click on them in spite of the fact that they annoy you. Just don't click on things that annoy you. Some people are interested in the apparel deal. There are many facets to it and a lot of information to digest, for those interested in digesting it, and there are many users who are interested. Let's leave the thread to them, as annoying and as difficult as that may be.


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How about an apparel thread that's combined with a "What-are-you-drinking thread"? Nobody ever complains about those. It could be something like this:

"I'm drinking a Short Pump Saison Virginia Farmhouse Ale from Lickinghole Creek, and I'm wearing a vintage Nike hoodie with matching sweatpants and retro Jordans. Later it'll be a Heady Topper followed by a couple of fingers of 16 yr Lagavulin while relaxing in some Nike jorts."


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In order for us to move the contract needle in 14 years, it may need to be a tick (Nike) / tock (somebody else) to get these big bumps. 

It will be interested to see what college football looks like in 2031.


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This was a pretty interesting rehashing of what happened 20 years ago, from Roberson's perspective with some input from Duderstadt - a university president who always had a good perspective on the athletic program. Too bad Long and de Carolis didn't want to comment. 


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If there was MgoBlog in 1995, the debate would have pretty furious around the question "why should a University's student-athletes be used as an advertising medium for an athletic apparel company?"

Over the last 1-2 days, I don't think I've seen anyone ask that question here.  That's not a criticism of anyone, just something I've noticed.

FWIW, back in 2001 former PSU President Bryce Jordan was on the Knight Commission for Intercollegiate Athletics and asked that same question to well-known shoe executive Sonny Vacarro.  The response was devestating.  And 100% true:

Vacarro: "They shouldn't sir.  You sold your souls and you're going to continue selling them.  There's not one of you in this room that's going to turn down any of our money.  You're going to take it.  I can only offer it."

It is what it is ........ 


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I just remembered that we have someone named JIM HACKETT as AD. Which means if most people actually don't like that billboard, and if it doesn't align with the best overall interest of UM athletics....there's a good chance that billboard could change!!

I'm curious to know what percentage of people like/dislike it. Also what the city thinks of it now (if I recall correctly the city was not a fan of it). Maybe some more senior MGOBloggers could start a thread/poll? I personally think it should go but the general idea isn't bad. Maybe a smaller billboard listing all upcoming athletic events or something would be nice. Yay MGoActivism!


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I'm among those that are very tired of apparel threads (so, yes, I don't click on most of them), but I actually enjoyed that article. Interesting bit of history about college athletics (the coaches used to get the contracts! wow).

I also really enjoyed the line about 1994 and OJ and Puck.